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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

The Immortal Beings
What You'll Find
Below are the nine Guardians of Point of No Return. It is their job to look out for those on the land and each has their own ability on what they can and cannot do. Some have 'greater' power than others but they are not used unjustly. They keep balance and give and take appropriately with the rest of the Guardians. They have been around forever and have seen just about everything they could possibly see.

The Guardians are adoptable to anyone on the board that wishes to play them. This list will be kept up to date at all times on who is available and who is not. If you are interested in playing one of these Guardians, please pm an Administrator with a small role-play sample of how you would use the Guardian that you are applying for. They will be able to get back to you within 24 hours of applying on whether or not you've been granted that Guardian. At that time you'll be given the password to their account and you are free to post with them from there.
Our Guardians

Guardian of DeathPlayed By: Sevi
Mirtis, the Guardian of Death, is probably one of the most dangerous of the Guardians to mess with. He is very dark and pessimistic, but has a pretty balanced temper. There are only three wolves that he respects, everyone else is condescended from him. The Guardians he respects are Sekmadienis, Mėnulis, and most of all his mate Gyvenimas. Mirtis is very calm and tranquil, although it appears in an intimidating way of sorts. All fear Mirtis apart from the Guardians, and all of those who fear him have every right to, for he could take their life in an instant.

Guardian of LifePlayed By: Alysia
Gyvenimas, the Guardian of Life, is probably the most concerned over the well being of everyone. If it was up to her, no wolf or shifter would ever die. Though, her mate Mirtis, the Guardian of Death, keeps telling her and convincing her that it is for the best if they do die when the time comes. Always looking for those who are injured though, in hopes of reviving them before they get too close to death. The Guardian of Life is she and she does her best to preserve every last bit that she can.

Guardian of FirePlayed By: ---
Ugnis, Guardian of Fire, is harsh, short-tempered, and rather dark. However, Ugnis is very inquisitive and has a tendency to over think things. Despite his temper, Ugnis analyzes his options instead of acting on instinct and getting in trouble. Surprisingly, Ugnis is not at all pig-headed. He can be a rather friendly brute when not angered, though few have seen this side of him. Ledas, his mate, has however, and that is why she loves him. Maybe they are opposites, but they are both equally in love with each other.

Guardian of IcePlayed By: ---
Ledas, Guardian of Ice. For the most part she prefers to come out during the night but does make some appearances in the day. Ledas is strong and although she is easily annoyed she hardly snaps. Having better control of her anger than her mate Ugnis, the Guardian of Fire, she is more like-able out of the two. Her ability determines when and if winter will come. It is better to stay on her good side, otherwise some drastic events are bound to occur if not stopped in time.

Guardian of the SunPlayed By: ---
Sekmadienis, Guardian of the Sun, is fierce, bold, and not afraid of anything. He has a very strong temper, but usually has a good balance. Sekmadienis will do anything to protect the wolves he helped create. He is very stubborn and sometimes frightening, but when it comes to down to his mate, Mėnulis, he is a big softy and will do anything for her, no matter what.

Guardian of the MoonPlayed By: Rose
Mėnulis, Guardian of the Moon, is gentle, kind, and sympathetic. She loves all of the wolves she created very much and watches over them carefully. She always tries to find the good in wolves, no matter what the cost, and she is stubborn enough to convince her mate, Sekmadienis otherwise if he doesn't agree with her. Mėnulis is loving to all, even if it is not returned. Don't be a fool though if angered, Mėnulis can be very, very vicious.

Guardian of EarthPlayed By: ---
Zeme's quiet in nature and he controls the environment around him. It is up to him to make the foilage grow each and every year. This Guardian is also responsible for the great earthquake many years ago due to his rage. He will especially get angered at fighting and nothing will calm him down but that of his mate Vejas, the Guardian of Wind.

Guardian of WindPlayed By: ---
Vejas, the Guardian of Wind is quite the social butterfly. She loves nothing more than to chat happily with all of the other she-wolf Guardians and anyone else who is willing to talk. Despite the silences of her mate, Zeme, who is often shy and not very talkative, Vejas has the talking capacity of both of them combined, so it seems to be a fair balance. Vejas can be very sensitive, though, so most Guardians watch how they say things around her. However, she is very bold and is not afraid to speak her mind and stands up for what she believes in.

Guardian of LovePlayed By: Sevi
Fell, the Guardian of Love is not like the other Guardians. He was not here since the world began. He actually was alive at one point. But, when he was killed it was agreed among the Guardians that he was a very special wolf with the power of unconditional love...a love that could effect many others. It was decided that he would be welcomed into their circle as the eleventh Guardian. Fell is an incredibly selfless being who spends all his time watching over the wolves and shifters that inhabit the lands, especially his family. He has a very even temper and it is almost impossible to anger him. His patience is endless, but is pride can sometimes get the better of him at times. He brings love and kindness to all who are in need of it.

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