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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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001. Due to our mature rating, it is recommended that members under the age of 14 do not join. There are a lot of mature themes that happen frequently throughout the site and we do not want young eyes to see such themes. This is not to say that if you are under the age of 14 you cannot join us. Just message the Administrator account to let us know you’re under the age of 14 and understand the risks of what you might see on site, but would still like to be a part of the site.

002. When you register a new account, register with your character’s FIRST NAME only. The spam word is shifters, use it. Capitalize the right way as well. If you make a mistake during registration, simply contact an administrator and we can fix the issue.

003. It is essential that everyone on site get along here. Point Of No Return is a peaceful place where we can talk and express our creative abilities through writing, not some site where we take turns trolling on one another. If you have any problems, please contact an Admin as soon as possible. Please do not call someone out publicly.

004. Our c-box is meant for chatting purpose, and chatting purposes only. We ask that you do not advertise sites or role-play within the c-box (there is a special one made just for that!). Failure to follow this will result, simply, in deletion and potentially being banned from our c-box.

005. Unless you post in the absence thread to let us know you’ll be gone for a distinct amount of time, all accounts that have been unused for a consecutive 2 weeks (meaning where no post has been made on the account) will be moved to inactive. If this does happen to you, simply reapply in the Character Niche and we can easily reactivate your account.

006. As most of the members on this site, the administration included, has a life outside of the site, it would be more than prudent to respect this fact. We pride ourselves for responding to all issues we’re messaged about within 24 hours, though patience is most definitely appreciated as there are times where it might take a little bit longer than usual.

007. Presently we allow all members to create up to 8 characters without granted permission from an administrator. After that 8th character, however, you must get gain the OK for all additional characters. This is to prevent people from creating characters in masses that inevitably get dropped within a month or so.

008. Once an “open topic” has reached at least 6 posts, the top no longer holds “open” status and is considered private unless otherwise discussed with all participants. If you wish to join an open thread after it becomes closed, simply contact the thread creator for permission.

009. We definitely encourage creativity when plotting, but please be sparing with extreme plotting. The dramatics of a roleplay are what make it fun, yes, but we don’t want to come off as a soap opera style site. All we ask is that you are aware of what is already happening IC’ly and make sure that whatever plot you have in mind will not affect a lot of what’s already going on with characters on the site. We do allow exceptions to this of course, though you must request permission in detailed discussion with an administrator.

001. While epic monster posts are not expected, we do require you keep a literate demeanor in your writing. We have a 200 word minimum for each post, and we do not accept any IC chat speak (that is for the c-box only please). We understand if you’re having trouble with writer’s block but excessive, below requirement posting will result in a verbal warning.

002. While we do accept mature themes that include but are not limited to sex, drugs, swearing, and violence, we simply ask that you do not go overboard with such things and have a little class about how these themes are presented. Due to the fact that we have younger members, please be sure to label all mature threads M or NC-17, clearly depending on the severity of the themes.

003. All in character writing must be done in third person, past tense. There are no exceptions to this.

001. Before you can apply for you character to be accepted, you must first fill in all required sections of their profile. This includes all basic information, as well as their appearance and personality. There is no requirement for the latter sections word count wise, though we do ask that you give enough information to properly depict your character.

002. The history and “other” section of your profile is not required to be filled out, though as you develop your character and they grow IC’ly, you’re welcome to add however little or much you’d like. The more information you give people, the more likely they’ll be able to come up with specific plots between characters.

003. If you wish for your character to become pregnant, your first action should be to contact an administrator. If they agree, they will flip a coin, giving you a 50% chance of breeding with the result of a successful pregnancy. From there, the administrators will give you the amount of children/pups your character and any birth defects or other abnormalities through a roll of the dice. The rest is up to you to decide. Any pups not adopted by the time they reach 2 months of age IC’ly will have died of natural causes.

004. Under no circumstances do we allow Mary/Gary-Sue characters. This site is meant for creativity and discovery of your abilities as a writer, so use that to your advantage! If you’re having trouble with character concepts, you can always check out the adopt center to see what characters are currently available with pre-established plots.

005. Power-playing and God-moding without specified consent from the player(s) is strictly prohibited! Anyone caught doing so without granted permission will be given a verbal warning.

006. We do not allow the joining of already pregnant females unless you are given special permission from an administrator prior to creating and/or filling out the application for said character.

007. Please be original when creating your characters. Try not to constantly use the same modified plot ideas over and over again. It gets old and comes off as stale; not everyone needs to have an overly dramatic or tragic past.

008. Our gender ratios tend to get a bit uneven, and as such we require that for every 2 female characters you have accepted, you must make at least 1 male character. There are no exceptions here.

009. Each member is allowed no more than 2 loners at any given time. All characters beyond that 2 must put placed into a pack within a month of being accepted else the character will be moved to inactive.

010. For every five characters you play, you are allowed to have one character over the age of 300 years.

001. We do not allow inappropriately obscure and/or profane images on our site. Please keep them out of avatars, signatures, and tables.

002. Avatars are to be no larger than 200px by 300px. Signatures should not be any larger (in total) than 550px by 500px. Tables should be no wider than 550px, though we have no height requirements. Anyone who uses images bigger than the specified measurements above will have their images removed and you will be asked to resize them. Such lengths cause the board to stretch, which makes the coding look ugly, and we don’t want that.

003. When requesting graphics from someone’s studio, please remember to be patient. You don’t know what’s going on in that person’s life and you may not know how long it takes them to make graphics—each person is different. We also ask you wait a few days between requests in studios per character. It’s considered rude when you mass request for one character and prefer to not see such things.

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