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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Rose Joined: 26-February 12 Posts: 17
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Full Name: Menulis

Gender: Female

Birthday: The beginning of time

Age: Ancient

Species: Guardian

Bloodline: Spirit

Ethnicity: ???

Favorite Place:

Current Location:

Occupation: Guardian of the Moon


Infection Stage:

Moral Alignment: Benefactor
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Significant Other: Sekmadienis
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Children: The wolves and the shifters
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The first word that comes to mind of anyone that has laid eyes on the guardian is ethereal. Even when she tries to dress down her features to appear poor or to blend in with a crowd with unflattering or simple clothing, there is still something about her that appears to be out of this world.

In the form of a woman Menulis has pale white skin, as fair as snow, and contrasting such features are dark thick curling locks that run down her shoulders. However, often in the day with the exposure of the sun or at night under bright star light you will also see the warm golden touch to her curls. She has strong, and somewhat solemn facial features, a square shaped face, dark eyes that are both kind and imploring and arched brows. It is not an unknown thing to see her where her eyes appear cast away, in a position of 'thinking,' which she often may be. In her manner, she nearly always wears her head well above her shoulders and moves in amongst the earth and the other Guardians with a fluid effortless grace like the ocean's tides. She doesn't lower her head often, only to reach and speak among the young, the injured and those in need of some kind of comfort or support.

In her canine form, Menulis' coat is pure black in color, and glossy to the touch with a luminescent sheen. She stands at a height that is rather taller than the average female wolf, with long legs made for running, a well built but angular, slightly willowy frame and a long proud neck and muzzle. Her eyes are bright especially from afar but surprisingly up close they have an intimate softness to them, not striking or intimidating at all.

The Guardian of the moon is a kind, gentle and caring creature. She loves of all the wolves and shifters that she has helped to create and also extends seems to extend her care and concern over the humans they co-habit with. A mother to all, she acts as such to all she considers her children with a careful hand and a strong compassionate, although at times equally stubborn heart. Her heart can weigh so heavily on things that her convictions are long lasting and intense, and with her persuasiveness usually manages to convince her mate of things despite how almost equally hard headed he can be.

Having eyes that can see the good, or the light as the lady puts it, in even the darkest of individuals; one of her greatest wishes is for the light to be fanned into grander brightness. Another is for each of her children to find happiness and live fulfilling lives. Maybe for this reason, Menulis may be more intrusive with the cycle of nature or mortal life she sometimes will give her children a premonition of danger, will shine brighter moonlight on an escape path or towards a person's home when they are lost or appear in some form or another when one is soul searching at night. It has been told that those searching to find her or for speaking with her can do so in possession of a moonstone at night, or especially so whilst under the light of a full moon.

In her wisdom of all of the passing years, she is flattered to be asked her insight, and is generous within the borders of how much an individual can handle and how ethical it might be. As well as these things she at times communicates with wolves or shifters in their dreams, either directly or through signs and symbols that could be interpreted, or visions of possible futures or knowledge. These signs, dreams, and premonitions are perhaps a good argument for those that are believers of fate. They are also a reason why Menulis has been given the nickname from ancient times: Lady Destiny.

She is respectful of all that she comes across or communes with even if they are undeserving or slow-witted. She is patient and calm in temperament, reasoning in her communication over demanding (except in her playful toils with her husband) and usually asks many questions of her own when one asks for knowledge, seeming to prefer (or at the least encourage) an individual to find the answer they seek themselves. Although Menulis loves all her children she has been known to hold some favorites in the past and indeed hesitatingly still often does, in particular, she intently watches over those who protect the innocent as well as the lost shifter younglings abandoned because of dying parents or the QZs' creed. Menulis although slow tempered has a large one once it is reached and is rather vicious when she is so. In some of her darkest days she has blocked out the light of the sun.

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