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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Rose Joined: 15-July 12 Posts: 44
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Other Characters: Cain, Janet, Keith, Kenai, Nehzetca, Nicholas, Rosaline, Rose and Silas
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Full Name: Judas Edgar 'Jasper' King

Gender: Male

Birthday: August 1st

Age: 42

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Timber wolf/ British, Scottish


Favorite Place:

Current Location:



Infection Stage:

Moral Alignment:
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Parents: Edgar Allan King and Audrina Baylis King
Uncle: Martin Gaspard Baylis
Cousin: Melanie Baylis
Children: Rosaline Arabella Capulet, Silas Thomas Gawthorne, Diane Rue Brookes
Best Friend: No Information
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I am done pretending

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Judas in his human form stands roughly at 5'7", short and fit, he still comes off as small and scrawny. He is a pale skinned creature, being almost as pale as the moon and in days when he is sick or when he has taken too many drags from a cigar he has a tint of grey. Along with his pale skin Judas has piercing cold blue eyes and dark brown wavy hair that is shorter on the sides and longer on the top.

You have failed to find what's left

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As a wolf he wears a coat of black and is still on the smaller and scrawnier side of the male scale, with the same pair of cold chilling eyes. He knows how to play mind games with his opponents and that lets him get the better of things, as such Judas avoids close combat, in fact he avoids most of anything that deals with confrontation that threatens him.

I will suck you dry again

Intellectual∙ Resourceful ∙ Mentalist ∙ Curious∙ Manipulative
first paragraph

Some are not worth saving

Materialistic ∙ Narcissist ∙ Poised ∙ Ambitious ∙ Sadistic
Long ago Judas discovered he was different. He did not react to situations as other kids did. No one really knows what goes on in his mind. His oddness soon became clear to himself that it would interfere with his life, in the way people reacted to him. He felt no pain, when he did something wrong he felt no guilt. All he could feel was a degree of satisfaction that came from getting what he wanted and that came from his collection of power. He watched one of his brothers and a few respected men and began to imitate them and pick up their mannerisms, speech patterns and traits. Super intelligent his mind works possibly ten times faster then everyone else. He is a master genius, always thinking, always predicting things of the future. He is an expert at reading people and deciphering what kind of issues and thoughts they may be going through. It is near impossible to out wit Judas, whose greatest strength is his mind. Unplagued by any emotion, no one ever truly knows what Judas is thinking. To any other person that would try to denote or stock him in a category he is a man that is very quiet, cool and reserved, who knows and understand people. A quick but friendly frankness and a certain yet unexplained charm.
You are such a pretty mess

Charming ∙ Charismatic ∙ Possessive ∙ Social climber ∙ 'Business-man'
Text text text

-Previous parents were poor; a wealthy woman choosing to waste her worth on a poor man with an inspiring but unpromising artistic career.

-Grew up as an only child. Entertained himself and thrived accordingly, often on paper and exterminating vermin.

-At an early age there was an air of difference about him, he never cried or responded like any other child when hit, reprimanded or found to be doing wrong.

-He lived mostly in the confides of his mind, honestly though , it did no good for Jasper to not show any type of weakness least he be isolated with the fear of the 'unknown' that scattered such a boy and the lack of ability to create a 'proper' connection with people.

-Learned to imitate emotion. Created his first 'personality' at age seven.

-Mother also 'passed from the world' at this age, on a night alone with her son. The cause or reason, still no one knows.

-Judas didn't shed a tear till the funeral and there he did well enough to imitate the action of a waterfall.

(This also forced his father to spend more time with him, as well as drain himself into his work.)

-His father from there 'miraculously' began to thrive and succeed in his work. Edgar King became a business man.

-As time went on other seemingly mysterious accidents and incidents happened with the other stuff members that gave his father certain opportunities that popped up allowing Mr Edgar King to rise to more and more.

-The rate of success had a bit of a downward arc however, on his father's humanity and he soon ruined himself, unable to see how he can be profiting from all this 'scandal'. Ruined, not dead- there's a note to be remembered there. Mr Edgar King was taken from the house and business and placed into a psychiatric ward.

-He wasn't too troubled, as it wasn't long until he found another mentor of sort.


Extra notes:

-Does not actually have all the qualifications for everything he does. Jasper still doesn't miss the chance to get away with it and sell himself off as a rather 'treasured' future employee.
-Plays piano.
-Reads Braille.
-Has an ice sculpture hobby.
-Likes to keep particularly named, caged birds in the apartment.
-Changes and alternates between names a lot. Generally does not like to use his authentic birth name. It usually is a thing for most colleagues or others to know him simply by 'Jasper.'

-'Business-man experience'
-Pig farmer
-Private inventor
-Scientist/ US Military Intelligence
Currently: Self-employed

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