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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Nicholas Vladimir Reznikov

Gender: Male

Birthday: 8th August 1998

Age: 32

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Timber | Tundra wolf mix

Ethnicity: Russian
Hometown: Somewhere in Russia

Favorite Place: Vormor Volcano

Current Location: ???

Occupation: Engineer, possible vigilant


Infection Stage: None

Moral Alignment: Lawful Good
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Maternal Grandparents: No Information
Paternal Grandparents: No Information
Mother: Anastastia Kalypso
Father: Vladimir Kalypso
Siblings: Dmitri, Sonya, Kenai, Caroline and Myra as sister in law

Significant Other: Former fiance: Kori (deceased)
Best Friend: No Information
Children: No Information
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Doing repairs and handiwork
Whiskey occasionally




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You've got it all. You've lost your mind in the sound.

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Standing at 5'12", Nicholas is muscular but in way that's more lean in comparison to say football players. His chest is strong, and his torso is shaped rather nicely in a typical inverted triangle way with a narrow waist. He has a slender oval face shape, a fair and clear complexion and intelligent blue eyes. Above his eyes his brows are a bit more straight than curved, that when furrowing his eyebrows he either appears to be in some kind of serious train of thought. What may stand out the most now though on his face is the distinctive cut that runs a little above his eyebrow, over his left eye and down to his cheek, and another lesser parallel on near by it. A 'present' from a friend, or really a reminder of his own past mistakes and misdoings right now. It has prevented him from seeing as clearly as he did in the past with that eye and it pains him and renders him almost blind again in-between and momentarily after each time he shifts. On the top of his head he has a mob of messy blonde hair subtly cut into the style of a mohawk with a bit of a widow's peak at the front.

There's so much more. You can regain your crown.

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As a wolf he has a good sturdy build, not as sturdy as his older brother. His blue eyes appear more silvery, although they do appear equally intelligent and thoughtful in their expression, and he still wears the scar. The color of his coat is generally darker from his head and back; in black, grey, brown and copper, while the lower counterpart of his body are these things too but pale and washed out and being generally lighter.
You're in control. Rid of the monsters inside your head.

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Nicholas is a kind old soul, with an ever concerned and ever thoughtful countenance. He is heavy in manners and in his sense of courtesy, the kind that would willingly take on the dirtier work or walk a step behind to ensure that another would not falter. This idea of him, however, does not always come across. Know him well enough and you'll be able to see deep in his intelligent blue eyes a sense of heavy conviction and obligation to do what is right, or at least...what is expected of him. The weight of it invading every other aspect of his character.

Put all your faults to bed. You can be king again.

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His deepest conviction and loyalty rests on the family he still has with him now, it is what he believes it to be anyway. Dmitri and his younger wife, Myra. Although seemingly made of entire-able noble and honest material, he has had his ways before. To get them, and others he thinks well of, in higher positions and better conditions through more unseemly methods. For he is, of course, a man that is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

If you were to ask him, what had happened to make him appear so dull, he'd laugh and turn his strangely handsome head to look out over the waters.

"Well," he would say, then throw a smooth flat rock across the waters and smile at himself at his success as it happily skimmed across before it made a 'plop' and disappeared underneath.

He'd turn his eyes back to you and his grin would slowly dissolve...just like that small smooth pebble. He'd pick up another one and run his rough fingers it's smooth surface while his eyes wondered off to another land. "Well it started with Kori, Kori and Caroline," he'd huff them and blow up some of the hair that skimmed his forehead.

"What about Kori and Caroline?" you'd ask, "Who...who were they?" You'd just realize now that, you asked 'were' instead of are. Sensing that something had indeed happened against them.

But Nicholas would think nothing of it. Instead he'd lift up the pebble he had above his head, as if he were just about to throw it but instead stopped and held it closely, while his eyes appeared to travel to a land far away and back. "Well Kori was my fiancee, and Caroline, she was my sister," he'd turn back to read your expectation and sense the impatience, the slightly furrowed brow and the eager glow in your eyes and he'd laugh.

Before you'd be able to open your mouth to put in another word, he'd stop you with a finger then all at once toss the smooth levelled pebble across the lake. Skimming quickly and violently this time, it didn't last long. The twisting of his torso much violent then before but his countenance still seemed somewhat relaxed, at least in the commodity of his features that seemed to be set in a thoughtful moment. "It was nothing more than a simple hunt," he smiled, not at you but at some particular image that seemed to come to mind. "It was all fun and games, we'd make light of every around the animals and dive into our prey," he'd emphasized the word dive, and rock his body forward like a good story teller. "Everything was going to plan, just like any other day, we we're taking down gazelles but after I had come some distance inward Kori slipped out of the range of sight. I tried to look back but she still hadn't reappeared-" the quick and uppity tone would slowly die down.

It would be now that you'd turn your eyes away. That you didn't like this story…


He'd turn his eyes towards you before the rest of his head would slowly follow.

"What happened?"

He'd gestured his hands outwardly and say, "I was the leader of the hunt that day… I was supposed to watch over them but I continued chasing the herd. Myra later called me over just before I was about to take down one...we saw a blur of grey, than a scream among all the thundering hoof prints," he'd smiled, oddly enough. One that would pull his lips so tightly together that there was nothing that one could make of what he was thinking. Before you'd be able to say anything he'd lean forward and run a hand up his hair and hold his head down. "I found them both there, Kori dead and Caroline just inches from it," he'd look up, with his face set in hard stone. His eyebrows furrowed and his eyes unseeing.

"Caroline had been there comforting Kori and trying to wake up but she was trampled underfoot, her chest didn't move, her eyes didn't open," he'd swallow again and look down then up again quickly, in instant turbulence he picked up a pebble, got up and tossed at the lake. It didn't even skim this time. It just sank.

He'd stand frozen and you would too. Wanting to break the silence but it's weight would be crushing down on you. Both of you.

"I-" he'd open his mouth while his eyes would blink in response to the brighter rays of the dawning sun. "I was her big brother, Caroline's," he'd shake his head softly and blow out some steam. "I was supposed to protect her. And Kori- Kori was to be my mate," he'd turn back at you and laugh, and put his hands behind his head. "Do you trust me?" he would ask, also saying your name. The darker glint in his eyes for a moment would almost intimidate you, but as you'll look for a moment closer you'll realize they held both the same fear, as well as guilt. The weight of his directness rising from what he'd appear to belief of himself rather that what is.

You would stand, feeling uncomfortable between the difference in levels you would have with him as his mind seemed to wonder for a flutter. The tale answering you're earlier questions about how and why he had feel out of favour, why he hadn't become the alpha male and rather become something of an outcast. "And Myra? Myra is alive yes?" you'd ask, lifting a brow.

"Yes she is, alive and well,"

"Does she blame you for any of it?"

"No," he'd smile and the smile would be held in his features as he'd look out into the sky.

"So that's why you stick by her? Cause she'd stick by you?"

"Yes...and no," the smile would slowly fade again. "Kora was her sister," he'd add emphasis to 'her'.

You'd begin to understand now, why he held himself so low. Why he'd wait at the hands and feet of Dmitri and his younger wife Myra, why he'd stay up a bit later at night and look into the dark star filled sky as if he didn't see any of it. Silent, unmoving and why you'd never know what to make of all of it. Why his hands could be just as kind as they were cruel. Why he'd offer up so much light and still be so hidden in the dark.


Nicholas was born in a litter of three with his other younger siblings Kenai and Caroline. There was also also a previous litter before them that consisted of their older siblings Dmitri and Sonya. Life ran pretty smoothly in the family, even as the pack approached rough times.

He'd become quite the personality very quickly, eager to help those in need and offer advice, tips and conversation to any that needed it. Surely enough he began to gain a bit more favor in his parents' eyes, the alphas, over his older brother. He was competitive and sometimes made rather direct and funny comments but he put his back into everything he did. Except for the one unfortunate day where he went hunting with some friends, by his negligence he found half of the small group dead. Two that were very close to his heart.

Of course he did lose a lot of the reputation and hearts he held. Not that it would matter too much anyway, it was not like Nicholas could forgive himself regardless. He'd take a backseat and decide to stay in the shadows from everything, from then on. So when his parents died Dmitri and his mate became the new alphas, but unfortunately after some length of time under their 'successful leadership,' some new leaders rose up from the pack, in mutiny. The current alphas got kicked out and he followed along, owing much to Myra, as well to Dmitri and the rest of his family. He had left behind his other brother Kenai and Sonya, but both settled there.

Once they were in this new land of Austere, it only took a couple of days before Dmitri to already point out a plan of action for them (Nicholas and Myra) his pawns. They would all settle into one pack each to get a better scope and idea of each. Dmitri had never told him the entirety of his plan but he already knew his brother enough to guess what sort of things he would have in mind. -TBA

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