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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Cainan Iago Lancaster

Gender: Male

Birthday: 31st March

Age: 42

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Arctic wolf/ Italian -Russian


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Parents: Icarus Lancaster and Anya Lancaster
Siblings: Abel Lancaster, Alton Lancaster, Jaime Lancaster
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As a wolf Cain is large and thick in both physicality and in the density and length of his fur; with large sturdy muscles developed in his legs, back and chest. In color he is white overall, although with such pale a color it is inevitable to showing whatever marks of muck and grease that occasionally collide with him. It makes him strike out against the colorful earthy backdrop of the forest but he does not mind so much at all after a lot or experience he has stalking his prey. He has learnt some different methods to still get what he wants and even if nothing of his wits can compose anything Cain isn't always a brute too concerned on hiding his presence, using a more direct confrontation or worse; summoning his victims with his many other...'talents'. Overall he is a male perfectly designed and built in physicality and in methods of training to hunt, kill and destroy.

In human form, which he does not so adeptly use, he is almost just as large and built; thick chested and large arms. He has short messy blonde hair with a round hair line that brings some more emphasis to his rectangle forehead. His skin is a very fair bronze and his eyes are like his mother's, sea blue.

Cain isn't really known to be much of a gentleman; not kind, desirable or lovable in anyway. In fact, the last time he was around he carried one of the most notorious reputations with him that he lavished in, not that it was his aim or that it ever mattered to him. His dire purpose for 15 years had simply been to find his brother, which he had so easily did and after he found him he would make him suffer. Make him lose everything he loved. Watched it all drain away before his eyes. Spoil him and his happiness ever so slowly before giving him one act of mercy of riding his life; in the most painfullest way he could think of. Cain had almost accomplished all of this, he had to some extent made him suffer, followed and stalked the poor guy wherever he went. Constantly haunted him like an old ghoul. To take revenge on everything that he took and lost when the boy appeared into his life and grew into, what their whole pack declared, a 'man.'

Part of his personal series of plots was to take the one thing that his brother dared take for himself after he left their pack; his mate, Renata. Their love and shared efforts to protect one another and ward him off began to foil his attempts and ability to care for such things. Once the idea that someone, or 'something' could be stronger than him he had once doubted the strength of his own motives and considered whatever it was that he held.

He now walks around and pronounces himself a changed man, though not many but Abel and Renata know or consider this. To many he could so be easily held and considered as an active threat, a schemer and a menace. By his tough mannerisms and the harsh way he still sometimes finds himself dealing with his duties, others and himself, he could still so easily startle. Whether or not this Cain is a new and 'changed' Cain is still a subject to be hotly debated on, but whatever the case his new persona may bring more conflict than good. As it was his love for Renata and Abel, rather than his hatred that ultimately caused separation and much unhappiness.

A hushed down ghost and mystery, Cain shows himself mostly as a tough but increasingly considerate and compassionate bloke. Impersonating the good traits of honor and nobility that fled his character so quickly some time ago back in the days of his youth. He still has a hardness about him as if there are things he is still keeping into hiding. Whether you trust him or not, is either something to your own risk or benefit.

Cainan and Abel's raging war began lifetimes ago, in the days of the younger brother's birth. Before the lad was born Cain was admired and held in high respect, his words being easily heard and bought, his promises to all his pack mates leaving them with a sense of hope and vision. But he was always tough, always driven in his thick visions, plans and ambition to reshape the pack into the own workings of his mind. He saw many flaws in the system and in his parents' current ruling. So many times where they tolerated attitudes, behaviors and crimes that they never should have standed and have the whole pack suffer for it. As the alphas' first born son and oldest child his perfectionist and control freak contributes flourished and as they both got older the admiration and support he once had found with the people began to vanish and transfer onto another dominantly known personality, Abel.

There were many reasons and past incidents that he kept from his younger siblings that drove him to be what he was. Protective, strict and cruel. It did not help at all to begin to have another be more favored and more desired as a leader. Whatever authority his words once held also vanished with his reputation and instantly his anger flared up against his younger brother who was much more accepting, relaxed and loving towards his friends and pack mates. Of course, by then Cain did not have friends, only acquaintances who wanted his fear based respect to rub off on them and their youngest sister Jaime who was so weak and sickly.

As time went on and they got older, many times arose where Abel got too cocky and the attention he gained he treated so carelessly. It unnerved him how he could not take full grasp on their hearts he gained and lead everyone into a new and greater direction. That he regarded such things as games and nonsense. These 'many times' he spent trying to spank this boy back into place, back into line. His attacks, threats and taunts came increasingly heavy, to an extent where Cain would eventually lose sight of the end desired result and would just continue biting, scratching, menacing this careless lofty figure that would do no good at all to his own desired 'system' of what the pack should and so needed to be.

When the leadership title was to be passed on, however, it was his younger brother that was called up instead of him. For some amount of time he tried to bare with it but by now his heart had turned to stone and coal. Still, he was burning with his unfilled and unmet plans and hungry ambition. Smiling and praising the lad along with everyone else in the congregation, his eyes flared a hidden flame and it was there that he decided that he truly hated his brother and would bring him down to his knees at all costs.

Part of him relinquished this for some time and he showed absolutely no sign of any hostility for 2 weeks, until Abel also made a decision to cast off some burdensome load; him. Cain was exiled, however he still stayed near the borders of the territory for several weeks. Many more plans and schemes rushing through his mind. On one random day, that was going quite sweetly and normally just like any other day he found Jaime dead, her body carried in to him on the river. Enraged he ran into the territory and declared an explanation. Although everyone was soon in tears he could feel absolutely nothing but pain, anger and bitterness and the affirmation of the decision he had made months ago. Jaime had died due to negligence. For his grief he was allowed to stay for a while however on close watch. It was on one of these nights that he crept into his brother's den and lured him out into a place where they would both be alone and attacked fiercely once again, and this time without any intention to hold back. Fighting with the dire intent to kill and the knowledge that he had nothing further to lose. He had only lost because they were soon found and the battle was soon intruded while Abel was on the ground barely able to move. He was chased out and they never saw him again, but a few months later Abel also left after he received the full knowledge of what he had done.

It was here that Cain began his killing spree, killing a friend that Abel had run off with and had protected him that night, then several others. Humans, wolves, didn't matter what they were or how pure or impure their hearts or motives were to be. He had quickly come into turning into the rugged, male version of the 'evil queen' in story books tearing out whatever life he came upon if it pleased him except for the occasional pathetic weakling or underdog that struck a bit of a chord in him. That could somewhat remind him of Jaime.

The fact that for some time he could not find that so called 'brother' of his did infuriate him though and that may have made his whole attitude and 'tantrum' he had taken to his the throne he was cheated out of. He occasionally also enjoyed ravishing on a woman or two for a night before he tossed them out like one did with empty wrappers into trash.

Finding Abel there is not much other way to describe what happened but to condense down into the explanation that he then haunted him again like a ghost and watched him for every available opportunity to strike. Time and time he'd almost come close…to making the final move of snapping his neck in two but there always a way he found out around it and that only expanded more when a particular woman had run into Abel's life…Renata.

Devil. Demon. Temptress, and lamb chop.
All choice words before he had once so easily found to call her, at least in that mind of his. Not that he wasn't already haunted with ones of his own but because she lay in his way as well as she was one of the special things that his brother held anymore, well- the whole plan was simple enough, especially when you knew what their weakness was. Take what they valued the most and crush it- slowly, painfully, however how really in front of them- make them watch. Make them bleed- just make them suffer- that whole razz-ma-daz. The problem only…was he couldn't get his hands on her. And surely enough she became another target he stalked as much as Abel. Sometimes calling or lulling her out at night with one of his en-trancing songs or lullabies. When he decided eventually not to just 'flip the axe' on it, since he also…(down somewhere new) once the drive to kill and his vendetta was over, he'd have nothing left in his almost meaningless life to do, he chose only to just make their existences each the most unpleasant and unbearable.

But it was clear…that he was perhaps getting bored. That easiest to tell, perhaps, as how for some reason in the last few days he was still in that part of the land, her words found their way of cutting into him. Her spirit and soul, sometimes was one he could find some likeliness to his own. And though such a thing should have disgusted him, it didn't. No, actually, the woman wasn't repulsive as one man could perhaps find from looking into a mirror of his own wounded tortured soul, but she was tantalising. She was happy in nearly every way possible, at least with Abel, and something…if at least just a spark started to light when he just begun on that trail to 'realising something.'

It was on one random day…there were hunters, as there usually were in winter and in that season but Renata was in the midst of that whirlwind and instead of sit back and watch her take down those folk or be taken down herself Cain did the unthinkable, and played the hero. Well not exactly. They fought side by side until it was all gone and over, and at the end of it, as he stood there rather close to her- while she was still a little confused too…it all clicked. He wanted her. He loved her. He wanted love, and her, both in the same sentenced and without even a second though he sealed his lips against her own. And that was when Abel came in. She was a married woman, it only took him another second or so to also see that how humiliating and offensive that gesture had been to the unobvious bystander or later-comer. And whatever war that had raged on between them for however many years flamed again on that instance as Cain tried to stop the confrontation- then ran away, and the man ran after him.

What was different with this new war however was, he was the one being hunted. -WIP-ish No Information

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