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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Abel Mason Lancaster

Gender: Male

Birthday: February 2nd

Age: 40

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Timber wolf/Russian- French


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Parents: Icarus Lancaster and Anya Lancaster
Siblings: Cainan Lancaster, Alton Lancaster, Jaime Lancaster
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As a human Abel has short dark blonde hair and kind blue almond shaped eyes. Not particularly big or lanky or someone you can count out of a fight either. Instead Abel's pretty trim, fit and toned, except he's a little more on the lean muscle side in relation to perhaps the more 'looked upon' chunky and masculine bodies. Like his brother his skin has a relative bronze or gold kind of tint in it, but more often than not, Abel's a little more pale than usually. Behind his shirt or maybe any other thing, it isn't an unusual thing to find scars. Where from? That is a thing only Renata, himself and Cain knows now…especially Cain. As he was the one that had first developed a hatred and jealously enough to try and tear him apart. Which he had managed to do so, not through all the strength his brother could muster or any game strategy or trick he could employ. The last days he spent in the wilderness that hung around Austere there was a cry clear scene that has been forever since etched into his mind. The moment Cain kissed Renata…and the moment after where Renata looked back at him, as if she could have…felt the same way. He's aged since then and he's weight has gotten somewhat better, except there, at times, comes a bit of a madness that seethes through his eyes sometimes making them a little darker…as if the pupil had taken over the irises completely. There is a gentle warm look about him though, as if he was created from the start to live an eternal happy ending with a beautiful maiden. It oozes from nearly every inch of his gentleman-like nature and appearance that he'd be the type of guy that is every bit, capable enough, to treat a woman like a queen. Not that many things had, in the end, worked out for him, or for 'her', his mate.

In his wolf form, Abel wears a dazzling coat of brown, grey and gold. Colours of the sun or the savannah. His build and muscle is a little more obviously developed in this form, although there is still a bit of a hint of a 'lean' kind of look that comes to him, but that's established a lot more through his slightly unusual height. He has the same blue eyes also in this form, though they can appear a little more silverly in certain types of light.

Patient, kind and understanding…Abel has once been known as a many of many good tastes and talents. Grandest of all has been the ability to see and draw out the best parts of people, and that, had been why when the time came to choose the next heir to leadership in his pack he was chosen to rule. Unfortunately, he learnt he also had the ability to pull out the worst, at least in one person…his brother.

Times have changed now though. Where he's developed a strong sense of will, although he's still a relatively open minded and agreeable kind of guy, it can be near to impossible to shake him from the things he wants to do or a few things of how he perceives the world.

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