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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Aspen Nicole Denuar

Gender: Female

Birthday: 5 August 2007

Age: 25 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Half-Blood

Ethnicity: Danish | Isreali | Dutch | German
Hometown: Austere Island

Favorite Place: Eastwick Shoreside

Current Location: Boston QZ, Massachusetts

Occupation: QZ Patrol Guard

Education: Military Preparatory

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral
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Maternal Grandparents: Xavier Denuar & Aaliyah Lacour
Paternal Grandparents: Unknown
Mother: Eliora Denuar Notte
Father: Jasik Slye
Siblings: Lilly Notte & Darren Slye

Significant Other: None
Best Friend: Hale Wesley
Children: None
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Aspen's pelt is sleek and black as ebony, with almost an intriguing, blue tint to it under the moonlight. Lithe of limb, she is quite a tall wolf, though her frame would suggest a smaller size if it weren't for her long legs; Aspen stands approximately thirty-seven inches at the shoulder. Her legs allow her to move in long and even strides, mostly at a brisk trot, but she also bears the elegant step of her mother. Despite her longer legs, her paws are actually quite small and dainty. She is rather deep chested and so if posed a certain way, she can look larger than she truly is and rather intimidating. Her muscle mass lies mostly in her back and legs, though she is stronger than she looks. There is a quirky white patch on her chest that feeds into her underbelly, adding a splash of imperfection on her otherwise flawless, black coat. She also has a pretty bad scar on her hind leg where her father bit her a few years ago; several other scars litter her body that tell stories of her time in the Elegiac, but her fur blessedly covers them.

Her muzzle is narrow and very distinguished with facial features holding a certain air of noble intelligence about them. Aspen's ears are large and always high up and alert, though the one on the right seems like the tip almost wants to flop over sometimes (hinting at the nature of her father's wolf/wolfhound heritage). Her eyes are very round, making them almost piercing despite their darker color. Their color is almost an ember-like golden-brown, much like her mother's. The young she-wolf's eyes speak quietly about her pain, but are much louder when it comes to her anger towards the world. She also had the ability to make her eyes quite hard to read as well when she does not want anyone to see any emotion from her. All in all, Aspen is a tall, angular wolf with more strength than what appears.

While in her wolf form, Aspen seems to take mostly after her father, that is not the same case when it comes to her human shape. Her skin is a very fair shade, though it can darken nicely under the sun should she ever want it to. Aspen retains the same large, brown eyes, and they continue to reflect a sense of hardened defiance - as if she refuses to let the world bring her down again. Despite that, her face is soft and gently looking ironically, with her full lips and high, round cheeks. Her brow is frequently furrowed, as she is often very hesitant by nature and this can be reflected in her expressions. Aspen's hair is a lovely shade of a lightened chestnut and it tumbles in loose curls just past her shoulders. It can lighten to almost a dark blond under the sun, but for the most part it remains a warm and shiny brown.

With both her parents being whacked by the short stick, Aspen as well did not get out so lucky, standing at about 5'4". Her legs are long though, hinting that perhaps she may grow another inch or two. Her shoulders are broad and allow her to look more muscular and brawny than she actually is. Aspen is actually almost grossly skinny in this form. Her body does have nice shape to it, but it can't be seen with how her bones stick out so prominently. This isn't a natural thing her body just does - its simply recovering from the malnourishment it endured when she was once a captive. This has lead her to weighing a very concerning 78lbs, though she is working at getting her weight up again to where it once was. In any normal circumstance, she is about 120lbs. Her scars are also more visible, but she wears them proudly and with no shame, seeing them as almost a souvenir of the hardships she endured and eventually over came to fight her way home.

Aspen does not remember anything about her self or who she truly is. All she remembers is what has been told to her by members of the this organization against wolves and weird mutations that could shift from one form to the other. Do to her impatience at not remembering anything about herself, she has grown violent and angry whenever something doesn't make sense or if she feels backed into a corner. It is not in her normal nature to lash out or lose her temper, but Aspen is anything but her normal self right now.

Generally, she is collected and very patient, but still not afraid to stand up for herself or anyone else unable to do so. Before her capture, she never took crap from anyone and was quick to put them in their rightful place. When the situation calls for it, she can be thoughtful and kind, but at the same time fairly blunt about how she feels about things. Aspen prefers peace and quiet over being around a bunch of people - but there are a few that she cares about that she would not mind being around. She had strong leadership skills, being able to separate herself from her emotions and the entire situation and look at the bigger picture, but such a gift has been stolen from her as she no longer has any recollection of having the ability at all since encountering the Elegiac and becoming one of their pawns. HOLY GOD REWORKING LEMME ALONE.


Aspen was born to Eliora Denuar and Jasik Slye in the late summer. She spent most of her young life with her mother where she developed a close and loving bond with her. That all came to an abrupt end when one day she was stolen away by her father's brother only to be taken by her father himself - a man she had only ever met a couple times beforehand. They had a strange relationship throughout the majority of her childhood, both depending on each other survival - and when she grew strong enough... he only depended on her.

The young fae learned how to be strong for others as well as herself as she continued taking care of her father, who seemed to fall more and more into a strange depression as the weeks passed. Aspen barely knew what it was about, but he would occasionally mention another female named Rhana. Only once did she ever ask about her real mother and she was told that she was dead. Having only faint memories of the mysterious woman, she could only believe such a thing was true and so she asked no more.

For years she took care of her father and tried to help him find this other woman that had, in her opinion, ruined his life. Eventually, she found a woman... but it was not the one Jasik had been looking for. Rather, it was her real mother. Aspen had no memory of her and refused to believe it at first, but as time went on she slowly accepted Eliora, her real mother, as her own flesh and blood. One day her father went missing and as she and her mother searched for him, Aspen was hit by a car. Ironically the idiot that was responsible for the mishap was Jasik himself. She does not remember much after all of that, but when she did finally reawaken, both her mother and father were gone and she was left with her uncle that had been responsible for separating her from her mother in beginning.

Unaware of this, she demanded answers from him as to where her parents had gone. She learned that once it was clear she was going to live and be stable, her mother had gone off to take care of something important and her father had wordlessly left soon after. From there, Aspen left before her uncle could convince her to stay and set out to try and find at least one of her parents, preferably her mother. She never found them as after many months, she found herself weak and exhausted. Because of this, Aspen was in no form to fight off a hunter that had gotten a hold of her and later sold her off in the black market to the Elegiac. From there she promptly had her memory wiped and has been there ever since as a mere subject of observation. But, with the new memory serum updated, it will only be a matter of time before she is permitted to actually start working for the company, slowly learning about who they are and their true intentions. - INFP personality type 'The Idealist'
- Frequently suffers from PTSD and Survivor guilt.
- Sleep walks on occasion.

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