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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Lilah Savannah Masters

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 7th 2005- Aries

Age: 27

Species: Grey Wolf

Bloodline: Half Blood Shifter

Ethnicity: Caucasian | European Mutt
Hometown: Chicago, US

Favorite Place: None, apparently

Current Location: San Carlos, Mexico

Occupation: Gun Smuggling & Transportation

Education: California Institute of the Arts (Dance)

Infection Stage: Healthy

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral | Free Spirit
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Maternal Grandparents: No Information
Paternal Grandparents: No Information
Mother: Mariah Masters
Foster: Charlene 'Desire' Armoise
Father: Dexter Masters
Siblings: Darek and Alex

Significant Other: N/a
Best Friend: Lennox
Children: N/a
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White tiger lilies
Fried chicken
Lana Del Ray


Bad hygiene
English class
Losing people
Being ordered around
The Patriarchy
Cruelty towards women or children


Learning new skills
Playby: Leighton Meester

As a grown woman, Lilah stands at an average height of 5'6". Toned, strong and bearing much shapely and obvious feminine curves throughout her body and in the build of her legs it comes off a little easily to predict her to being somewhat athletic, which she is. As a previous dancer and kick-boxer, she is one that isn't naive about how to hold her ground. The first something she once pursued in the arts and the second she sought more out of exercise and self defence. Despite her obviously un-threatening height.

Gleaming all over, it's not unusual to find her creamy beige skin falling under more bronze and golden tones in the summer. Such a tone that matches well with her soft golden-hazelnut hair. More often that not it falls in waves, which she emphasises and fixes out a lot more, either through the use of curler or braiding. Fixing into the usual colour scheme, her eyes are a dark brown. For the people that once knew or had some idea of her as a little girl, she has always been described to have quite a deal of likeness to her mother.

Lilah has no shortage of confidence of her beauty and can be rather proud with how she looks but that is a pride she is usually better at hiding away by turning her charm and flattery on others and depreciating herself in other things like false modesty. Though unknown to most she has a deep scar in her lower back, as to what happened, she wouldn't at all say

As a wolf, Lilah doesn't differ too much, standing at a rather average height for a female timber wolf but she may differ in the usual standing of other females in terms of build. Like in her human form, she bears broad shoulders but such a trait appears just a little more obvious here and like in her other form she also bears the same handsome dark brown eyes. Well adeptly muscled, with such solid muscles tightening more so around her back and shoulders, her build is one made more for endurance, strength and stamina. In terms of colour, Lilah's pelt is an all over dark beige with other tints of grey and brown.

'Sweet little innocent girl' is no thing to describe her despite her young baby-face like features and large brown darling eyes. But neither is Lilah is one that you could describe as cold, dark, cynical and heartless, either. With how unconventional her upbringing has been after her biological family fell apart, Lilah has grown into a instinct driven, spunky, narcissistic young woman with a shrewd mind and even a more dangerous taste for passion…of the vengeful and desiring kind. With the sweet lady-like charisma and charm, as the present wrapping.

In short, she is an individual that is very in tune with her surroundings, environment and the people around her. An intuitve people reader- some fault of her stems to be her need to please or conform to expectations of versions of herself that she wants to be perceived.

To those she is deeply loyal to, which is far and few, the question of how she is perceived is very valuable to her. Which can also come into conflict with her own strong sense of opinion and will. Still, Lilah has always managed to bare a thread of her mother's adventurous spirit, and her welcoming heart. Her gift of hospitality is one that can often be paired with her resourcefulness, to those she gains loyalty to or has sworn herself to tend to and protect, not that number ever tends to be that broad. Apart from her two older brothers that are more equipped and usually more insistent on looking after and taking care of her, there has only been two other. The woman that took her off from the streets...and her foster sister, Tegan.

Savvy, worldly, experienced and adaptable, she always tries to have her head up out of anything she might be in, as well as taking control over a situation. That being said, you also can't really say she is independent or at least not entirely. Lilah usually finds ways to flatter or cuddle up to someone just long enough so she may benefit for something or receive their help before she again, disappears forever. It is not that Lilah, like some other folk that she has had the displeasure of rubbing shoulders in the past, hoards and enjoys this kind of control and power. It may be a little better to understand it all as just 'business'. Knowing that she must go beyond herself to achieve her goal, and yet again very 'resourceful,' she along with others in need does seek the help and guidance of others- except she neither trusts them, has some capability of bringing them into harm's way with her association, or just knows that she can't stick around.

Dishonest and deceptive, Lilah can have quite the evasive and exclusive aura. The type that usually oozes out of the girls that are portrayed to be cold, sophicated and mysterious. She used to mind this a lot more than she does now, her deception, as now she sees it more of a smart move from entering into things she doesn't want to, or somehow getting caught out. As with that, Lilah both has a particular type of charisma and charm, one that holds up most of her flattery. Also going around the city and other towns you don't normally see her giving out her real name so expect more of something like Sarah, Amanda, Veronica or Amelia to come off her lips.

Lead and guided by her shrewdness and intuition, Lilah's biggest flaw when it comes to an usual activity could be her fear to hesitate. You can't really say she's impulsive because she does try to think about he decisions but this happens so fast normally that you might'en think she did. In situations where she doesn't have a certain thought or tug towards something Lilah can get quite anxious and play a dumb move, perceiving hesitation and delay as weakness.

With that kind of quick pace about her, at least when more of her facade is off, it'll probably be a lot more easier to guess just how spirited and livid an individual she can be, especially with those she warms up around. Scolding, opinionated and casual, with how much more direct she is, you'd think she was a different person. Perhaps more intense, with her feelings, than she comes off across. Lilah has a very clear indicator of what she thinks is right and wrong. She often tries to balance out or moralise her abilities to con and steal with stealing off more douches (and shadier corporations), and occasionally giving back to charity or someone else who might need a hand. Like how she once had. Nearly always emptying out her bank accounts after a good month anad starting off again a fresh.

In the beginning, Lilah's life started out like any other generic fairy tale. She had a father and mother, and two older brothers; a family. She was inevitably the baby and darling of the family, but because the boys in the family were so close she formed a very strong alliance to her mother who she always considered the best thing that ever happened in her little life, and her best friend.

But while she was still young, happy, careless and forgetful her father and mother disappeared. Well her mother dead- and her father upped and vanished in his grief, unable to stand his mate leaving him or bare the weight of children. Unfortunately also to her and her youth, and ignorant thoughts and memory back then, Darek, her oldest brother also eventually disappeared after an accident between the two male twins in the park.

Nearly to all of the situation, Lilah had not a clue why. She hadn't even understood how her mother could have just disappeared, and because she was the first one to do so and whom she was so close to, she pined the most over her disappearance. Never understanding the weight of 'death,' until she was old enough, some years later.

In the mean time, after Darek had left the still young trio, Lilah stuck solely with Alex. She worked nearly equally hard as he did to keep themselves afloat, but in the end, his connection to his twin and the sad thoughts in his own head was what pulled him away and left her, alone. She had always felt so once Mariah died, the woman the birthed, fed and raised her- the one that she took after in nearly every way. But it was only so much more evidently now.

Being not as quick a cat to land on her feet and untrusting to generally all of the humans. Though alone, hungry and lost, Lilah stuck to herself nearly all the time and as much as she could avoided being brought into an orphanage or any kind of homeless women shelters for a few months. Not all that encountered had been good but for the most part- she had been able to have gotten away. She shifted and ran if nothing else, and the shifting alone often stunned them enough to give her time to go. But if nothing else, Lilah had food, decent shelter at night (sleeping as a wolf in some quiet part of town) and a few, off the mill friends.

The time you could say she finally opened her heart once again, when she was about nine, was when she befriended one woman in particular. Charlene Armoise was a very lovely in both appearance and manner, around the age of 32, she took in Lilah as a daughter. Not that you'd think it was too much of an usual thing, like in the same way homeless people adopted pets to humanise them and keep themselves love and some sort of company. Charlene wasn't in the best position when Lilah met her.

Ms Armoise in fact had been a farmer's daughter who had eloped with a handsome promising man her parents didn't agree with. They would have probably have been perfectly happy, if there hadn't been one problem- he was already married, and when her father had heard she was with his child he didn't want her back anyway. Not that they would have had much resources of way of getting back over to her anyway. She had raised the child up and lived happily enough with him at Austere until he had ill, and never again got better. With little Johnny, part of Charlene died also. And with her lack of talents in city life and her short will, that prevented her from burying her head into anything to make her more marketable and adaptable. Charlene became a stripper- than a prostitute.

Maybe it wasn't the safe place to be raised, or person to be raised by, but Lilah adored Charlene in nearly every way and trusted her more than she ever could of any of the supervisors of the orphanage or those other leering adults that came to take children away. And Charlene loved and spoilt her like nothing else, sometimes depriving or going without so she could have more.

-Previous dancer.
-*cough* Virgin
-Had a past scholarship in a prestigious arts school
-Art/painting forger, and has previous experience in the art of conning and managing illegal art trades.
-Has been trying to track down her brother, Alex Masters, for quite a while.
-Has also been trying to track down: Darek Masters, Teegan Novak and Aspen Denuar
-Just recently got separated from Lennox Novak, and will probably want to try to find her too

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