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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Lisle Catalina Wesley

Gender: Female

Birthday: October 30th, 2007

Age: 23

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Red, European and Iberian Mix.

Ethnicity: British, Greek, Portuguese and Czech-Slovakian.

Favorite Place: Palaiokastritsa, Corfu

Current Location:

Occupation: Human Relations Officer (past)

Education: Bachelor of Business

Infection Stage:

Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral
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Maternal Grandparents: No Information
Paternal Grandparents: No Information
Mother: Lydia Lancer Wesley
Father: Hale Wesley II
Siblings: Hale and Callum Wesley

Significant Other: n/a
Best Friend: n/a
Children: No Information
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.Lost jewellery



.Austen, unfortunately


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Playby: Emily Rudd


Curvy ∙ Lean ∙ Stiff∙ Aqua eyes ∙ Brown hair

Hair: Lisle's hair is a dark chestnut brown, that is often so dark it appears black. It has a bit of an auburn tint to it that gives a bit of a dreamy effect. It often falls in tight curly rings, a show of her Greek heritage. Though often, like most girls with curly hair, she usually tries to straighten it each day, or smoothen it down to looser gentler waves- if not just putting it up in some sort of bun, her usual go to style.

Eyes: Wide, open with a gentle sort of feline feminine touch. There is a special way that Lisle's eyes curve to a upward angle at the end which makes mascara and winged mascara look absolutely amazing on her. Colour-wise they are a pale aqua blue that sparkle in particular types of light. They usually say that eyes are the windows to a person's soul, but Lisle here would be the exception. Though beautiful they seem to have a particular hardness about them, she acts the part she was called to play as her father's daughter and responds accordingly to how she or others deem fit for her to respond in a given situation, and this also goes emotionally. Her eyes are steel, no light in them when she smiles except maybe sometimes with her brothers, an unwilling unyielding one that gets pulled out of her instead of laughter or scorning. The cracks of expression though, when they do come, would just be the worried, panicked or scared look she gets when she knows something's wrong or she's way out of her league, and she just can't pretend otherwise. Thankfully it is a rare expression, unless there is an individual around that makes her nervous (like her father), in other usual moments of nervousness you'd be more able to catch it through the fidgeting of her hands.

Skin: Lisle is a really pale, blushing english rose, but maybe not so pale as others; she has a warm golden or olive highlighting tone to it, particular in summer and spring where skin normally is exposed to more colour change from the sun.

Build: Lisle thinks herself quite average at 5'4". She doesn't look too strong but she's toned and fit, and can hold her own (depending on who she's up against) and that's even more particular true of her shifter nature. She does not particularly like to fight though, seeing as she doesn't like to get hurt. She's experienced pain and beatings enough for it, and be rather aware of people around her sometimes to be sure that they don't inflict on her the same pain. She uses her body for escape and defence if anything, on those situations, joined with her greatest strength- speed and agility.


Slender ∙ Narrow maw ∙ Silver ∙ Bushy table ∙ Agile

Lookie Link!

Fur: In this form Lisle is an overall white with soft un-obvious touches of beige, but it is not a clear white. She is peppered all over with grey and some darker smudges of black over her shoulders and back.

Eyes: Her eyes are like that of her human form, a light pale aqua-blue, that have the same cold hardness about them. If you look a little more closely or spend enough time around her perhaps then you'd also be able to sense the tinge of fear constantly hiding in her ungiving expression.

Build: As a wolf she stands a little taller than the average female timber wolf, a thing she tries to convince herself she's proud of but sometimes it still leaves her a little self conscious, especially when it names her the odd one out. She's still relatively lean but shows a bit more muscle, and from her angular frame you sometimes will thing she might need another meal or two. In the winter months her thickened fur makes her look luxuriously more poofy.


Introvert ∙ Analytic ∙ Sharp ∙ Perceptive ∙ Control Freak
Predominately an introvert, she's quiet natured and prefers to go through ideas and theories in her head, as well as possible scenarios or outcomes before acting or saying something. She's a bit of a perfectionist in this matter, and extremely careful she usually comes off as being more of a wallflower, but she catches a lot of what goes on both in a situation and between people, more so than the average individual. Everything to her can be interpreted, and has meaning, and Lisle being quiet sees and analytically interprets many things, that she sure could surprise the people that actually take the time to listen to her. She is usually very accurate with her observations and findings, speaking in an objective logical way, unless she finds herself in a rather uncomfortable situation. Having also a need to be in some control with her environment, feeling paranoid and uncomfortable whenever she's not in control or acting in line, she can be a bit frustrating to live with or talk with sometimes. She's all about organisation, schedules and routine, and can be one to really dislike surprises.


Enforcer ∙ Loyal ∙ Organised ∙ Reliable ∙ Frugal
A strict observer of the rules, or at least the code and guidelines that her father has set before her and her two brothers, as well as being born in power, Lisle has always been the kind of girl to bring back her kin and sub-ordinates back into line. That's not saying she genuinely cares for her brothers and a number of her staff, feeling the need to gain even the approval of hired help and to see that they are alright and living comfortable lives. She will defend those she cares about to the end, with the one exception maybe if it comes in-between them and her father, who she still fears (but respects) greatly. Organised to a fault, another symptom perhaps of her need to be in control or have something solid and reliable for herself, nearly everything in her life so far has been scheduled for her so far and though she won't say it she almost resents having her schedule invaded in or last minute, changed. With her serious, 'no-nonsense' attitude however she is a rather reliable mature individual, and would have perhaps earned some more grace and favour from her father despite being a female if it weren't for her crippling paranoia and OCD that continues to haunt her from her hard, 'get-it-right-or-it's-hell' lifestyle. Compared to her brother Hale she is also really frugal. Being one of the most contributing factors to the business' of their Greek mafia, she does not like to throw away all that hard work down the drain unless her purchases are worth the price.


Assertive ∙ Cautious ∙ Calculated ∙ Serious ∙ Aloof
You may think that because she is a strong follower she has no backbone, but that's not all true. Lisle is rather assertive and speaks up about a lot of things, especially about the rights of others or when someone in her family is being rude to a friend or stepping out of line. She will speak up for herself too, when she knows she is being used or someone is trying to intimidate her away from something. She can sometimes then border on intimidating. She is cautious however, trying not to stir trouble where it is not necessary, having a rather gentle touch and way of holding and moving things around when she cleans, like the slightest wrong move could set a bomb off. She is rather calculated about most everything she does too, not going forth into anything mostly until she had a game plan. Cold, and somewhat distant also, she does not always show the largest array of emotions that most people her age should happily and unguardedly. There is a stillness about her; laughs, wide smiles, anger and tears are things that often aren't see quite visually from her, and even so there seems to be a falseness about them, as if they are only half given- or in the rarest of time, when they seem the most raw and true- as if she is outside herself when she cries.


Self conscious ∙ Sensitive ∙ Dependent ∙ Impressionable ∙ Vulnerable
No Information ISFJ personality type
Afraid of clowns

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