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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Azrael Wolfgang Roth

Gender: Male

Birthday: 21 June

Age: 862

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Timber | Tundra wolf mix

Ethnicity: Scandinavian x German

Favorite Place:

Current Location:



Infection Stage:

Moral Alignment: Chaotic good
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Maternal Grandparents: No Information
Paternal Grandparents: No Information
Mother: Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Roth
Father: Cyrus Roth
Siblings: Adopted: Christopher, Derek, Lucas and Kristabel
Considers Klaus a brother

Significant Other: No Information
Best Friend: Klaus Holstrom
Children: No Information
Tid-Bits Appearance Personality

Snow globes
Swords or weapons with history or legends attached


Corn beef
Old humans (listening to them mostly)


Saving Damsels
Learning unusual skills
Inventing unnecessarily elaborate traps
Fire Dancing
Playby: Sam Claflin

Height: 5'11"
Hair: Sandy brown
Eyes: Green with a few gold flecks
Azrael stands at a favourably somewhat tall height for his times, at least the one he was born in, at five foot eleven. He's remarkably strong though he doesn't appear as square like and beefy as some strongmen or bodybuilders are more known to look as; though he is still built marvellously with broadish shoulders, a strong somewhat rounded chest, a torso that caves in in the iconic upside-down triangle shape of surfers and slightly shorter but developed legs- sharing their weight in all his ordeals. His tanned olive skin marks him as a traveller or one that's usually found outside or at least it might have in a different time. He has many scars that despite being a man and despite loving stories na telling tall tales he does not speak of; the deepest dent or imprint on his back. Something that points at an injury that really should have crippled him, despite all the free movement his limbs still carry.

His eyes are two bright emeralds that sparkle and have previous specks of good in them, particularly his right eye in the top right corner is there a fragment of strands that seem to have decided amber not green. The colour murks and darkens at night, as can be expected or when in the forest alone or in the past having the mind that has decided to kill; then also, there appears to almost be no gold in them. His hair is a sandy or dirty kind of blonde, almost like gold itself though not unused to having actual dirt or sand or twigs in it, of course. Longish with a bit of not a curl but a wave it falls a little over his forehead a bit and any woman would soon nag to him that he ought to tame it.

Height: Average
Weight: ---
Fur: A mix of bright and warm shades of beige, thick
Eyes: Emerald green

Empathetic | Compassionate | Easy natured | Level headed | Reflective | Young at heart | Flirtatious | Energetic | Fun | Self Effacing humour | Thrill Seeker | Fierce | Territorial | Headstrong| Eccentric | Gregaious |

Although Azrael has been alive for more than a few hundred years, there is a great deal of him that has never changed and in the aspect he's remained forever young at heart. Empathetic, compassionate and easy going however, he has a nature that differentiates him greatly from his long life companion (not his last wife) - with a more regulated temper and a usual desire to mend things that have been broken. He does not mind regarding or humiliating himself out of humour to get someone else to laugh or feel a bit more special or important. Shameless in that way, he can be pretty spontaneous and grand in his romantic conquests. Wanting to spoil and flatter anyone he even has the smallest of interests in. Usually those that reciprocates quickly are those that he also loses interests in rather quickly too however, having such a restless spirit and a continual desire to see and experience more, it's apparently hard to keep a proper solid hold over the turbulent brute's heart.

Impulsive | Relentless | Risk taker | Hedonist? |

Stubborn also, he can be rather relentless in his pursuits but his persistence has often benefitted him in his many chosen talents and things he has wished to acquire in the past. In his den or dwellings in the past this has usually been a great deal of relics or artifacts and a collection or basically souvenirs of his adventures or occasionally in grotesque or odd fashion a snippet of his enemies (for a time they would be a tooth, a bone, a finger or a jarred pickled eyeball, but his tastes have improved greatly since then). With a lot of his adventures he perhaps has a slight narcissistic twist in desiring to be the hero or the answer to the dilemma in a story, always easily be in a volunteer for many things. Not exactly always humble either, and with all his stunts, it really is a miracle that he has lived even 22 years long- the only answer perhaps being the teamwork he has with Klaus and their desire to pull each other out of the jaws of...maybe not danger, but indeed the jaws of death; the constant travelling; or the strong unrelenting will he has to survive.

The softer side of Azrael is that he eternally cares for the ones he loves and seeks for their happiness, his flaw there being his greater pledge of loyalty to Klaus and to adventure and heroism when there is a cause that calls for it. He is likely to return to those he leaves occasionally though understands he is not always welcome (though this doesn't per say mean he keeps his distance). Not naive though he is ever passionate and almost always also misguided or off center- a fellow who is so very focused on living and sucking all of the marrow that he can out of life that it's meaning (perhaps) evades him.

(Will update with a more story-like, long prose flow later :p)

An Unfortunate Start

- His mother was the daughter of a baker, and his father, the hunter's son. Though the girl was not of high standing she had a sizeable share of admirers with a face so fair he won her over with his hardworking ethics, dedication and genuitiy. There was nothing between ranks or standings that stood in the way of their love except that Cyrus loss her in the last instances of the black plague.
- Cyrus is later known for giving some much needed warning to the king that would have had consequences without it, and he leaves with the king's favour.
- War or a small attack was later made on the kingdom in the next few months and both father and son help navigate the king's daughter's escape.
- Cyrus tells the two to go on when more attackers come. Unfortunately he is slayed in his efforts but by his bravery and his father's sacrifice (and partly his own) Azrael is later decided to not be left and orphan and to be adopted by the king.

The Peasant Prince

- Is intitally rather easily welcomed into the rest of the family, but rumors or perspectives from the oldest of his now three brothers turn warmness or good opinion away from him (with the exception of the princess, Kristabel). 'He came from the dust,' after all. Not the other three were always on good feet themselves.
- Quickly Azrael took a turn however in bonding with one of the servants that later was assigned to him, his name was Klaus and because of the boy's Norse roots they called him heathen. He favoured him above all people with perhaps the exception of his Royal father or sister.
- And he would still be known by some small talk, as one that helped saved the kingdom in his earlier youth.

Kidnapped by Vikings

- In his growing older years both Azrael and Klaus liked to travel or run about through the kingdom. During a seige or a run in with heathens they were both taken- Klaus rescued and freed from his servanthood (or slavery) and Azrael abducted with the intention of ransom. Faolan was apart of that crew at the time.
- The ransom was never paid, or well considered. By this time the eldest had already become king and this end was never tied, so the vikings considered selling him off as a slave, and later instead became Klaus' manservant.
- Azrael soon, later proves his loyalty and worth apart of the crew with his swordsmanship and hardwork and becomes more accepted as part of the crew.
A Love Lost at Sea

- They are turned later from human to shifter by those in the crew. - One of the ship's raids they returned to his old kingdom.
- After a random but fateful encounter of Kristabel, the disappointed enraged princess whom he loved told him to never return to the kingdom or to her side again.

The Assassination of a King

- The princess moves on though he does not. In the past he had kept and continued sketches of the woman in his captivity but now the papers remain forgotten and worthless.
- News of her marriage or her next suitor reaches him, and spurred by jealousy he urges Klaus to join him on his quest to kill the crown prince of a foreign country that has taken her hand and his friend easily agrees.
- Azrael hesistates and decides against his previous thoughts seeing the princess' happiness but Klaus doesn't follow in sync with the same hesitiation and is the one that assassinates the future king, along with his bride.
The Lost Years

- Azrael is in quarrels with his friend later, literally starting a violent vendetta against him and in his grief of the love that he will most certainly will never have, he tears up all of her drawings- with the exception of one, in the last teeny pieces of his own restraint.
- Azrael and Klaus leaves the country to escape discovery. They are the murderers of the king, and Azrael comes into better feelings with Klaus.
- They start their own small 'family' taking in and turning new shifters left and right.

More to come No Information

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