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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Tobias Cedric Everwood

Gender: Male

Birthday: 25 September 2010

Age: 22 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Mixed Blood

Ethnicity: Native American/Irish
Hometown: Faulk, South Dakota

Favorite Place: Austere City, Austere

Current Location:

Occupation: Shaman

Education: High School Diploma

Infection Stage: 1.5

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good | Benefactor
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Maternal Grandparents: Colm O'Dea & Annie Connor
Paternal Grandparents: Howahkan Angeni & Constance Turner
Mother: Luna O'Dea | Shayia Everwood (adopted)
Father: Napayshni Angeni
Siblings: Stella, Paloman, Elise | Kayla Everwood

Significant Other: None
Best Friend: N/A
Children: None
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Tobias is long, lanky, and awkward looking in this form. He has the obvious build of a pup who quite suddenly sprang up into adulthood. While he bares some strength, hardly any muscle can be seen on his lithe frame. Toby's legs are very long, as in, they appear much too long for his body and his paws are too big as well. Tobias's build is just the definition awkward. His pelt is a a light brown, appearing tan. It is slowly darkening with time, but for the most part, it is rather light. It is also very obvious that he is not done growing yet.

Toby's facial structure is narrow and soft looking. His face always seems so open and inviting to others. His eyes are a very warm and patient brown in both his forms. There is nothing but kindness and hope in his eyes. His ears of course a little bigger than normal, but of course he still hasn't totally filled out yet. He is a Mckenzie Valley wolf and that breed is naturally large, therefore it's only a matter of time.

In his human form, Tobias is still growing, but has recently shot up to a height of 5'11". The fact that his legs even in this form seem too long for his body is proof enough that he's still not quite done. His hair is a light brown just like his fur and falls over his ears. The kid hasn't quite learned about hair cuts yet so he has yet to get that taken care of. His build is of course scrawny being as how he just kind of shot up one day, but he doesn't mind, it's easy for him to maneuver around things and that's all that really matters to him.

His face is gentle and sweet and there is almost always a smile there. Toby's eyes are the same in his wolf form, a very inviting brown. And it's not like mud brown or tree bark brown, it's more of a brown like a dying ember with almost a slight hint of gold. He only weighs about 130lbs, so he is a bit malnourished but that's by his own choice. Tobias isn't really interested in eating and only does when he feels unbearable hungry. All in all, he's a rather skinny looking bugger with a big heart and a kind smile. That about sums it up.

If you were to try to imagine the all American golden boy - someone like Tobias would come to mind. At least, at first glance perhaps. To any outsider, he would appear smart, funny, athletic, and of course well-liked among his fellow classmates. A kind and gentle soul, he tries to get along with everyone he meets, and usually he gets what he strives for. But not always. Besides the fact that he hides that he is a shifter from most, there are also other things that make the boy not quite be all that he appears.

First off, not many people would know that Toby is a shaman in the making. With his warm presence and careful hands, he has a natural gift for healing, something that has only grown as he has spent time around his caretaker, Shayia - also a shaman. Tobias loves nothing more than to help people and see them recover to their fullest thanks to the assistance he himself was able to provide for him. After having to depend on others all his life in the past, he is quickly won over by the feeling of others having to depend on him.

He still depends on others to ward off his persistent fear of being alone. Tobias hates being alone for more than a few days. It's almost toxic for him. When he meets someone new, he generally tries to make friends with them right away - even if it's not mutual. It's really hard to hurt his feelings. He has the ability to just kind of put people on mute if he doesn't want to hear what they are saying, or filter out bits and pieces. Tobias has a tender heart, but it takes a lot to get under his skin. A lot of that probably has to do with the fact that he is very patient. One would probably not expect this from a hot blooded young male, but the boy has always had a rather calm and patient air about him that most other take comfort in.

That isn't saying he does not have a more devious side as well. Toby can be quite calculating and manipulative. He knows the power he can hold over others and he will sometimes use it to his advantage to get what he wants. He never tries to hurt anyone though. Having a strong sense of empathy towards others keeps him grounded despite his cunning abilities, and Tobias usually tries his best to handle himself in situations so no one ever gets hurt. And if they do? Then the softy does all he can to try and make it better. And if he can't? Well, that's when he usually gets depressed.

Though it may not seem like it, Toby as a little unstable. He has two modes: high and low. When he is happy and in a good place, it's like he's on top of the world and nothing can stop him. But, when he spends too much time by himself, or if there is a problem he can't fix when someone's depending on him, he gets very depressed and quiet. It's almost like two completely different people, but as he has gotten older, he's managed to get a better hold on it - not wanting to appear unstable to others and therefore less reliable.

When it comes to his temper... Tobias really doesn't have much of one. It's almost impossible to argue with him in an attempt to get him mad. Tobias just gets sad and, well, deflated and has to go off by himself for a while. It doesn't take much for him to bounce back thankfully as long as it's not too serious. Tobias never tries to hold on to anything for too long no matter how bad it is. He thinks holding grudges is pointless and a waste of energy. He would rather focus on forgiveness and how to improve his relationships so that something like whatever happened doesn't happen again.

On a completely different subject: Girls. Tobias likes them. A lot. In fact, he has a pretty bad habit of 'falling in love' with any girl he sees that gives him even the least bit of attention. He thrives off of praise and being admired. He can lose interest pretty quickly however once he gets to know them and learns traits he doesn't like. He thinks he's doing them a favor by breaking away, but really it's just to protect himself from getting too close to someone only to have them taken away again. He doesn't always know how to deal with himself in extreme situations, but he does the best he can.

Tobias is very observant and enjoys people watching. It's interesting for him to see how much he can learn about a person before even really talking to them. It's almost like a game really. He understands the world on a different level than most people, always seeing the good and beauty within every situation; and constantly dismissing the bad, not letting it hover over his head. Being angry or scared all the time is no way to live in his opinion. Speaking of opinions, he has quite a lot of those. And chances are, you'll probably hear about them whether you want to or not.

A bit clumsy and occasionally impulsive, Tobias often gets himself into things he doesn't always know how to get out of. He is also pretty naive when it comes to who to trust, always wanting to see the good in everyone. There is no telling how much he'll change in the coming years - he still has a long way to go. But, with a spirit as strong as his, there's a pretty high chance that he'll turn out just fine no matter what he goes through.

Tobias was born on the 25th of September in the year 2010 into a litter of three pups. UNDER SERIOUS CONSTRUCTION - ESFP personality type 'The Performer'

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