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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Khan Michael Pierce II

Gender: Male

Birthday: 15 November 1990

Age: 43 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Pureblood

Ethnicity: French/Scandinavian
Hometown: Crozon, France

Favorite Place:

Current Location:

Occupation: Mercenary

Education: Masters in Criminal Profiling

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Undecided
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Maternal Grandparents: No Information
Paternal Grandparents: No Information
Mother: Olette Lefévre Pierce
Father: Khan Pierce Sr.
Siblings: Cosette & Renata

Significant Other: No Information
Best Friend: No Information
Children: Joel Pierce
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Standing about thirty-one inches off the ground at the shoulder, this white wolf is slightly smaller than most males. He is almost an exact replica of his late mother, Olette in both build and coloring. When looking at Khan, the phrase 'one solid muscle' would most likely come to mind. His frame is very thick and sturdy, making it quite clear he does not spend his days laying around. His bulky legs are actually rather long, allowing him to appear larger from afar. They also allow him to move quickly and easily, giving him both the advantages of speed and strength.

He has a light gray line of fur running from the back of his head all the way to the tip of its tail, but it is very faded and is hardly visible during the winter. His eyes are an unusual color of almost jade, and they shine as bright as jewels in the the shadow of night. His ears are a bit larger than average, but they enhance his looks more than take away, if anything it also gives the illusion that is his bigger than he really is. He has several scars throughout his body, mostly around his shoulders and sides, fortunately his white fur is long and thick enough to cover them all.

Even though Khan appears quasi short in his wolf form, that isn't really the case with his human one. Khan stands an even 6' off the ground, taller than the average man, but not in the sense that it feels he towers over people. With thick muscle all around his frame, his weight is roughly 200lbs. Khan's hair is a dark brown much like his father's is, though he wears is shorter than him. His eyes are a little more blue in this form, but there is still a hint of that very distinctive color they appear as in his wolf form. Either way, his eyes are a strong contrast to his dark hair and can sometimes make him appear rather menacing. His skin, just like his mother's, is light, however his father's complexion managed to darken it quite a bit. He has a rather pleasant facial structure and if it weren't for the fact that usually his features are marred with a rage and self loathing, he would actually appear very attractive.

Khan isn't exactly someone who is filled with warm and fuzzies. That isn't saying that he has always been this way, but it's not like he'd ever tell you why that was unless he really trusted you. And, trust from him is pretty damn hard to come by. Not only is hard for him to trust someone, but it is also hard for someone to trust him as well. Khan can be pretty deceptive when it comes to going about getting what he wants. He didn't used to live that way, but after everything that's happened he doesn't give a care for just about anything or so it appears that way. He can be very sarcastic as well as cold and insulting when he's in a bad mood and someone is pissing him off, or he can occasionally be rather pleasant; it varies on how he feels at the moment or what the situation is.

If there are any redeeming qualities that Khan might have, it's that he is very brave and fiercely devoted to whomever he promises himself to. He never gives up if he knows that he can keep going, however he does know his limitations; that doesn't mean he'll always pay heed to them. He cares a great deal for his family and if anyone ever messes with or says anything against them he will not hesitate to lash out at whoever the person is or even kill if he's pissed enough. Despite that, Khan can be patient when it comes to waiting for things to go his way; while he can be impulsive, if he knows waiting is the best thing for him to get where he wants to be, then he will wait for as long as he needs to before taking action. Khan is very reckless to himself and will plunge head long into anything without giving it a thought.

Probably the worst thing about him besides his dangerous temper is he is addicted to just about any kind of pain killer out there, whether it be some sort of drug or alcohol it doesn't matter to him as long as it lets him forget for a moment of everything that's happened to him. While he doesn't like to think of himself as weak, he knows that what he does to himself is one of the weakest things a person could ever do to them self. But, like with most things when it comes to his 'give a shit' attitude, he acts like he doesn't care. That's a pretty common thing from him, he'll act like he doesn't care about anything or anyone when really he does... he's just forgotten how to show it. Ever since his only surviving son went missing nothing in the world matters at all to him anymore.

Khan was the first born in a litter of three others on November 15th in the year of 1990. His mother, the beautiful Olette died moments after the pups' birth. Khan was too young to remember her, but by the time he was old enough to contemplate anything, Khan was well aware of how much grief his father went through after her death. The way he dealt with it was by lavishing affection on his only daughter because she resembled Olette so much. The other three pups were taken care of but definitely neglected compared to how much attention their father paid to their sister, darling little Cosette. They grew up respecting her though for that was what they were taught. Khan however was beginning to catch on to how messed up it really was and started distancing himself from the family and its corrupt hierarchy.

He grew jealous of the relationship between his brother, Asher and Cosette for they shared a strong bond that he himself had never known and could not understand. He wanted to be able to be close with his sister and protect her, but it seemed as if Asher had already filled that position. When his father found a new mate, that caused another strong sense of bitterness to overwhelm him. Khan felt as if he was dishonoring his late mother by doing this, but that didn't stop his father from having pups with that evil she-wolf. The bitch snuck off to kill them when she went into labor and only one survived thanks to his father's meddling. Khan was told to watch over the newborn being as how his father had pack matters to attend to and Taryn didn't care for her. Khan at first reluctantly took on the job of watching over his little half sister, Renata but as time went by he began to enjoy it.

Renata grew fast and so did her temper. Cosette and the others were all rather cruel to her and often Khan would find himself defending her despite himself and thus earning many scorns from everyone as well. He often would get into huge arguments with his father. It always started out with him claiming how he didn't treat Renata fairly, but then it grew to many other things. Soon enough that was all the two of them ever did was fight. When Khan wasn't fighting with his father he was either alone or with Renata, teaching her the things that she was denied to learn by others. She quickly developed his temper and bitterness towards others, but Khan didn't really see that as a bad thing. She was the only one in the pack who he was close to.

He got into a big argument with Cosette after he found out she had almost left Renata for dead in a blizzard, but the strong-willed pup had managed to survive despite the odds. A few years went by and somehow Khan, Cosette, and Renata were the only surviving ones in the pack of their generation. Khan felt as if the pack was going backwards rather than forwards and no longer wanted anything to do with it. After yet another violent fight with his father, he knew it was time to go. When he was sure that Renata could take care of herself and was strong enough, he left one night and left no trace of his existence. A part of him did feel guilty about leaving her behind, but he knew that it would be for the best in the long run. She couldn't depend on him for forever, and besides it would have only been a matter time before he completely snapped on their father and bit out his throat. And so, Khan did them all a favor and removed himself from the equation entirely.

He spent a very solitary life for quite some time, but it never bothered him. He traveled all around the world and saw many things, things he would never forget and things he would never share with anyone else for they were his experiences alone. After a few years, he began using his human form more than he ever had, having grown curious of the other side of the world he had been born into. Though he soon discovered that if he wanted to live as a human, he would need money. Khan had no patience for the typical human careers that were out there and so by chance he ended up getting wrapped up in gang activity. It wasn't exactly something he wanted to have happen, considering he did not want ties, but it provided him with a place to live as well as giving him experiences he had yet to go through.

It didn't take him long to realize that gang behavior was pretty similar to pack living. There was a type of hierarchy to follow. Khan himself wasn't a part of any gang, but he did however play a part in dispatching of those who were not wanted on the planet any longer. The proper term was really mercenary. And, that was how he earned his money; for he was quite good at what he did. When someone wanted a person taken care of, but they didn't want their hands dirty, Khan was the one they called. He would make quick work of whatever task was given to him and be done with it. He was never caught. However, his name did get out there... and while he did have quite the cash flow coming in... he also received a lot of enemies. But that never phased him really. Khan was the picture of a 'cold-blooded killer' and for a while he might as well have been. It wasn't like it mattered to him, he was killing humans and not only humans, but the bad kind, murderers, rapists, drug-dealers, etc. Sure, he worked for bad humans as well seeing as how they hired him to kill for them - but still it wasn't like he had picked a side.

That soon changed though when he was one day hired by a group of Shifters to dispose of the leader of the NSPs while he was staying in Chicago. Not thinking anything of it, he set out to do as such. Do to their heavy defenses and seeing as how they had been well established since the 1950s, this would be a more difficult mission. Khan decided in order to get close enough to have the opportunity to successfully kill their leader, he would have to 'join' them and get in with his good graces. Oh, he got in good graces all right... but with the wrong person. The leader's daughter, Nathalia Rosario took an immediately liking to handsome and steadfast Khan. And he, without much control, found himself falling pretty hard for her as well despite his oath to himself that he would not allow any connections. Khan tried to convince himself that it was only lustful infatuation, but the more time he spend with her, the more he knew that it was so much more than that... so much more. It was then that Khan began to realize... he had been living a wasted life. There was more to it than just surviving. There was hope. There was passion. There was redemption. And above all, there was love.

It was all very confusing for him at first however being as how Khan had known little of these feelings for most of his life. And, of course he was very reluctant to act on them seeing as how he had his mission to worry about, not to mention he just knew that Nathalia would be less than pleased if she were to ever find out about his true... 'profession'. Mercenaries weren't exactly received well by the general public... especially when said mercenary happened to be after their romantic interest's father. But, Khan was reckless, and so he ended up sleeping with Nathalia anyway. Naturally, with how things were, Nathalia's father found out about their little 'rendezvous'. Khan was quickly banished thereafter and it was from there he decided he would go ahead and carry out what he had originally been paid to do... What he did not count on though however was Nathalia following him and professing her love for him... well... that and that she was pregnant.

Not knowing what else to do, Khan just decided to drop the mission entirely and run away with her and go into hiding. He knew for a fact that the ones who had paid him would no doubt come looking for him once they learned of what he'd done. He also knew that he would have to inform Nathalia his secret of being a Shifter... and he would have to turn her - for no female human could survive the birth of Shifter pups. Nathalia took it better than he ever expected. She had, in fact, been a part of the NSP for a long time therefore she had grown up around the shocking, facing the unknown, and coming out on top... so he figured that it would make sense that the Shifter life seemed to appeal so much to her... especially the fact that they could live on young and beautiful for forever. And, so in no time, Nathalia became a Shifter; and while she was pregnant with his children, Khan taught her the ways of shifting, how they lived, how to hunt, and so many more things. It was a time of bliss for him and those were the happiest memories of his life.

Several months later, on 25 December 2020 - he was a father. Together, he and Nathalia had brought four beautiful children into the world. Khan could not believe how much his life had changed in less than a year. He had gone from ruthless mercenary to family man... that was perhaps the biggest leap anyone could ever take. There was just one problem... Nathalia still didn't know about his little secret... and he was pretty sure they were still being hunted down by the gang of Shifters who Khan had let down. Deciding not to burn paradise, Khan kept his mouth shut about it - a mistake he one day regret dearly. Time seemed to fly as his children grew. It was a bit of a rocky start for him at first, being a father. It was definitely not something that came naturally and Khan made his children cry more often than not, but at the end of the day they all really were a happy family.

Nathalia's patience seemed to be endless and she was always good about teaching him the proper way of parenting. Khan kept at it, but he was never really all that satisfied with himself. Being ambitious by nature, he was one who always would strive to do better. A few months later... everything changed. It turned out that not just the small group of Shifters who had hired Khan were looking for him, but the entire gang that had expected him to take care of the NSP leader. Unfortunately for the ex mercenary, they found out where he and Nathalia and their children were hiding. And, it didn't take them long at all to find them. They sprang on them out of nowhere and even today, Khan still hardly remembers what happened. He just remembered fighting and fighting with everything he had... but it had not been enough. Instead of killing him, they killed everything else that he had held dear... His dearest love... and his children. All except one. amongst the corpses of his family that surrounded him, Khan's runt son, Joel was the only one who had survived.

Without wasting any time, Khan ran off with him and the two healed together. They were both broken and grief-stricken over what had become of their family and if it weren't for the fact that he had Joel to care for, Khan would be hunting those bastards down. But, he still had his son and for a time that was all he needed. He loved him more than the waking world and seeing as how all the rest of his family had been destroyed, all of that left over love channeled towards him. It was around that time that Khan truly knew what it meant to be a father. They were all the other had, and despite the pain they felt, they knew they had to move on. And so, Khan began to teach Joel, just as he had with Nathalia, the ways of the shifter so that he would know everything she needed to when the day came that he could use his powers. Father and son continued to grow closer and even though nothing could ever heal the wounds that had been caused in his heart after the attack on his family, Khan found he was content for now with the life he was living.

Tragedy struck again for him though... as nothing ever seemed to last. While he and Joel were out on a hunt, the two got separated. Khan was already weirdly protective of him do to his being his one and only and so almost immediately he was trying to find his way back to him. Yet, mysteriously enough his scent had completely disappeared... he could find him nowhere. No matter how many times he called for him, looked for him... there was nothing. Khan was alone once more. Defeated beyond belief, Khan was now only fueled by two things. The burning vengeance he knew he would some day take out on those who had stolen everything from him and the knowledge that his only living son was lost somewhere, whether they had kidnapped him, or some other freak incident - he didn't know.

Those are the only two things keeping him alive and he will stop at nothing until he gets his son back and annihilates every last one of the heathens that helped destroy his life. Today, he still lives alone, but he has somehow wandered into the urban yet forest-like area of Austere City. Overwhelmed with his grief, guilt, and rage Khan is has lost himself to drinking, sex, drug usage, and pretty much anything else you can think of that is bad for a person. He just wants the pain to cease, but he knows it won't until he does what he has set out to accomplish.

- ISTP personality type.
-Fluent in Spanish and French

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