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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Crime Joined: 2-June 14 Posts: 3
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Full Name: Cicily Redomne

Gender: Female

Birthday: 8/14

Age: 15

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Irish/English/French/Australian -- Grey Wolf/Himalayan Wolf/Mackenzie Valley


Favorite Place:

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Moral Alignment:
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Lush, pristine body with natural curves surrounding here and there. The girl is everything but someone who is fake. Beautiful natural waves form into layers that hang loosely around her rather flawless face. Thin highlights of blonde and russet surpass by little from her natural color, but they are easily noticed in the summer when the sun brings them out to it's full shade of coloration. Cicily's eyes are beautiful, stunning, any word you can fit in in that meaning. A maple hue outlined with natural flecks of gold and green, though her eyes are what are called 'Bambi eyes', beautiful in many ways, but that brings out the innocence in her facial features. The girl's skin is a rather pastry kind of shade, her australian coloration from her genes coming in to more of her speech then her actual looks. In her humanoid form, the girl stands around 5' 6''.



While her humanoid form is beautiful, her canine side is stunning. Fortunately, the girl is smaller than most females, but while others may take that as an disadvantage, she takes it as an advantage. If she's put on the spot, she can easily slink away if need be. For starters, while her human form's eyes are a much darker hue of brown, when she's in her other form, her eyes are almost classified as a beige with gold flecks as well as green. She walks with elegance, taught strictly by her mother, and if not, it'll only be times when she's in fear. Though, she is no prime minister or anyone important, and the sweet girl doesn't think of it that way, it's simply a way her family had always sent the message that they were always respectable and never clumsy. Unfortunately, her mother died when she was young from cancer, and therefor, the girl sometimes misses a step of her elegance and trips before falling. Cicily's locks are a pure pristine alabaster, shining even in the darkest of nights. Though, while she's not all a pure shade of white, flecks surround her with grey and beige.

The girl is rather insecure about her looks, no matter how many times people say she's attractive, beautiful or anything along those lines. To put it short, Cicily does not like to drag attention to herself and if she's ever put to the spot, she'll easily slink away and wish she was never there in the first place. She's always set to please others, and always trying to get out of trouble's way. Some call her a piece of glass. A beautiful clear, and she lets everyone see right through, for she is not one to keep away secrets. Though, if someone hurts her OR someone she loves, there is no arguing that she would hurt them right back. She's not one to fight or to be hurt, and anyone ever thinking of such to her, is just messed up in the brain. Though, that's just how much she is loyal to the ones she loves. Think of it this way; Would a baby hurt you? No. Now I'm not saying that she's a baby, but she's extremely innocent beyond levels that anyone could ever imagine. The girl is more or so quiet most of the time, considering that she thinks if she talks, she'll say something wrong and be blamed for an accident. Though the girl does have a beautiful laugh, and if you do get her to laugh, it's like the sunshine and rainbow after a treacherous storm.
No Information -- Australian Accent

-- Enjoys singing

-- Face Claim = Maia Mitchell

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