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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Maverick Joined: 18-May 13 Posts: 1
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Other Characters: Orion, Ricochet, Chrysanthemum, Fey, Ricky
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Full Name: Xander Isaiah Maxwell

Gender: Male

Birthday: February 19th, 2007

Age: 20

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Ethiopian Wolf | American/German


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Significant Other: Parents: Keith Maxwell & Kendra Moors
Siblings: Ricochet Maxwell, Antonio Maxwell, Chrysanthemum Maxwell, Harvey Maxwell
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Xander is 5'11" but with a little slouch, he seems just a tad bit shorter. He's got dirty blonde-brown hair; sometimes it looks brown and other times it's a rather bright blonde. It also changes in style, either messy or in order or whatever happens to suit Xander's likings. It doesn't really matter because the ladies happen to like it either way. He has stormy bluish-gray eyes similar to that of his sister Chrys's, except his are a lot less revealing of his emotions. Xander is rather muscular (not too so) and just a tad on the stocky side, perhaps fitting for a quarterback. Which he was in middle school. Back to the topic, Xander normally wears dark clothes (ie. black hoodie, dark gray jeans, dark graphic tee, DC's, maybe some combat boots somewhere?) but on occasion he can wear more comfortable and suiting clothes. He looks almost a polar opposite of his brother Ricochet but that's because Xander inherited his traits from their father; Ricochet inherited his from their mother while Chrys got reasonable traits from both. Xander seems the type to be quite active in sports (which he is) or one to be the badboy type and own a motorcycle or be a smoker (the first one of which he is, he owns a pretty badass motorcycle, and the second, he used to be). Sometimes he bears a wound or broken bone or bruises from what he gets himself into.

In wolf form Xander is a rather stocky and large Ethiopian wolf, a sleek and well-kept coat of red fur with bright blue-gray eyes. His tail is a bit cut short, but aside from that little fact, Xander is a notable figure that, instead of being built for normal Ethiopian wolf speed, he is more noticeably built for strength and stamina. If you look closely you can notice how Xander is freckled with blonde upon the back and shoulder blades. If you look even closer you can see various scars and whatnot for how much trouble he gets into. Xander doesn't nearly look as graceful and light as other Ethiopian wolves and upon further inspection bears more muscle and shorter legs than most of the species.

Xander, surprisingly, has almost zero social skills. It's one of the reasons that at first, he seems the strong, silent type. Well sure, he could kick someone's ass into next week, but he's normally shoved into silence because he's socially awkward. At first. Weird, right? Sports was a world he was brought into by his brother Ricochet and that was a way for him to open up, but to strangers, he seems vague and yet again the strong, silent type. It somehow brings in the girls, for whatever reason. When he truly appreciates someone he is rather talkative with a dark sense of humor on him, though sometimes his relentless teasing and jokes may grate on one's nerves. Xander almost never means to actually hurt someone's feelings. He's just used to the way that his family reacts to him. Their type of jesting and foolery is never taken seriously in the family and almost everything is returned with an even more so emotionally-deterring-yet-not-meant-to-be-literal comment. He's lightening up a bit because he's beginning to realize the potential consequences of that; years on the run from CPS made him not really care about how he treated others because his family was all that mattered. The adjustments are a little weird for him but he's pulling through it.
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