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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Palisade Joined: 6-March 13 Posts: 23
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Full Name: Alina Michelle Brimmer

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 13th

Age: 2

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Caucasian (Human) Makenzie Valley and Gray Mix (Wolf)


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Significant Other: Liam - father - deceased (4)
Iris - mother - alive (4)
Auriel - sister - alive (2)
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EYE COLOR: Azure Blue
FUR COLOR: Black, with gray patches.

Little Alina is the spitting image of her mother, Iris, with lovely black fur with small patches of ashy gray and bright blue eyes; she is also a small wolf with long legs and a bushy tail. Along with that she is slight in appearance with a light frame and petite shoulders. Due to her size, she is great at running and hides pretty well. However in winter it’s harder for her to hide due to black pelt. Her snout is short and thin but it fits with the rest of her. She keeps herself well-groomed and her fur always has a light sheen to it as well as a silky touch. Alina’s facial features are cute and very feminine which gives her a soft, innocent type of air about her. She is very slender and nimble and can quickly react to anyone coming at her.

HEIGHT: 5'5 1/2
EYE COLOR: Azure Blue
SKIN COLOR: Porcelain White

As a human she has long dark hair and shy blue eyes; which contrast nicely with her pale white skin. Alina is rather skinny with a light frame but an average height and slender shoulders. Apparel wise, she dresses simply, since she doesn’t know much about human fashion. For the most part, she has her hair down and wavy; and doesn’t generally fuss about the style. She’s grown into quite a pretty young lady even though she doesn’t notice it.

Alina is a very timid and shy little wolf; she’s quite afraid of the prospect of living in the wild but at the same time eager to see what it’s like. Her quiet spirit and docile ways make her sink into the background. Nobody really notices a wallflower in her mind; and she likes not being the center of attention. Being reserved and demure means she has a lot of time to listen and think; two things Alina enjoys doing. The more she knows, the more comfortable she feels. Though she’s still nave when it comes to life as a wolf as well being a part of a pack; and she’s not quite sure what to make of shifters, she knows they can be human, which she’s comfortable with but they can also become a wolf, which scares her a little. Being raised up to this point by Alektra makes her dangerously trusting of humans and she’s very fond of them, thinking that of all them are her friends. Alina doesn’t like doing anything out of her comfort zone; she tends to shy away from risks and is most content just doing what she’s told. She does want to a little fun in her life, but the prospect of having fun with other wolves intimidates her, the only other wolf she’s fine with is her sister Auriel and she has yet to warm up to any others.


After being born, Alina and her brother Arden were taken away from their ill mother to be raised in captivity by a nice human named Alektra who was a Wildlife Researcher. Her life as a pup was a time usually spent adjusting to humans, which she has grown to trust more than anything because she was being taken care of by Alektra. As she grew however, Alina and her brother were also being taught how to be a wolf and how to live out in the wild. The idea scared her little, what was beyond their little home, in the wild of all places?

At her year mark, it was clear that Alektra intended for her and Arden to be released into the wild. Though it truly frightens her, she trusts Alektra enough to understand that it’s the best decision for them; and she is told that she’ll be reunited with someone very important: her mother.

Before they went however, Alina wandered off on her own and she ran into a hunter. Thinking he was a friend, she bounded up, yipping happily but he suddenly shot at her, right between the shoulder and the neck and she began bleeding profusely. Thankfully, he was then scared off by another creature, this one a shifter, the random stranger, took out the bullet but realized she wouldn’t live because she had lost a lot of blood. To save her life, the shifter sacrificed a bit of their own blood, letting Alina drink it. The shifter then disappeared into the forest; Alektra soon found her and took care of her as she transformed from being just a normal everyday wolf into a shifter.

At first Alina’s human form terrified her, but soon she grew to like it; considering she trusted humans, why not be one herself? Even if it was only half of what she was, she soon accepted it. Soon after, Alektra took her and Arden to Grandiose Retaliation, reuniting them with Iris.

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