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JANUARY 16 A very happy new year to all! Keep an eye out for upcoming news.
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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Tyler Joined: 29-June 14 Posts: 0
Birthday: 29 June 2000 PM: Click Here AIM: N/A
Location: Somewhere in the Midwest... Local Time: Jul 5 2020, 08:24 PM Skype: Tyjoga
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Hi, I'm new! My name is Ty.
I go mostly by Tyjoga online, so you can call me that.
Anything else I should add?
Good. ;)
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Full Name: Ethan D. Jeski

Gender: Male

Birthday: 1 July 2000

Age: 28

Species: Human/Shifter (Later on)

Bloodline: White/Polish


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Mother: Sarah Jeski [Went missing in 2018]

Father: Rick Jeski

Best Friend: No Information
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Will get to this... Will get to this...

For most of his life, Ethan lived the normal life of a human. From the day he was born to age 18, he lived with his mother and father in Oakland, CA. During that time he was an aspiring musician, and when out of high school, planned to become a well known violinist and pianist. Many of his friends supported him, and he was already receiving free scholarships by the time he was 17. Despite his natural talent, his mother wanted him to become something more beneficial to society. "Why not become a doctor? Or a scientist?" his mother would say to him, but he always replied with "I've chosen what I want to do in life! Why don't you accept that?!" Before his senior year though, his mother was gone...

"A last effort..." Ethan called it, "for convincing me... And its worked. Damn her." Ethan's mother went missing on May 15, 2018 without a trace. The rest of the school year was confusion for Ethan, and his personality changed. He didn't want to practice his instruments, he stopped talking to his friends, and he even burned his scholarship papers. "If my mother wants me to go into science... So be it." After high school he attended a university to study veterinary sciences, and in the year 2022 got his bachelors degree.

4 years. That's how long Ethan worked as a veterinarian in San Fransisco, CA. Being a vet was acceptable over time, but he wasn't happy, even with his increase in paycheck over the years. In 2026 though, he got a new job offer. A company called Elegiac was looking for someone with veterinary experience, and would pay top dollar with a free condo. Sick of California, he bought a plane ticket and flew to the island Elegiac had said to go to...

-Strongly relies on horoscope.

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