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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: a s h ♥bśr Joined: 11-September 13 Posts: 7
Birthday: 17 October 1990 PM: Click Here AIM: hushhushaly
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Is this needed? It's like a dating website question. Gonna ask my eye color next?... Joking of course, all love.

The arts are my interests, it's easier to say that then write it all out, as in the arts I mean the ARTS, Film, Music, Drawing, Dancing etc. (I cant dance so don't go filling your head with me in a tutu!)

I like food. And Adventure Time. Dexter. Being Canadian... that counts as an interest so stuff it!
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Full Name: Mackenzie "Mack" Kross

Gender: Male

Birthday: November 17

Age: Twenty-Five

Species: Human

Bloodline: Caucasian. American. English. Scottish


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Standing just under six feet, Mack is a fine young man with curious stormy gray eyes that dance with multiple emotions, his light brown hair is cropped and styled each day and the only thing about him that comes off as unkempt is his facial hair, Mack doesnít care much for shaving and will sport a jaw line and chin of five oíclock scruff.

Mackís attire is nothing but jeans and t-shirts, a few hoodie sweaters and an old denim jacket he found at a yard sale that he refuses to trade out for anything else. Since shoes are so expensive, especially for people with big feet, Mack will usually only wear boots, during the summer heís been known to wear flip flops from time to time. Like his grandmother he needs reading glasses, he refuses to wear contacts and can be found sometimes sporting black rimmed square glasses.

Other: He has a single tattoo on his back measured up to where his heart is, the tattoo is of a single dove for his mother.

Mack doesn't really care much about what others say about him, yes heís aware heís a good looking guy but he doesn't flaunt it around or flirt endlessly with the ladies. Heís a working man whose goals come first and believes in working hard for the things he wants. Mack is polite, the type to hold open doors for anyone behind him, his manners are also in full bloom using please and thank you as often as possible.

Heís a confident young man, who likes a challenge every now and then, heís also quiet and reserved, Mack has few friends and doesn't do the social light often. He has never taken a compliment well and can turn bashful, shy and will immediately try to change the topic from himself to something else. Laid back, easy-going, Mack tends to go day by day with no real expectations in life for him.

Like everyone Mack has a temper, not that it shows often, he has been known to voice his thoughts if pushed the wrong way. Not a fighter, heíd rather not little himself to senseless fights, but he does know how to throw a punch, donít let his defensive demeanor fool you.

Mackenzieís life isnít out of the ordinary, he wasnít homeless, and he wasnít rich, matter of fact his mother worked two jobs and his father was an excessive gambler. Ramsay Kross and Natalie Moore got married when they found out about the pregnancy, the marriage hadnít been planned but forced on them; old fashion parents. Like any young relationship the first couple of years had been okay, Ramsay worked and Natalie stayed home with Mack. It wouldnít be until his sixth birthday that things started to fall apart, the cry for extra money was heavy on the man of the house who soon fell into gambling and drinking.

Growing up Mackenzie tried to continue to love his father, see him as the man that took him to little league baseball games and father son outings, but as the years went on, Mack slowly began to notice he was the last to leave the baseball field, and the only one without a dad at those school barbeques. By thirteen Mack despised his old man so much he would empty out cases of beer while the old drunk slept on the couch letting bills pile up, and his mother worked two jobs to make ends meet. At this point Natalie started to show some signs of a sickness the family didnít want to face, she was stubborn and refused to go see a doctor which left Mack to worry each day for her safety.

Between thirteen and sixteen Mack was forced to go along with his old man to his gambling hotspots, something about passing on his talents to the next generation. They went from horse tracks, to underground chicken fights, pool games at bars and straight up brawls. It was a dark part of life Mack never wanted to see, it was a life he didnít want for himself and though he would never call his father out on it, he prayed each day for an end to all this madness. And then one day it happened.

One night Ramsay had cheated which provoked a fight in a bar, everyone erupted and a full out brawl started and didnít end until the cops showed up arresting everyone, even Mack who had been hiding behind the counter. Scared but thankful Mack had called his mother who left work immediately to bail out her boys. The anger was bright on her pale face, tears in her eyes as she told Mack half his college fund was gone to their bail. Her true anger didnít show until they got home when she turned on Ramsay demanding he sign divorce papers and leave; Ramsay refused of course. That night is one that plays in Mackís head each day, his parents were so angry, Ramsay never once struck out at the two of them until that night. The manís anger had reached a limit of no going back and before anyone knew it he was choking his wife. Mack was quick to his feet, reacting in his own fit of rage, he broke them apart, Ramsay struck at him only to stop a minute after seeing Natalieís body on the floor un-moving. In a panic, Ramsay packed a bag and ran away leaving his son to pick up the pieces.

The next couple of months where hard, Mack found out his mother was suffering from cancer, something she had done well to hide from him. But now she was hospital bound, subject to treatments and endless days of sickness. Mack picked up a part time job but remained in school, they gave up their apartment and Mack moved in with his grandmother. As time went by there were days they thought Natalie would pull through, but in the end she wasnít strong enough.

Mackís life after his mother passed was defiantly different, stressful and lonely, she made him strong though, enough so that he graduated high school. He had the money to go to college but decided not to, instead he picked up and moved away from home ending up in a whole new city, living in a loft apartment and working as a mechanic. He tries to live his life best he can, his mother told him once that she didnít care how he lived his life, as long as he was happy and didnít gamble; no problem there

  • Has a fear of thunderstorms, won't leave the house or sleep.
  • A light weight drinker; doesn't drink usually because of that.
  • Loves baseball and football.
  • Hopeless romantic, it's a secret he's willing to take to the grave. Wants a family... one day.
  • Hates olives, mushrooms and peas.

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