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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Olafur Jonsson

Gender: Male

Birthday: July 14

Age: 48

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Icelandic


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A gentle giant, just standing at six feet Olafur believes its a special gift from his unknown father, he suppose he would have to thank the man for his darker hair as well. The blue eyes and sharp cheek bones seem to be the only features he adopted from his mother, which doesn't bother him to much since family resemblance isn't only on the skin but the inside as well. A student of martial arts, and a frequent yoga practitioner, the mix of the two has kept him healthy with a body to show, not that he shows it off often but it is apparent that he does have a moderately toned body of taut muscles.

The simple, basic outline of Olafur is that hes a clean guy who looks like a typical business man, his hair is usually well kept, combed but its length always seems to cause his hair to fall forward at times. A bit of facial scruff can be spotted on his jaw line, and it differs from time to time depending on if he desires a shave or needs one. Hes got a rather deep, yet soft spoken voice, his speech is evenly paced making each word pronounced accurately and audible, theres nothing worse then repeating ones self

Being a rather old spirited type Olafurs wardrobe is clean, pressed and unwrinkled; hes not one of many colors but tends to wear warm colors or neutral colors. Slacks or jeans are his choice of pants, his shirts vary from v-neck t-shirts to button downs either in long sleeve or short, and sweaters can be a good choice on the colder days. His footwear varies from boots, loafers or boat shoes, though he finds comfort in Puma brand sneakers of the low cut variety and strictly keeps them in blacks, greys or whites.

Tightly Locked Up Olafur has always kept to himself, being more of a quiet soul who busied himself with self interests like furthering his mind and talents. Friends or companionship have never been a necessity and rather enjoys his solitude away from society; of course this excludes his mother who he has an unimaginable tolerance and bond with. Considered secretive because of his lack of conversation with anyone besides Rosinkara, Olafur has built a rather cold appearance, aloof and rather stand offish, leaving many people to judge him by the outside and not the inside. Over the time the man has developed Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which has made him even more of a locked safe, even keeping certain topics from his dear Rosinkara, hes become incapable of having a peaceful night of sleep making him irritable and having moments of aggression

Selectively Affectionate No interests, at all, he refuses to let people touch him and even becomes a tad claustrophobic in groups of people, small rooms or any room that lacks windows or where the door is locked/closed. Olafur is very selective of the people he surrounds himself with, and his list only bares Rosinkara, though even she may have trouble even laying a finger on him. Though he is distant, his heart is warm to his mother, it is just troubled and in pain, Olafur makes efforts to keep her close prays she understands, and that she knows it hurts him to be so far away from her even when they are in the same room. With that said Olafur has a strong protection or guardianship towards Rosinkara, he may not seem like an open fighter but he would not hesitate to bare his fists in her defense.

The Humble Gentleman A talented soul, Olafur is educated, well-spoken, musical and a tad artistic, hes aware of his looks and his potential but none of this ever goes to his head, hes rather laid back and modest never taking compliments too far. Polite, Olafur can be classified as an old soul, the type to open doors for women, pull out chairs and never sit before the lady. It makes him a tad odd but he doesnt care, it was how he was brought up with a mix of how he would like to live his life, there are enough cruel people in the world that it could do without one more. Theres a bit of charm to him when hes in a good mood, or if a lucky person can actually hold up a conversation with him, which is rare, but mostly hes a mystery.

A Fighters Spirit Everyone is dealt hardships, Olafur is no mistake, hes always been a strong spirited type, hes a respectable fighter, one who goes to war for what he believes in, for what he loves and for what is right. Though he has been kicked down and beaten the burning in his eyes and soul has never gone out and never will, Olafur is a protector, defender and a warrior no matter what befalls on him. It may take him sometime to rebuild his spirit but it is there, hes determined and set on getting back on his way, leaving his haunted past behind and trying to be happy once again. It would have to take a lot to break this man, because Olafur refuses to stop, back down or give up.

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