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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: a s h Joined: 11-December 13 Posts: 2
Birthday: 17 October 1990 PM: Click Here AIM: hushhushaly
Location: Canuck Ville Local Time: Oct 19 2020, 04:36 PM Skype: No Information
Other Characters: Cael. Olafur. Oscar
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Being here with you lovely people<3
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Full Name: Calita Marie Sofia 'Jessie' Morales

Gender: Female

Birthday: August 23, 1810

Age: 217 (30)

Species: Shifter / Mexican Wolf

Bloodline: Latin American / Native American


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Maternal Grandparents: No Information
Paternal Grandparents: No Information
Mother: No Information
Father: No Information
Siblings: No Information

Significant Other: Father Vincete Juan Esteban Morales
Mother Fatima Isabel Morales
Siblings Esteban Morales, Gael Morales, Maria Morales
Best Friend: No Information
Children: No Information
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On these two feet; These two feet have carried Jessie far for many years, her 5'5 structure bares a visible story, from her toned muscles and the scars that paint her light tanned skin. A beautiful woman but a proudly labeled tomboy, her dark brown hair is usually pulled back away from her face, matching brown eyes warm yet fierce and dangerous matching her inner spirit.
Running on all fours; A strong female in both forms, but as a wolf, Jessie feels more at home and if possible just a bit more fierce. In a body the same size as a German Shepard, coat of whites, tans, browns and dark grays, she has unique markings, a single dark spot on her rear right thigh and two smaller spots on her front limbs. She's agile and quick, just like her two legged form, Jessie holds herself with pride, a warrior stance and dark eyes that dare to be tested.

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19th century born, but adaptable through time, she's far from old fashion, full of life and fire, Jessie is a rare woman who can throw a punch just as well as any man. Born the eldest daughter of the Morales family, time and hardship has molded her into a fighter, a drinker who loves guns and woman. That's right, she loves long legged, long haired women and has been known to steal a few from the men at bars.
Though a rowdy woman, Jessie has moments of compassion, though her patience has been known to get her into trouble since she lacks it. Jessie, has her secrets like anyone else does, once an alpha a few years back she still remains to hold herself with a sort of dominate air. Not a seeker of trouble, she lives a solitary life, though anyone who crosses her may have to deal with her anger since she doesn't tolerate incompetent beings.

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