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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: ashbear | a s h Joined: 26-October 14 Posts: 4
Birthday: 17 October 1990 PM: Click Here AIM: hushhushaly
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Full Name: Rowan Philip Jagers II

Gender: Male

Birthday: Twentieth of September

Age: Twenty-Eight

Species: Human

Bloodline: American, German, English


Favorite Place:

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Blood Is Thicker Than Water
F a t h e r - Rowan M. Jagers; Active for 13yrs. Alive 55
M o t h e r - Amelia S. Ellison; Unknown to Rowan
S i s t e r - Loren M. Ellison; Half Sister. Unknown to Rowan
U n c l e - Wesley C. Jagers; Raised Rowan 13-19. Alive 49
C o u s i n - Garrett B. Jagers;Alive 24
E x - G i r l f r i e n d - Teresa J. Orlov; Deceased at 25
Or That's What I Once Believed
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5'9 | Blue Eyes | 189 lbs | Light Brown Hair | Garrett Hedlund
Close to six feet Rowan has always been a naturally active person, more of a toned, lean type build. From continuous years of sports such as baseball, hockey and football, the twenty-eight year old is built for agility and quick movements; an opposite of pure muscle, strength and power.

Light brown hair settles in untamed strands on his head, hardly ever cut short, usually falling into his blue eyes. On formal days it can be found combed back with a simple water and comb combination. Facial hair comes at a fifty-fifty chance, it will either dawn his jaw and chin in a scruffy way, or be clean shaved, usually just depends on his mood.

Rowan's closet homes many different styles, from jeans to dress pants, or plain t-shirts next to long sleeve button ups. On a usual day, he finds comfort in comfortable slacks or jeans, a slim fitting sweater or V-neck shirt, leather shoes or boots are a favorite pick for his fit.

A closed of type of guy, his facial features seem to always be stuck in a thoughtful look on the world. Blue eyes seem to have an analyzing gleam, carefully taking in surroundings, body language and the like. It's sometimes hard to catch much of a smile on his face, but it does happen every now and again.

Broken Heart | Anger | Sophisticated | Hard Working | Closed Off
Distrustful & Secretive ; The twenty-eight year old has a hard time trusting anyone, the fact that his mother was never in his life and that his father ran off on him, are both great reasons to his lack of trust in anyone. He doesn't like being asked personal questions and will be quick to dodge or silence them with gentlemanly kindness.

Sophisticated & Aloof ; There's a sophisticated air about Rowan, he holds himself proudly even though he's a man of little money. Polite and gentlemanly, he tries to be a civilized man of the city, for all that he can be cold, and seem a bit detached from the world around him. Sometimes not caring what others may feel, putting his own opinions first and other's last.

Sad & Angry ; He's a sad man, a lonely man who is stuck with grudges and a heart full of revenge and sorrow. Unable to forget those who have done him wrong there's a ball of hate and burning anger in his chest. If the wrong wire is tripped, he'll explode and make sure those who've triggered him meet his fury.

Patient & Driven ; Rowan has grown to control many of his worse habits, having patience long enough to try and talk to others, efforts usually fail shortly after. Hard working he likes to busy himself with his job and side projects, often enough Rowan will challenge himself to learn something new.

Pre-Birth ; Rowan's parents had loved each other, the relationship had started as pure sex and infatuation, but grew into something more. The pregnancy wasn't planned, and when the news got out Amelia's parents quickly shunned the unborn child. In the end Rowan Sr would take full custody, Amelia was soon forced to move away from home.

Birth - 10 Years ; Raised by his father, who wasn't the best of guys, thankfully he wasn't an abusive man, just an absent one. Rowan Senior was a hard working man who put in plenty of hours at his job, because of this his son was mostly in the care of female friends until he was old enough to be home alone.

10 - 13 Years ; By the age of ten Rowan began to excel at school, being one of the smartest in class, though also showing a bit of anger towards his classmates who teased him for being a 'loner' and a 'nerd'. Between this time he was reading epic novels, showing supreme understanding in his classes and was very independent. Learning to cook, clean and even forge his father's signature when needed. At an early age he was capable of taking care of himself.

At twelve his father had a workplace accident, leaving him unable to return to his job, and having little education it was hard for him to cope with the fact that he would never be able to work again and provide for his son. During that summer Rowan was sent to vacation with his uncle, little did he know he would never see his father again.

13-18 Years ; Living with his uncle and cousin had been rough at first, the first two years would be nothing but anger, and fighting at school, though all the while his marks would remain the highest or second highest in his classes. By high school Rowan quickly joined sports teams, left wing in hockey, short stop in baseball, running back in football, and did some mixed martial arts in his free time.

Relationships wouldn't be much of an interest through school, a few dates perhaps but nothing that stole his heart; that would come later. At seventeen he would take up a part time job at a Russian Deli Market, that was also run by some mafia members. It would prove a good choice, because of his 'mind his own business' attitude, and not taking shit, the owners admired him, and trusted him to take on some of the petty jobs and hired Rowan as a gopher.

18 - 25 Years ; He graduated with honors and one sports scholarship, instead of going off to college he would take online courses, so he could attend to his younger cousin and help his uncle with bills and payments. Rowan continued to work with the Russian Mafia, moving up the ranks as a trusted member, he would never get any higher than personal driver, body guard, delivery boy, or 'family cleaner'.

During this time at the age of 24 he met Teresa, who was the daughter of one of the men he worked for oddly enough. It had been hard at first to prove himself worthy to date her, but it happened eventually. He cherished Teresa, and even thought of marriage, she was the only girl that could get him to have a full on conversation and she listened as if everything else stopped around them.

25 - 28 Years ; The years to follow are ones that haunt Rowan to this day, Teresa and himself got an apartment, his uncle became sick and his cousin began to hang out with the wrong crowd, tending to rob from his father for his drug habits. On occasion he would visit his uncle to make sure he was alright and if he needed anything. He would actually be the one to knock some sense into his cousin for acting so selfishly.

During his 27th year would prove to be the toughest. While driving home from a late dinner date with Teresa, during a rain storm, their car was blind sided, the passenger side taking the full blunt of the accident. Teresa died on impact, leaving Rowan even more alone then ever. Soon he would close in on himself, dedicating his every waking hour to the family he wronged. Currently living in Austere, working for the Volkov family as their personal driver, errand runner and 'family cleaner'.

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