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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Axel J. Devereux III

Gender: Male

Birthday: October 31

Age: 24

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Scottish/American | Timber/Eurasian Hybrid


Favorite Place:

Current Location:



Infection Stage:

Moral Alignment:
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- Axel J. Devereux II, Malia Devereux

- Montague "Monty" Devereux missing
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Physical Depiction
heaven's gates won't open up for me, with these broken wings i'm falling'
tall · dark · handsome

Human appearance
From an age that time has mostly forgotten, the man still manages to catch the eyes of almost anyone he bypasses. Crafted from an era when a man appeared as the essence of his life, Axel is a piece of classic artistry. The cliché of tall, dark and handsome was seemingly made for the man. Attaining a height of 6 feet 2 inches, he is tall and well built. A sturdy frame mostly composed of musculature carries a weight of 180 pounds. But this exterior is marred with secrets. Lines of scars run along his spine, almost always kept concealed. Recent times have seen ink added to his shoulders and pectorals, though as rather typical of the man, these are not displayed openly either.

An amalgamation of heritage has left him with a kind of rugged charm. His pale brown hair usually short-cropped and kept in pristine condition. Trimmed stubble appears on his face but never is it allowed to form entirely into either a beard or mustache. This chiseled bone structure is enhanced with his striking blue eyes, almost silvery with a darker rim. While most would only see beauty within them, those who are able to know the man well would see and understand the pain that lingers behind them, tempered only on the odd occasion when something breathes live into his heart once more.

The man walks with a quiet authority, unassuming in most aspects except on the odd occasion he does deign to draw attention to himself. While the latter happens infrequently, more oft than not he prefers to keep a simple wardrobe of dark clothing. Circumstances that require a more formal appearance would allow him to delve through the cobwebs and retrieve a dark tailored suit. The only other adornment one might happen to glean is his set of dog-tags around his neck – a memorial of something he is yet to explain to anyone.

Wolf Appearance
While in wolf form, he appears as a large well built beast, limbs carrying a solid frame of 32 inches and 70 pounds. His fur is an amalgamation of browns, russets and grey. While once he wished to have the same palatte of monochrome colour as his father before him, the eyes of the creature are the one thing passed down in the family tree. To break up the darker hues that coalesce on his figure, a pale off-white is gleaned on his belly, adorning his muzzle and limbs in the typical timber patterns.

Inner Works
i'm terrified of these four walls, these iron bars can't hold my soul in
charming · impulsive · loyal · honorable · vengeful · distant · brooding

A man who has lived as long as he has and gone through as much is unsurprising with the depth of character flaws. To those who don't know him well, he appears to be a careless and arrogant man who thinks he is too go for everyone around. Though some would love to loathe him, his charm is evident, especially with the ladies. However, he would appear emotionally detached, unable to put what he truly feels into words. He will always be a man of action rather than speech, having come from an era where a man would be bound by oath and promise. An attempt to be chilvalrous is at the forefront of his mind in most situations, but he has trouble trusting people, leaving most of his relationships closed and awkward.

To those who are able to gain access into his inner circle of trust however, they would begin to understand the man for who he really is. Yes, that impulsiveness is still there lingering underneath the surface - a remnant from a time when everything made sense - but it is layers with duty and honour, tempered with a doubt that he isn't going to make up for his sins of a previous life left forgotten. There is that constant lingering sensation of darkness, held only just at bay. Glimpses are seen when his anger is roused, for he can indeed be rather vengeful, especially when it comes to those he cares for most. The man's biggest fear is that he will be the cause for a friend or loved ones injury or death.

Despite his tendency to be impulsive, there is a patience to the man as well. Inherent in the manner by which he attempts to do his tasks, he is precise, a perfectionist at his work. Honing his skills has taken several decades, but it is something he is deeply proud of. The boy from the rural town has all but dissipated, gone is the inability to take care of himself. His mind has been trained to take in details and facts, and though he might not be the most intelligent in manner of recalling all things, strategies are easily formed. Observational skills that had begun to develop while hunting in forests of Scotland has allowed him to be able to notice subtleties in body language, a useful skill given his montage of previous job acquisitions.

A massive stem of his personality is derived from a piece of his life that he cannot remember. Most of his life before he realised he was a shifter is fragmented, lost somewhere in the confines of his mind. Certainly the horrors he has seen in latter times could be a reason, but most who would come to know him might come to understand that it is these latter displays of character that are used as a balm to remedy the pieces of himself he cannot remember. It haunts the man, the revelation that he truly doesn't know if he's a hero, or a villain.


i'll leave this life behind me, say it if it's worth saving me
1300's · 1900's · unknown · today

There has been much speculation as to when the man was born. He remembers that is was from a time when life was earned on the hand and shoulders of a man's work. Brief flashes a farm in the highlands of Scotland flit in his mind, passing images of a life with a loving father, mother and brother. Their names he can only just recall, their faces even less so.

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