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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Rose Joined: 7-July 12 Posts: 242
Birthday: 17 June 1995 PM: Click Here AIM: No Information
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Full Name: Rose Zatara Evans (Caravello)

Gender: Female

Birthday: 13th of August- Leo

Age: 36

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Pureblood

Ethnicity: Italian | Red wolf, timber mix
Hometown: Austere Island

Favorite Place: Dragnet Woods

Current Location: Seattle QZ

Occupation: Guard

Education: The Wild<br> Reading magazines to attempt to decipher human behaviour

Infection Stage:

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
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Maternal Grandparents: No Information
Paternal Grandparents: No Information
Mother: Artemis Asgeir Caravello
Father: Balder Caravello
Siblings: Dakota, Denzel, Cassius, Raven, Loraine

Significant Other: N/a
Best Friend: No Information
Children: Dante Evans (adopted), Rosaline Capulet, Silas Gawthorne
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Spicy food
The Midnight Hour
The smell of wood/or the woods
Playing with ash


Great bodies of water
Emotional confrontation
Not knowing where people are for extended periods of time
Too many rules


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In her natural wolf form Rose appears as a red wolf, with a slender muzzle and short slender legs, with defined muscle tightly built all over her frame. Her sarcastic amber eyes moves about constantly when alone, though are more trained and focused when around other individuals or aware of being watched. Her eyes can make her appear paranoid and even though this is somewhat more true now, they prove more as a valuable asset. Her memory can be quiet photographic and whenever there is a slight sense in her of tension or something being out of place, this slight 'paranoia' runs in overdrive, catching small details where most people would miss. It also leads to her being more unforgivable with wrongly or poor practiced technique. As a red wolf her coat is scattered with the usual colors of red, brown and white and as with the usual, it's thin. Small nimble paws allow her to move around unnoticed with ease, except on the occasion that she wants her presence noticed or is too coaxed by a masque of blind rage.

As a human her sarcastic eyes, instead of amber, are a hard dark hazel. They maintain both the same movement and trained focus when she is either around people or senses that she is being watched. Her hair also almost matches her coat as a wolf, in a dark hue of red. In the past she wore it short, usually something similar to, if not, a pixie. With her time in confinement, it now runs long past her shoulders. If or when she ever comes out, she'd wear it back out of the way of her face or loose, untamed and wild. She is almost equally built in terms of physique in this form as her wolf, but without the fur covering, the lean hungry look about her is more evident, in her facial features it manifests both in her eyes and her high cheekbones. She holds a type of fierce feline or fox-like appearance and demeanor in both forms.

Heavily fuelled and driven by negative motivation all her life, Rose gets high off the things that makes many people break and crumble. She once had a little more sense of normality in her when she was much younger, but that all changed through the continuation of her rejection and her growing need of having something to prove. With something always to prove, she unfortunately can make her more than a little disagreeable with those that know her. If not already by her disheartening sarcasm. Something that is generally used in humour or to pick someone up, Rose's one usually never comes off as anything more than another variant of a biting comment. Not quite funny either, but one that both likes to be amused and carries around her own weight of pride to uphold she usually can be the only one to laugh or chuckle at her own jokes/snide remarks.

Hostile and difficult as she is however Rose does have at least some of the bare threads of a code. An accumulation of strength and power; to always work on and improve on one's self. Something that would be easy to catch on with her methods as a harsher leader years ago. It is much a rarer thing for her to comfort others when they fall down or to say any of it would be 'okay' although that has began to change over recent months with her own more limited physical ability right now. Instead Rose would try to find another way to 'push' a person, until all limits can be tested out. Simply put, she's not shy at prying and attempting to tap into someone's full potential- if willing, and if not she can also be quite the cutting type to express disappointment.

But less, this might not always even be the fault of the individual but the fact that Rose very often doesn't show an ability to know when to stop. Much more so when she was younger. Having the same likeliness as a horse that would continue running and pushing until it's heart gives way. Recently, she's become more adaptable...a trait that is often influenced by her motivation, otherwise again it is easy for her to retreat to back to her original stubborn and persistent ideas. Rose holds a newer sense of eerie quietness. You generally can find her being one of the clearest or easily deciding mind in a terrible situation.

Rose was born in a pack that was highly respected in it's area, ruling over a large domain. Living conditions and the regulations of the pack were strict, severe and Spartan. When she was born, as the last pup of the litter, she left her mother slightly much weaker than before. Some kind of sickness that weakened her bones and angles, leaving her in no shape to carry out her duties as she once had.

The pup was also born a runt, small and slightly disfigured in one leg; being a tad shorter than the others, and so she limped.Of course such effort and sacrifice of her mother did not seem to amount with her worth. Her father had accepted and held each of her siblings in turn, but when it came to her he could not even bare to look at her. He couldn't even hold in his arms his youngest daughter, and even while she got older Rose never fully understood why.

She was grew up proud of her family, of her strong dependent brothers and her much anticipated beautiful older sisters but always she was a step behind them all. She sensed it even when no one said anything. Just from the different way others would look to her, from the way some of the other pups would follow her back to her den, whispering things and yelling taunts over her shoulder.

Her mother withdrew from her to some degree, focusing on bettering herself in what she now lacked. Rose eventually found a great friend and a motherly figure in her life through her oldest sister, Loraine. She could not always defend her, but she would snuggle with her, comfort her, tell her stories, give her small phrases of advice and tell her words that she needed to hear that would simply not come from any other person.

A winter later came when the land around them became severely bare with vegetation as well as prey. An increasing number of wolves from the pack were beginning to die of sickness or hunger. It soon became clear that Rose, with her small demented stature would become a burden to feed. A burden that would not prove in anyway useful. It was with some words of the pack's adviser that Balder eventually took his youngest daughter up to the snowy cliffs and left her there to die.

Loraine, later finding out her father's actions from one of her brothers as well as the strange behavior of her father retraced her father's steps to retrieve Rose. However Balder was not pleased to see Loraine so openly defy him, to go against his decisions and undermine his efforts to help save the pack. He struck her severely, that she fell down with some kind of mark. He then looked at her, or through her, and then walked away.

Raven nor any of the brothers had helped Loraine or welcomed her back home and because of that a new type of bitterness began bubbling away at the bottom of her heart. Which only grew as the world around her became more and more confusing. Loraine could not even look at her directly after that, and the scorching silence became a type of punishment for her defiant existence.

Appearing to be almost timid and attention avoiding before, Rose yelled back at her older brothers and sisters as well as her father. Really anyone who crossed her path. She would corner Loraine when she could -scream, complain and many other things...but at that time Loraine who had already been subjected to silence, would occasionally tear up but it didn't matter to her. Nothing did. The world was becoming a silent unfeeling body of wolves and shifters that no longer had any space for her. It was clear that she wasn't wanted. She would get slapped, yelled back at but never NEVER would she let Balder silence and cripple her spirit as he had Loraine. She wouldn't let herself turn to mush or crumble before anyone. Cannibalism of the weak and un-useable was a trait that seemed to run through the pack with the more stronger and influential members, as times got tougher and so the standings of the pack more Spartan- there simply wasn't an option. Though her father was one of these 'influential figures', his distaste towards her was rather obvious and so that hadn't really left her so well 'protected'.

Of course, Rose wasn't one to be making herself a favourable personality and eventually still in the days of her young adolescence she was sentenced to exile. Staying would have required several conditions and requirements that she had to uphold but Rose by now refused, she had never thought how much harder life outside the pack may be. But still, she could only see the ground a mile ahead of her, not the gap.

She had been left hungry for weeks, paranoid and fearful for her life as she wondered through bare forests and open fields. She eventually came to a river and began to drink. Seeing that there was fish, and so food also in the water, she made her way across, on the rocks and tried to catch one with her claws. Unsuccessfully she fell in instead. Unable to swim for she had never learnt before, she was beginning to drown. Lungs burning up, every breathe of air escaping her but just before she completely passed out in her useless struggle against the water's currents a strange wolf grabbed her and pulled her out of the water.

When she awoke she later found his scent was very similar to other wolves of her previous pack and as much as she hated to admit it she also spotted a lot of resemblance in his features to her father. She later found that he was her older brother, from the previous generation. After they had talked for some time and she insisted she could not go back, he allowed her to follow him and once again Rose had a friend, a brother and a kind of father figure of her very own.

He didn't reveal too much about himself but she learnt that he had also been exiled, for what reason though he never said. They simply traveled the lands and extensively he taught her how to fight and defend herself, as well as how to track and how to hunt. He was hard on her, pushed her to the bare extremes, but with his mentor-ship she began to grow strong. Stronger than she had ever been before, enough that she carried around with her a sense of empowerment as well a pride. With his teaching and training the disfigurement in her leg had been fixed up, as the stretching and strengthening of her muscles had elongated it. Occasionally during or after a battle it would still bother her, and cause some small amount of discomfort or pain.

She changed her last name, to the same name he had changed it to as to no longer identify with the one she had left behind. Denzel raised her like he had a strong obligation to do some amount of good, there sometimes was some kind of haunting grief or sadness in his eyes when he looked at her or when she caught him wondering off in his thoughts.

Except for the isolation, life ran smoothly and once again Rose was satisfied. It was until a week where Denzel was getting hunted down by another shifter, for a particular case that he recognized, of course, more than her. The shifter had come from her pack and after some amount of hiding Rose came out to find alot of shreds of clothing, blood and tufts of fur, scattered everywhere. Not a trace of his body. She was so sick she could almost vomit.

Rose saw the world differently that day. Something in her snapped, and she decided never again could she forgive her father, her sister, her brothers or her brothers' killer for the wrong deeds they had done unto her. An exacting amount of rage, anger and bitterness polluted her, just as it had to some degree her father and brother.

Still in her bitter hatefulness Rose still carried around a bit of charm that she had before. However what silly lighthearted remarks she made before turned into heavy sarcasm and any desire to neaten up herself or her environment disappeared as well. She trampelled wildflowers and anything of beauty under her feet. Flowers that reminded her of the time she had picked many with Loraine for mother, or to put into each others hair. They reminded her of all that her mother and her sisters Loraine and Raven had been, and all that she would never herself know or reach. Her only desire was to achieve a level of fear, respect and power.

She began to make her own life as a loner, and surviving by herself at first proved difficult but all that she was taught and trained came useful. Eventually she came across another two loners, a female shifter named Javonie as well as a dark loner named Apollo. She caught him singing and finding it beautiful as well as a bit of odd jumped on it and menaced with him about it. Just as expected they parted ways and she never saw either again.

Eventually Rose stumbled upon a pack with a fallen leader, it was here that her dreams of power and leadership materialized. She claimed it and believed all her unhappiness would fade with her powerlessness, and for some period of time she found a level of contentment. Her earliest members included another red wolf runt called Zero that tried to please her well, a black wolf (that was also a runt), and perhaps a few others.

Members would come and go, just as life ebbed and flow. Eventually she met another shifter that choose to join her ranks, that unlike other males and other members was very confronting and to some extent commanding. Even with her own hard demeanor she felt like a child around him, Judah would not leave her even with her heavy drops of sarcasm and bitter defensive 'wit'. They perhaps would of gotten along fine, until he invited her to swim with him. Of course she hesitated, actually she refused but he insisted and her strong tone of voice turned into a shy whisper. She could not swim, she had almost drowned before and it still remained a hidden fear for her. He offered to teach her and with a lot of hesitation but a strong desire to not back out of a challenge, as well as to better her survival skills she joined him in the water. It was all 'friendly' to some degree but even in her fright of water she could not let him touch her, and still he did, around the waist simply to support her. The closeness was intimidating and she remained defiant of him and his instructions while in the water, even if it could mean the difference between life and death. Surely enough, she didn't last long and it wasn't too long before Judah left too. Sometimes Rose would look back and regret pushing others so quickly away, even with the amount of effort as to come with friendly terms with her but then again she would also look back at her own family and remind herself that such emotional isolation only worked to her benefit. She would be safe, and the rest of her earlier desires would be fulfilled; being a figure that was feared and respected and known.

Later, as members left many loners came across her territory but with her lack of knowledge in terms of hospitality none stayed. It was a blow to her pride as well as a shock of confusement as to why her pack could only accomplish the opposite of what it meant to be thriving. Her means of accomplishing pack growth began to become much more desperate. When Bane, Dante and Danika eventually stumbled upon her territory as pups she demanded they stay, and stay they did. She sensed some resentment on their part, for some of them at least but she grew up being taught to just do what was simply needed to be done. A silent brute called Xalmein also joined the pack, and a dark angry Adarsh had joined the pack some time ago before his children had stumbled upon it, or were born. Among the other packs, Serville Amnesty was coming to weaken and it was one of her worst fears. She could not stand for returning to any state of weakness that she had before, as a pup, and so when she could not resolve her difficulties in leadership she left to Austere city to take a couple of drinks or so.

Rose trained her growing members well, but harsh and severely. A certain level of perfection had been expected and drained from her and so she sought for no less. As well as Bane, Dante and Danika, Rose late came to train Eliora for a period of time as to learn how to fight and defend herself, that came with an agreement of immunity for herself, from Eliora, if their packs ever came on hostile terms.

Eventually one night, Rose was a bit more careless than usual and ended up getting her drink spiked. She woke up, alone and unclothed in some dark and embarrassing location. She found her way back to the pack. She hadn't known then but eventually her growing tummy struck a sense of dreaded realization in her. She was pregnant! For a couple of weeks she stayed away, and gave birth, alone in a rented apartment. When she stared upon the beautiful delicate faces of her young she realized in horror that she did not know a single thing as to what to do with them. She didn't know how to be a mother, she barely ever knew hers. Rose kept them with her but as hidden and low-key as possible, a silent hidden reminder of some type of shame and misfortune despite a type of joy of new life. Eventually, either perhaps from her neglect and lack of parental knowledge or a certain illness, one of the pups of her litter died. What ever attachment that remained or loose belief she had in being solely responsible for another being obviously vanished and so quickly, so did the pups. She'd never think she'd see them again and after that did not let herself think anything of it. As ironic as it was, as she had 'stolen' other people's pups.

Eventually Dani was soon found and taken into the pack, with her sudden unexplained appearance, she semi brought back a faint reminder of the lives that she left behind. A few years later she was captured by the Elegiac, and shut away for some time. Left to rot in the bottom of a metal cage like a wild, broken animal. Never to see the light of day again.

After many years she came face to face with one of her former pack mates, Dante. He was every angry at first but with some calculative words on her part she managed to calm him down and insisted on an attempt to escape. He agreed, and the two snuck around and took out as many guards as they needed to, and scaled the hallways. Rose Evans eventually did get out but Dante remained left behind. At that point she was badly injured and delirious. Not aware of what was happening, who she was or where she was she ended up crawling to the shed of another lady, and cuddling up closely, all bloody and naked to her dog. Luckily enough it was a shifter, that was able to recognize and so her presence wasn't entirely an un-explainable shock.

Justine Miller took her in, helped her clean and bandage her wounds, clean her up, gave her clothes and offered food and shelter in her stage of recovery. As well pulling out the bullet from her wound but in an unexpected tumble, the Elegiac found both of them on their first day out together leaving Rose being re-captured and Justine barely managing to get out unscathed. Beforehand she had left notes for the girl to send some kind of word, along with maps and pieces of information to her pack if anything bad of the sort happened- (things she only planned herself to use) and that apparently what was allowed to happen except she had never heard word from the girl again.

Instead Rose waited back again the Elegiac and with her re-emphasized presence and stay torture increased and they taunted her mind with threats to her pack and to the one they had closed in their grasp here; Dante. Apparently though it was soon all too late as she had somehow found out, or been made to believe that he had died. Others eventually showed up to break her out, along with a few others, but Dante was only too well left behind- along with the thoughts of the boy being dead, in her head.

She made a steady enough recovery, and when she had pulled through enough visited Grandiose for the first time in how long to tell Adarsh the news, finally, except not too long after that Dante did come back. Just that he wasn't...well Dante. Things between them, out of all the pack mates just seemed to be especially tight and tense, that one unexpected night while Rose was sleeping, actually, he came into her den with a knife. It was a nightmare that had woken her, as often as they came to her now- which perhaps should have been thought of as a blessing- otherwise she surely would have died that day. An intense brawl and scramble broke out soon after she failed to try and call him to his senses by talking to him just directly, and after he was eventually knocked out, and came back to his senses, was asked to be tied down to a tree until he came around.

No one suspected the full extent of it, but Rose was fading to be extremely weak. She fell into a coma, for who knew how long. Waking up in a rather dramatic way and slapping Dante actually before they had a bit more of a proper talk. That was the sharpest of her direct speech and focus held by her, even despite her personality, and it tired her, but she was beginning to steadily make dos with her recovery again. Except when it came to meeting her own son and daughter again, she didn't just barely recognise them- she had forgotten their existence. As well as any of the newer members.

It took some time to deal with that, and whether either of them resented her or vice versa was still something unknown but after a while- was also something she didn't let herself feel too bad about. Dante however had run off to do his drugs and sorts again, breaking his promise, and Bane seemed in no good place with how the pack was running or how she or Dante had been either. In fact she also got news that her daughter and another small handful of girls had been brought into great danger while she was still in her early recovering stages- but this was at the point she still was barely coming into terms with her children and the fact that she had any 'blood' kids of her own.

Dani and Arianna, the other girls soon left after that, taking with them their female pups, and as with the disappearance also of Dante (though by this point he had come back) she had been bent on, nearly, keeping and hoarding as much of the pack members within the territory as possible. Not giving much allowance to leave or wonder to any of those she considered her's (or she could have a well influence enough on).


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