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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Rose Joined: 8-July 12 Posts: 206
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Martirio Slavic
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Full Name: Janet Grace Notte

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 16th, 2007

Age: 24

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Timber wolf mix

Ethnicity: Greek | Italian
Hometown: Austere

Favorite Place:

Current Location:

Occupation: Nurse | Medical aid

Education: Highschool Certificate, QZ traineeship

Infection Stage:

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
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Maternal Grandparents: No Information
Paternal Grandparents: No Information
Mother: Twilight
Father: Adarsh Notte
Siblings: Dante and Larka

Significant Other: None
Best Friend: Lolita Stryder Thorne
Children: None
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Oranges, coffee, beaches, ketchup, the ocean, the colour blue, jeans and rnb.


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Drag racing, dancing, lock picking, scavenging for lost and abandoned items, and filling in sudoku.
At 5'8" she's tall and a little imposing, muscular and toned as well but her body is sleek and long limbed, and her skin is a porcelain with only the smallest hint of beige or rose blended within giving her an overall pale creamy colour. Blonde so pale also it borders on platinum is cut short, to the middle of her neck- spiky and unneat at their ends. In the clothes department she is careless, wearing what is provided for her in her QZ. Without too much care for dresses, skirts or fine jewellery, she dresses somewhat like a boy her an age or an early teen; teen bopper, is perhaps a good term. Luxury items would be white clean linen, buffalo prints and denim jackets. She is not one to scratch and bite to dress up if it is required, she simply has no particular taste for them but seldom would they need be so seldom as well is she ever in one. Her tastes otherwise are rather plain and simple, opting for comfort and occasionally for quirky novelty.

Feature wise, she has big blue grey eyes, framed with dark thick lashes. Her nose is long and round and button like at the end, and her lips are full; and along with this and her slim face and noticable cheekbones she may randomly appear a tad horse-ish at times. Her face is fresh and youthful, and along with the jackets or long sleeved shirts tied around her waist and her mess of moving hair she is a wild creature, this porcelain doll. Scars trace and indent over her the back of her left shoulder, and closer towards the center of the back...never deep enough still was the inflicter of such wounds to have paralysed her, luckily. And still some light ones trace near the upper inside of her thighs. Meddled with the scars on her back is the silhouette of a long black twisting snake; either hinting and symbolising her state as someone wicked, a sinner- or an individual whom is shedding their skin to become a creature that is something new. Also on each wrist is a running wolf, to symbolise to her, her affiliation and the creature she wishes to always believe herself to be, and a way to always hang onto her family no matter the distance then or now. A tattoo she got still before any hope of her being able to shift again came really into her mind or convictions.

“Perhaps everything terrible is, in its deepest being, something that needs our love.”

― Rainer Maria Rilke

If Janet could be described in one word, her word (perhaps like a lot of women), would be 'complicated.' A little older and hopefully more mature now, Janet doesn't shy away as much as she had from the good or proud parts of people- as they once more presented to her as if they'd have something to hide or no room for such a messy co-existence as hers. She is still cautious, however, the trust issues she carried around previously having more place than ever in the place that the world has become that they aren't questioned or thought of as crazy. Janet's trust issues are still more rampant on various small aspects that most perhaps overlook.

Maternal she holds a bit of a mother hen complex to those younger than herself if they are around her often, almost as if she can not help it. Deeply compassionate as well as assertive and sometimes a little pushy, even with friends, she won't let some things slip. She won't take anyone's attitude as well unless it is deserved, and if the circumstance comes she is one that pushes others back in line. When one has earned her trust and respect she's loyal, maybe to a fault. Not that she perhaps cares, even if it consumes her. There are worse things to live for, and she will fight to hold onto everything and everyone she has with the rest of her being for as long as they want to stay. As one who has had almost a second chance at doing life she's grateful for the hand she holds now even if in the midst of the outbreak. A lot of people have a lot much; she has seen it. And there is little complaint from her because of it, no 'oh woe is me' about what can not be helped only what can with her own two hands.

You Fight in Your Sleep; The Right Side's a Demon, The Left Side is Week

She was born in a litter of four having two brothers and a sister, though only she and her brother Dante survived however since she was young she believed that only one of her siblings had died. Danika, an orphaned pup was taken in her parents Adarsh and Twilight and she assumed that the fae was her real sister and playe and fought with her as such.

Everything had been going along well and sweetly until a natural disaster devasted the forest and they had to be moved out to live in the city. Janet, being the natural born explorer she was had gone out amidst the field of flowers one day and came back with a bunch in her little mouth. When she arrived back at the house, however, they were gone.

Heart broken but being the good little pup she was, she stayed at the abandoned house, waiting to be found. Unfortunately someone else had instead, they had brought her up as a dog or as mutt for a few years. The man was someone who lived on the streets and tormented her for fun. With such madness, Janet learnt to shift much earlier and retreated from him...

And it's Hard Being Human

At this time she had no clear memory of who she was or who she belonged to and so she sweared to herself not to shift into her canine form again and bear such disgracement. In the leaders that approached she was found and brought into an orphan's home and soon enough started getting placed into numerous foster homes. Families that required her to work while they're own children rarely needed to lift a finger. It tormented her so that she tried several times to escape, for some reason back into the forest. Her memory not clear enough to point out the reason why but she could never get away and even if she could she would have to go back...cold, tired and starving. No matter how much she tried she could no longer shift back into her canine form that was so needed to take on the forest. The authorities always brought her back to where she belonged...

Eventually she had gotten herself long away from all the records, they had lost all files on her and she just lived on the streets. Janet was a smart girl, she knew how to take care of herself there admist the chaos of the least she thought she did.

There came a night a strange boy she had seen before was following her around, she was trying to avoid him but in the panic of the moment as well as his gaining on her, she ran into a dark alley (ever smart move). Even with all her fight the wolf within wouldn't emerge, they duct-taped her mouth, her wrists, her legs and drove her away in a black van, and since there were no records or information on her she disappeared off the face of the earth. Her existence tied to the back rooms of a notorious nightclub and an underground brothel.

Your Not An Animal, You're Not An Animal

It was here that one night, after 'working' in the back of a nightclub, a stranger, and soon friend, found her and brought of the place. Her experiences however invoked a strong paranoia within her and distrust towards herself, as well as those around her. She was rather delirious. Rosaline and Milaya, whom she both met that night had brightened her overall dark existence although she was far from resolved with all the issues and baggage she carried within herself. She was welcomed by both of them, to their pack or home.

She still followed Rosa back into the forest, ever curious towards that place as she was, and luckily for her Rosaline didn't mind walking by foot. She soon found her way back, to a pack called Servile Amnesty and paraded around under the false name of 'Tamara,' a symbolic name which meant 'survivor.' Oddly enough there was a male shifter that recognized her, at first she panicked, scared that it may be one of the many faces she saw in the back of the night club. He ably enough called out her real name and what and who she was. All of which, that she hadn't been confronted with, since forever. It did not help however, to see family at such a time especially as she was now and not knowing what else to do she ran.

He followed after her and against a lot of the fight in her they both calmed down, sobbed over one another and embraced. They talked for a while and he soon suggested they visit their parents to share the news and Janet was equally excited, if not more.

Resist Temptation to Forget What You Changed, The Best Part of You

To prepare she went away into the Anris Forest and began to shift... or at least try. Whatever she did, whatever emotion or whatever she tried nothing happened. She remained human. Horrified she felt sick and vomited over a rock. It was there that another wolf or shifter found her and attacked, not being able to defend herself well enough she ran. He caught up to her of course, and continued to attack; practically butchering her up until she was still and bloody.

He had walked away, though strange enough she hadn't died.

Not just cut, bruised and broken Janet bore such shame. Such dirty wretched shame, that led her back out into Austere city. Now, on the occasion that a man would break into her cheap unsecured apartment or held her a bit too close than comfortable...Janet couldn't care so much. She had lost her virginity and any real dignity attached long ago and become a shameful, grimy dirty wretch. No matter how much she has tried to do good and see herself as something valuable, something always comes back around to knock her back down into her place.

If her parents... if her family loved her than surely enough they would not have let her become this, but they had.

Being all the more careless she began to sleep around. Of course, she had such big high lofty dreams and hopes for a place and for an occupation for what she has settled for. Janet had first wanted to be a singer as a child as she heard beautiful melodies carries by sopranos and altos that could so touch a wavering heart or wrench it out of its place into a position that could take on action or rest in a weird sad arc where one would exploit their own grief in grieving with the story and beauty of it's song and singer- but oh she had stopped singing anything whatsoever long ago. Even in sadness it could no comfort her and with the alcohol and lack of any practice she had felt what confidence she had in that gift of hers slip away.

Along with music she had been drawn to law school for some time, it was the goal of her study while she still fortunate to attend high school. She knew musicians did not earn that much money and with a career in law; a place where she could help uphold justice and get a good pay she knew that this could open a large variety of windows of opportunity. Janet did not do so well in school through the irregularity of her attendance as well as depriviation of sleep and old 'habits,' so of course this dream of hers had gone down the drain.

After Janet once knew that she could not do law she simply had the desire to do something practical and hands on. people. Make the world a better place then it was. Comfort and grief over others as well as expel her own well of pain, to share the burden by emptying herself out into her work. There had been a time where she was able to work for experience but nothing sustainable of course, she didn't have enough education, training or resources.

From Taking Your First Steps to Breathing Your Last

Instead of doing anything grandiose she settled for more casual jobs like a waitress or barista at a restuarant or check out at a cashier.

When this wasn't enough... she would perhaps find a bit more cash on a man that would so 'kindly' offer to sleep with her for the night. No heart, no mind, no soul seemed everyone was simply after her body. Perhaps this was why she didn't mind as much; it was only through her body that she could gain some form of love.

I Hope You Take Comfort in All That Has Passed

It's Hard Being Human; You're Not An Animal

Janet cannot shift, at least as of yet. The last time she had would be a long way back in her very early childhood. Things had of course happened, in a way that hadn't been for the best and so as soon as she had her human form she vowed never to shift back again and be treated so shamefully, so humiliated as another stupid 'animal.' And so with her soft little girl's heart she grew strong and determined to find and live a life where she would be treated right. As a human she assumed that she would be assumed and treated as equals with any else out there. Then again, she later found out how wrong she was.

Her trigger was and still is something associated with positivity, family and the things further along that line, however, it is of course something she hasn't felt or found in a long while. Her knowledge of her trigger, her wolf form and any other types of sense and activity that connect to her canine side have by know almost been completely wiped off her mind. It soon became apparent, that in leaving behind her canine half she only became more of an animal; a true caged and broken animal, ripe and ready for the use of man. In exchanging one nightmare for another she's well allowed her dreams, and memories and thoughts on her brief past life fade.

Not An Animal, You're Not An Animal

Unlike other shifters, Janet isn't as well with deciphering who is human, wolf and shifter. Her sense of smell isn't as good as the many who shift frequently or remain in their wolf forms, and for some time all she smelt would be rotten, sickening or preserved. Even if she were to pick up on strange things with her smaller sense of smell she's not the type of person to call out someone on it. Meeting and talking to her on that subject, one may find that Janet might come off as more...offensive.

Still there is a sense in her that she hates shifters for the ability that they possess and that she lacks in. Not that she'd be one at all to admit it. Not that she doesn't have any problems with humans. Her idea of 'perfect' would either to be 100% wolf or 100% human, with some sort of life intact.

Not Anymore

-'Alexandria' has sometimes been an adopted middle name of sorts, that she conveniently made up for herself, when 'Grace' just sounded too out of context.

-Runt of the litter
-Past prostitute and call girl
-Believes in evolution.
-Has never heard of the Guardians.

-Terrible, terrible fear of storms
-Does not like tight spaces
-Typical trust and commitment issues
-Barren/inability to conceive
-Inability to shift
-Appearingly weakened shifter senses from lack of use
-Enjoys her coffee, especially dark rich and strong
-Has a deep love of the ocean
-Occasionally has breakfast food for dinner
-Used to do really well in school, just never finished it, never staying around long enough or having the resources at the time to.
-Loves to smother half the things she eats in ketchup or some other kind of sauce
-Also really loves hot cinnamon donuts.
-Dante, her brother, has always her sole 'heroic' figure in her life, so far
-In combat, her preferred weapon is a riffle.
-Favourite fruit are oranges
-Usually needs or survival driven (-cough- or attention seeking)
-Has a bit of a confusing, mixed view on shifters
-It's not unusual for her to leave messes when going about her daily business but she spends a lot of her leisure time making sure everything is exactly back and in their right place, or arranging and rearranging things.

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