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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Reed Jefferson Whit

Gender: Male

Birthday: February 5th

Age: 95 (but appears 25)

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Timber wolf/ Yugoslavian- French


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Parents: Orion and Ceres
Siblings: Iona, Eos, Itzel
Ex/former spouse: Duska Whit
Granddaughter: Yazhi Beaumont
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As a wolf, Reed is quite large and broad in the chest, with decently sized and muscled legs. He also wears on him a large head and large triangle ears, with some tufts of fur emerging from each cheek. All over, his pelt is covered in grey, with heavy undertones of light brown and gold, the later of these combinations which he got from his mother.

As a human, Reed is fairly tanned in complexion with blonde curly blonde hair and dark brown eyes. In this form he is almost as bulky in his wolf form with a thick chest and thick arms to go along with it. Tall also, he stands at a height of 6'1".

Reed is a rather casual and laid back individual being rather spontaneous more of the time then planned. He's a rather free thinker and is never afraid to step away from a traditional perspective on something, which makes him a rather good listener. Although he's strong and he's exterior can look a bit on the intimidating side, when one knows him they'd know he is more of a goofball then anything else. He does know how to be serious, however, when it is needed.
He was born in a land far off, to a new reigning alpha couple. Their pack thrived in their leadership, especially in comparison to those of the past and they all lived quite happily together as a family.

His father was not born in a line of leadership or said royalty, instead he came in as a loner and the offspring of a travelling rogue and another wolf in captivity. Eventually he had worked his way up to becoming a fair warrior, strong and appreciated in the role that her served. Not that he was head of the other kappas, or noticed above the rest of the group, no Orion had pretty much blended in although the leadership and rules of the pack weren't the greatest. This all changed one day, when the unnoticed quiet warrior found his eyes on a certain special she-wolf. They came to enjoy each other's company quite quickly, however, as she was the fairest in the pack the alpha male also soon had his eyes on her. It was at this point that the quiet unnoticed warrior stepped forward to declare a challenge for the leadership. They fought bravely, but in the end his father won.

This tale holds vital significance, because it is the one that his father would tell over and over to Reed and his siblings with the moral of the story being, 'there is nothing that is unreachable, if you set yourself to it,' and more importantly (more directed at the boys), 'once you find that special one, fight, contribute, and come through for her,' because to do so came before any comfort or assurance of life.

As they got older, his older brother Itzel, took on the role of leadership and of course Reed was offered the choice ,along with the other past pups, to either stay or go out and find their own packs or dominion. On the night that he was leaving, wanting to see the world beyond their borders and perhaps find a mate for himself, there was an awful cycle of cries, growls and struggle. Already some fair distance away, Reed had to race back, of course only thinking that something was not right.

It was then that he found, Windsor, the old alpha standing over Itzel. His father's still and slaughtered body not far off. Reed threw himself on the brute and they both fought, Windsor for vengeance and Reed for both that and to protect his pack and family. He killed the brute then looked over to Itzel and his father. He and Itzel both made their way to their father's dying body, just barely breathing, it was clear that he was holding on merely by a thread all for the purpose to wish his last words to his two sons.

After he passed away, Reed stayed to help with the pack and to get Itzel back onto his feet. Although he was offered the beta position, once again Reed decided he couldn't accept it and the position was passed onto one of his sisters. Itzel eventually noted his brother's desire for freedom and his taste for adventure, as well as the twinge of regret he possibly had at leaving the pack on such a night. Reed was then urged to go out from the lands, on a journey to find and explore the lands he had only been told about before in his father's stories and tales.

It was on one of his own adventures he began to get a series of attacks from the same guy, or two...a man and wolf, that surprisingly enough looked quite similar. He had managed to evade almost all of them, however one time when the man came to wrestle with him, having his gun tossed aside by Reed's own jaws, he clenched down on the man's arm and drained his blood. Their next encounter together, found them both human, although Reed was entirely bewildered by this new form of his he used it to his full advantage to stop the man. In asking what he wanted, and why he was so intent to hunt him down he answered that he was revenging his father, Windsor. It was at this point, so close and so easy to end this man's life that the guy soon laughed and mocked him, that he had a good time doing his mother after she also left the pack, a widow and unprotected. He ripped him apart then and even later, in going back he found that he never found his beautiful mother again. That was the last of the continued power struggle and Reed found that although he valued and held onto all his father's tales, words and teachings he would not so hungrily hunt for either power or revenge. Everything else was atoned for in the deaths of the past leadership; father and son.

With that all over and done, Reed continued on his way, much like his father when he was not tied down to pack, duty, mate and leadership. Reed was a free spirited fellow and he was a free man.

Sometime passed by, and eventually Reed found himself from the wolvern world until the human world, and with his charisma and eager devotion to all he did he soon found himself as an actor and a co-writer with comics. Both jobs didn't find him a great deal of money, he found himself more poor than rich but he still found himself happy. Never imagining himself to ever go into the bigger business.

It was after a bad acting role, or experience, where he found his employers had found ties with the Elegiac and had tried to trick him into coming into a situation where he could easily be captured, killed or taken into their ranks that Reed left the city. Indeed, he only just figured out the whole shenanigan only moments before the trap was set when someone slipped up on their words and Reed found himself journeying again. Never really on the look out for anything more than pleasure, adventure and fulfillment, he hadn't had it in his head to really seek or woe out a girl, but that aspect in his life soon made itself known when he found a rather odd grey and white wolf collapsed on the forest ground in unclaimed territory.

Taking on his sense of responsibility, to take care of others, he carried her weak form over his shoulders and took her to the den he was staying in for now. He lit a fire, took care of her wounds, fed her and they soon found themselves great friends. She told him about her past mate Broderick, and although Reed might have had ideas at first (she being both such a beautiful and intelligent lady) he tried to help her as much as she could get back onto her two feet, recollect herself and life, and find her mate. It was over a year, before they both realized that he must be gone, and soon acknowledging that fact, and finding themselves coming increasingly closer he proposed and she answered yes.

Never had Reed been happier, and being a shifter this life he now had with her lasted long and he also soon discovered that if they never died this could literally last forever.

Much to his dismal, Broderick who had also been searching for Duska had reappeared. Although how awkward as it was he let him stay. Not really working out how things would go from here, if his mate was now going to carry with her two mates or husbands, Reed decided to try and work things out as well as get to know this guy a bit better. Everything had gone well beforehand, they were chasing deer, got one and began to eat a bit before deciding to carry it off to Duska (the slavery of marriage...) when a bear appeared. They had tried to run from it at first, then as foolish as they were and as inevitably bad the situation was becoming they both decided to try and take down this bear. Them both being shifters as they were, they should be able to survive a mere stupid animal right?

After the long battle, there were two bloody bodies on the ground, although that did not at all include the bear. He had only waken up later, perhaps the next day or a few days after that and still found himself alive and slowly healing, although Broderick was dead. He searched everywhere for Duska but she had seemed to have disappeared off the face of the Earth.

For years he had continued searching for her but to no avail. Not knowing what else to do he returned back to acting jobs, comics and a job as a TV store clerk. After a while, he grew...bored. He soon tried to look for and join a pack but it still didn't resolve the loneliness, and the loss he was feeling. He became a rogue again, with perhaps only the slightest idea of joining a pack again, more with a loss as of how to deal with and endure life anymore, when all he had to hold onto crumbled. No Information

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