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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Adarsh Landen Notte

Gender: Male

Birthday: April 22nd, 1984 | Taurus

Age: 49 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Halfblood

Ethnicity: Italian | Greek
Hometown: Austere Island

Favorite Place: Rebori Forest

Current Location: Chicago, Illinois

Occupation: Traveler

Education: Self Educated

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good | Rebel
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Maternal Grandparents: TBA
Paternal Grandparents: TBA
Mother: Adrina Trill Notte
Father: Argento Notte
Siblings: Anakin Notte & Apollo Notte

Significant Other: N/A
Best Friend: Renata Pierce
Children: Dante Notte, Danika Notte, Janet Notte, Larka Pierce
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Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6'0"
James Marsden

In his human form his hair carries the same black color as his wolf fur does. Another thing that he has in common between the two forms is his grey-blue eyes. Adarsh has very broad shoulders and is also decently tall standing an even six feet. However he is a couple inches shorter than his younger brother which use to piss him off quite a bit. Why that was, beats him but it definitely did to some degree. Everything about his features would suggest that he is very hardy and had been through quite a bit in his life which isn't entirely off the mark. For the most part his eyes hold a very fierce look that only seems to soften up around his family or someone that he cares about. Otherwise you may as well just go looking somewhere else for he doesn't really let anyone into his inner circle all that well.

Eye Color: Grey
Fur Color: Black
Size: Large

In wolf form, Adarsh's coat is jet black. This trait is common with the majority of his family, he shares this with both of his two brothers. He is rather bulky in this form and while he may be more around average size then freakishly huge, it doesn't bother him any. While a wolf, his eyes are a grey-ish blue in color. However they can become darker when he is utterly pissed off and usually just one glance at his eyes and you can tell his mood. It isn't uncommon to pick up on this either as his moods tend to be rather basic most days. His legs aren't short, but they aren't long either. Consider them about medium length. They are also a bit stocky, but that is just the kind of body type that he has. Adarsh's coat is rather thick and while it may be so, he doesn't look overly poofy. The guy would probably throw himself off a cliff if he thought he looked like an over sized burnt marshmallow.
On the outside, Adarsh can appear to be a very hardened individual. He doesn't open up to anyone and can be very blunt most the time. No matter what he always will speak his mind, even if it ends up hurting someone. Being stubborn is a quality in him that he can never seem to shake off and if things aren't done the way that he wants them to be done well...then there are going to be some problems. Over the years he has learned to be a little less pushing in getting what he wants. In a way you can almost say that he has mellowed out quite a bit, but this is mostly due to his family. He is very protective over the ones that he loves and he won't hesitate for even a second to help them in their time of need. One thing that Adarsh can safely say that he hates is drugs and alcohol; this is for many reasons. The first and foremost has to deal with the fact that he use to be involved with people who were involved in it and secondly, he sees how it does more harm then good.

There is one thing in particular that everyone needs to watch out for when it comes to this brute and that is his temper. While he generally can keep it under control once you push him over the edge that's it. Nothing in the world can calm him down besides Twilight and with how often she likes to just up and disappear it's not exactly an option to count on having. If she happens to not be around when he reaches that point, he will normally lash out and pace constantly until he regains self control again. Pacing is normally his choice of action though, seeing as it runs through his family it's usually his choice before he even realizes that he is doing it. Lately though he has had a lot more tolerance for stupidity and it takes a lot to piss him off. Unless you either mess with his family or pick a subject that he absolutely hates. It's probably a good thing that he has grown such a tolerance because before that happened, he was definitely a danger to be around.

Adarsh does have a softer side to him though, a side that not many ever get to see. He only shows it to his family and those that he cares greatly for. His younger brother, Anakin, happens to be a rather weak spot for him. While he doesn't know why, all he knows is that he always felt this protective bond over him. Perhaps that had to do more with the fact that he is fifteen years younger than him and Apollo was only five years younger. The two older brothers never really got along all that much but Adarsh feels as if now they do and couldn't be happier about it. His heart has compassion, even if he doesn't show it on the outside so much. Perhaps that is the main reason why half of those he considers his children aren't even his. The one person that he loves the most however, is Twilight and he'd do anything for her. No matter what the cost of it happened to be.

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