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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Palisade Joined: 12-February 13 Posts: 66
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Hi all, I'm Pali. I currently live in the US of A and I'm studying Graphic Design. I normally read, write and RP in my free time. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to talk or have any questions. My inbox is always open.
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Full Name: Ammy Genevieve Matheson

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 16th, 2016

Age: 16

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Gray Wolf

Ethnicity: Irish-German
Hometown: Austere

Favorite Place: Austere Public Library

Current Location: Pending

Occupation: Survivor

Education: Brief stint at Austere High School

Infection Stage: n/a

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
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Maternal Grandparents: Gregori & Sharon
Paternal Grandparents: ???
Father: Kael Firenze
Siblings: Aaron Matheson missing | Dani | Zoey, Gavin & Kenai

Significant Other: n/a
Best Friend: n/a
Children: n/a
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PLAYBY: Nina Dobrev
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown with lighter highlights.

A petite young lady with lightly darkened skin, long dark brown hair, and caramel brown eyes. Her face is slightly pointed which brings out her child-like features. Her hands are small as well and sport long, slender fingers. Physically, she is a slender and scrawny; mostly due to her years in captivity. The clothing she wears is the usual garb that the Elegiac provide. It's usually bland and tasteless which she believes makes her blend into her surroundings even more.

LENGTH: 3 1/2 feet
FUR COLOR: Dark Brown and Cream
MARKINGS: Faint light brown outline that circles her face, neck and stomach.

Ammy is an undersized dark brown she-wolf with a creamy outline around her face and paws. Her eyes are a deep golden brown with flecks of green. Since she is still young and developing; her physical structure is petite and her legs long and lanky. Ammy has yet to grow into her paws, and she sometimes stumbles about while in wolf form. Her coat is smooth but dull due to her lack of hair supplies as a captive. Ammy's cute little tail comes out in a feathery plume; which she often wags proudly.

Bright and sassy are two words that describe Ammy pretty well. She’s a bit of a dreamer that wonders what life is like elsewhere. She’s never been sure who to trust besides her brother and her fiery attitude causes her to get in trouble a lot; which Aaron often has to talk their way out of. She’s very loyal to him but like any sibling; sometimes she disobeys him to see how far she can push the envelope. Spending her whole life with the Elegiac and only having one person to call family, makes Ammy restless to find out if there is more to life than just being a prisoner; wondering if freedom is something she could obtain one day. As a youngster, she is rather naïve and doesn’t understand why she must conform to the rules of the Elegiac; even after her brother explains to her that’s it safer to just do as they say. Despite her living environment, Ammy still exhibits a determined spirit; one that’s hard to break and impossible to tame. Perhaps one day she can break free of her shackles and be able to be herself without being worried that she’ll be pushed back into her place and reprimanded.

A troublemaker she will forever be, for this girl's got spunk. Though she's not generally fearless, when it comes to social situations and happy life experiences, she tends to charge in head first. A real go-getter, she'll do what it takes, for she loves a good challenge. However she tends to grow bored rather easily and will only stick to things if they're her kind of fun. Still rather naive and innocent, she has no idea what love is and kind of things of it like a game. She's been known to wear a smile and act silly even when her mind is elsewhere. She doesn't know how to handle rejection or negative emotions like sadness and hate and will runaway or lash out. Flirtatious and mischievous, you'll normally see her pranking someone or attempting to capture the attention of various men. However despite her light approach to romance, she's rather picky when it comes those she selects as her 'boyfriends' and loves those who want to argue with her. A feisty and stubborn child, she's not all that great at making nice or acting like a lady. Nothing is off limits in her mind and she has virtually no filter when it comes to her thoughts and when she chooses to share them.


Ammy was born on May 16th, 2016 to Alberta Matheson alongside her brother Aaron. However they were promptly given up and soon became captives of the Elegiac, where they were given to a surrogate mother. Once they were old enough to be on their own however, they were separated from the female shifter that had raised them and ended up in separate cells. Thankfully they were always beside each other so they could at least see each other unless they were needed for an experiment. The next few years were filled with pain and despair as Ammy was constantly tossed in and out of her cell. She held the strong belief that her parents were still out there looking for her and Aaron. Still to this day she doesn't know who they really but is determined to find out. It wasn't until April of 2027 that Aaron suggested that they both joined the Elegiac, for protection. The young girl was wary at first but soon agreed.

After joining, she soon became a Hunter in Training and was assigned to a man named Lucifer. He was a cruel and unforgiving mentor and she knew he saw her as an abomination. Not wanting die nor return to her cell, she followed his instructions to the best of her abilities. Until August, the day Tobias was broken out by the director. When told to watch the bleeding shifter, somehow the silence became a casual conversation, and Ammy felt like she had made her first friend. However, things were not to remain so pleasant as Kayla soon appeared and shooed her away. After being called by Lucifer, Ammy found herself in trouble again because of Tobias's escape and to redeem herself and earn her place as a hunter, she had to hunt down and kill the very shifter that she had just befriended. Scared for her life as well as Aaron's, she brought her mentor to where Kayla had taken Tobias.

Ordered to kill him, she went forth to do what had to be done but when she struck, someone else had taken the blow instead. Ammy had never killed someone before, and didn't know how to react when she realized she had just murdered Tobias's adopted mother. She couldn't meet the eyes of the boy she had considered calling her friend after that. The weeks and months passed after that were filled with contemplation and reflection over what she had done. Right after Kayla left the Elegiac, Ammy decided it was her time to leave too. After leaving letters for her friend Lolita and her brother, the girl took off into Austere. Finding refuge in one of the local libraries, the girl lived there for a few days before meeting a human named Carrie. The girl was later taken in by the woman but didn't grow close to her until recently, now calling 'mother'. She's still young and has a lot to learn but at least now she's free; but the price of her freedom might be the one thing that hinders her future.

- Loves Books.
- Has a twin named Aaron.
- Favorite color is light blue.
- Loves Horses, and anything related to Indiana Jones.
- Is currently under the alias Daisy Diana Jones.
- Has a habit of breaking things in an effort to have fun.
- Believes she has to redecorate everything to add her own personal touch.
- Has trust issues towards adults.
- Fears death.
- Is claustrophobic.
- Wants to one day become an adventurer and write about her exploits.
- Intends to uncover everything she can about her parents.
- Doesn't know anything about real life.
- Is allergic to shellfish.
- Has a slight obsession with the sun.
- Believes dating means holding someone's hand.

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