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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Alysia Joined: 28-February 12 Posts: 400
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Reisen Heiler
Basic Information Extended Information
Full Name: Eliora Natalie Notte

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 27th 1990

Age: 43 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Arctic Wolf | Timber Wolf

Ethnicity: Danish | Dutch | English
Hometown: Bornholm, Denmark

Favorite Place: Najak Clearing, Austere Island

Current Location: Boston QZ, Massachusetts

Occupation: TBA

Education: MD

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good | Benefactor
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Maternal Grandparents: TBA
Paternal Grandparents: TBA
Mother: Aaliyah Lacour
Father: Xavier Denuar
Siblings: Abner Denuar, Dalit Denuar, Elkan Denuar, & Genen Brower

Significant Other: Apollo Notte
Best Friend: TBA
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Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'1"
Emmy Rossum

In her human form she still keeps her small size. Standing at approximately five foot one it is easy to tell that she got the short end of the stick. Eliora only weighs a little bit over a hundred pounds but don't let her small size fool you. This woman sure can pack a punch. Her eyes happen to be the same color of brown. This she received from her mother and they are the same ones her sister obtained as well. Eliora has long and some what wavy hair. It's shade is also a deep brown in color.

Eye Color: Brown
Fur Color: White
Size: Small

Eliora is petite in size. Her body is on the smaller side of things; her legs are rather short, but they are not stocky. She tends to take after her mother much more than she ever took after her father. Her eyes are a soft and warm brown. Most of the time people see nothing but understanding and warmth as most of the time motherly instinct fills her. As for her coat, it is a pure white in color. Also it tends to be extremely floofy and think no matter what season it happens to be.
Eliora is a kindhearted individual who always gives. A lot of the time it is her own happiness that is given up. The woman is steadfast loyal to her family and those that she is rather close to; she would do anything for them. While she is respectful of people's space, she is persistent in trying to figure out what is wrong. Still, if who ever it is insists they don't want to talk about it she'll drop the subject and not bring it up until they are ready. That does not however, stop her from being concerned or caring about them. That is all that she ever really tends to do and nothing could ever break her of that habit. She had been brought up to be caring and rather motherly in the way that she handled situations. Often her motherly instincts do come into play and if there is ever a young child in need she will not hesitate to help them and do her best to be there for them.

There is also a rather fierce side of her, but it's a side that is rarely ever seen. While she is kind and helpful, Eliora will not just let people continually walk over her. Eventually she will get tired of it and slam her foot down. She will also do this if a situation comes up and she knows that she is in the right. There is nothing that Eliora will not forgive. No matter what you do to her, she will give you forgiveness whether you deserve it or not. It might not be the greatest trait in the world but she cannot help it. Eliora likes to see the best in others and always believes that they will try to do better. She is supportive, always encouraging to keep others moving forward. Even if she herself feels like giving up she will do her damned best to make sure that no one else does the same exact thing. While until recently, no one had ever been there for her, she was always there for them. It never mattered in her opinion, they mattered way more than her own problems did.

It really takes a lot to get Eliora pissed off but once you out! That is not something that should be taken lightly. Eliora is not one to trust very quickly, in fact there are only a select few that she actually does fully trust. While that being said, she is haunted quite a bit by her past. Things that deal with it bring down her mood quite a bit and any large amount of stressors can cause her to just break down. In other words, she is a little emotionally unstable. Eliora tries to keep on a happy face though and be the rock that others need her to be. Though now a days she finds herself in much happier spirits but that happens to be for one reason alone and Apollo. He brings out the best in her and gives her the peace of mind that she has never had before. Eliora is a very loving individual and is always trying to show that love of hers. No matter what though, she is always and will always be extremely loyal.

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