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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Genen Amber Denuar-Brower

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 27th 1990

Age: 43 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Pureblood

Ethnicity: Danish | Dutch | English
Hometown: Bornholm, Denmark

Favorite Place: Delimi Meadow, Austere Island

Current Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Occupation: Crusader

Education: Some College

Infection Stage: 3

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good | Rebel
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Maternal Grandparents: TBA
Paternal Grandparents: TBA
Mother: Aaliyah Lacour
Father: Xavier Denuar
Siblings: Abner Denuar, Dalit Denuar, Eliora Notte, & Elkan Denuar

Significant Other: Fell Brower
Best Friend: Cosette Pierce
Children: Akai Brower, Bane Brower, Joan Brower, Milaya Brower, & Nehzetca Brower
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Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Height: 5'7"
Jordan Pruitt

In her human form, Genen would appear to look more like a female should then she does in her wolf form. She stands at about five foot seven, so neither is she short nor tall considering her family has a wide range of heights. Genen weighs only about a hundred and forty pounds give or take a few. As said before, she has a light feminine build to her but beneath all of that is a fiery woman who will hold her own no matter what. Having to fight for whatever she has in her life has given this to her. Everything about her suggests that she is a bold individual who isn't about to tolerate someone else's shit. On the contrary, to say she is not a beautiful woman would be a mistake. While she doesn't care to tend to herself to make sure she looks acceptable, she had this natural beauty. Genen has light brown/dark blonde hair that is naturally long and wavy unless she chooses to do something different with it. The chances of that happening however, are pretty slim. While she might of had the classic gold color for her eyes in wolf form, here she has brown eyes. Majority of the time, the only look that you can see from her is a fierce gaze unless she happens to be around someone that she cares about. Not only that, but she is always extremely focused.

Eye Color: Gold
Fur Color: Golden Brown
Size: Medium

While her coat is generally a brown in color, there is this soft golden look to it that illuminates the majority of her coat. Especially when the sun hits it, it almost looks like that of a sunset. It fades from light to dark throughout it's entirety. In some sections of her coat, there are some soft shades of brown. Genen's facial structure is slim and slender, giving her a more noble look. To go along with that, she has piercing golden eyes that just add to her appearance. Here there seems to be more of a russet brown color that blends in rather than the deeper mud color that can be found in the other parts of her coat. Genen might be a female, but her build isn't that feminine like her mother or sister. Instead she carries more male characteristics, such as a bolder build. Her legs are still slender and as far as basic size goes, she is not small but you couldn't call her huge either. If you had to lean to one side or the other, you'd go towards the larger side. Even still her mate had been larger then she was when he had been alive and there are plenty of others who can fit that profile as well(considering most males in the area are ridiculously huge). She has more muscle then anything else on her body and is not afraid to use the skills she's learned and just her brute strength if she needs to.
To put things bluntly, Genen is the kind of person that does not tolerate ignorance. She is fierce and always knows what she wants and how she is going to end up getting it. There is never a challenge that she will let overcome her. Instead she will continually fight it and fight it until eventually whatever that barrier was is no longer there. To those that she does not know or trust, she can be extremely firm and unwelcoming. Not only that but she has an awful temper, one that can easily end up becoming provoked if someone pushes the wrong buttons. The one thing about Genen that you have to be careful of, is she is a grudge holder. If you do something that she deems wrong to either her or her family, she will give you hell for a long time. Genen has a very long memory and therefore she cannot let go of things so well, which is probably the reason she can hold something against someone for many many years. The chances of her eventually coming around and forgiving you are pretty slim, but her mate had helped her calm down on that a little bit.

That being said, her new family with Fell has mellowed her out quite a bit. Where she might of snapped before, she has learned to take a deep breath and try to be civil with things. Not only that, but after many years of being alone, she has learned to love. That love eventually lead her to forgive her sister Eliora after all those years that she hated her and wanted nothing to do with her. While she still is angry at her parents and her other siblings, that hate and rage doesn't control her life like it once did so long ago. There is a gentler side to her, one that is caring and full of understanding. With that in mind, there aren't many who actually receive that from her. It is limited to her small family and the few close friends that she has. Once she has become a friend to you, she will be devoted for life. That is...unless you do something that betrays her trust and loyalty. That is one thing that she cannot and will not tolerate and it has only happened once, which she later learned was just a misunderstanding.

Stubbornness tends to run highly through her veins as she refuses to give up or let someone help her with something. You could even call her a bit prideful, but her pride wasn't nearly as bad as her mate's, Fell. She will speak her mind and if she knows that she is right, she will make sure that she enforces it on whoever is wrong. However, she is also aware of when she should keep her mouth shut, but that doesn't happen too often. Normally Genen knows when is a good time to speak and when is not. After many years of being the alpha of Pariahdom Omneity before she passed it onto her daughter, she developed plenty of leadership skills. Often times, these skills have been brought back up and put to the test. Genen is a very determined individual and very protective over those she cares about, as well as her entire pack. Someone causing them any harm does not sit well with the female and she will make it known one way or another.

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