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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Nehzetca Gareth Brower

Gender: Male

Birthday: 15 July 2007

Age: 25

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Half blood

Ethnicity: Danish, Native American, Scottish
Hometown: Servile Amnesty, Austere Island

Favorite Place:

Current Location: ???

Occupation: Rouge

Education: QZ

Infection Stage: N/a

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
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Maternal Grandparents: No Information
Paternal Grandparents: No Information
Mother: Genen Denuar Brower
Father: Fell Brower
Siblings: Bane & Milaya

Significant Other: No Information
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Children: No Information
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Mexican food
Learning new skills
Pretty brunettes


Asking for directions
Sweet food besides chocolate
Decisions out of emotion that lack practicality


Fixing things
Setting traps, particular elaborate ones
As a wolf Nehzetca has a ridiculously large and sturdy frame, though it almost seems to balance out little under his fur with his height. Over the top of his head, back and a bit of his muzzle is a dark scattering of black and greys, while an almost dark reddish brown highlights his ears and a small section behind his head. The rest of his body glows in a soft light beige similar to that of his mother's, though the end of his paws and his muzzle blend more into a white. He has a rather thick head, with a face that his broadened by the fur that sticks out on both of the sides of his face. Cool but solemn grey eyes, seem to complete his usual reserved demeanour.

As a human Nehzetca stands at a towering height of about 6' 2" and is well muscular with broad shoulders and thick arms. His skin has a fair golden tan that isn't always too evident. His eyes are a bit of a cross of both his mother's and fathers turning out to be a mix of blue and hazel, while his dark chestnut head thick full of lengthy locks are more of his father's in genetics.

At first sight there doesn't seem to be too much to Nehzetca, who is much a quiet old soul. Reserved, calm and observant he has a naturally in-borne resilience to most things that come to heed in life. His strengths in this is he is usually rather adamant and constant, although that may also mean that he can sometimes be one of the types that are also a bit resilient about change. Nehzetca is also particularly gifted at getting what he has in mind done; not one being liked to be strung down with problems or any kinds of baggage it is usually always one of the first things at the top of his list to sort out and fix things, either regarding something he gets himself into, tasks or in helping people around him. Contrary to his belief however, not everyone is always at the top of their game, appreciates intrusion or thinks their own problems are as easy to solve as he might. These things however seem to usually have an expiry date, and after a while, eventually either comes off priority or are almost forgotten about completely. He can sense when something in the air is going to take a lot more time to change. For the sake of peace, there are times when Nehzetca also has to purposefully relent.

A thing that may or may not come as a surprise, as of Nehzetca's character is his hidden competitiveness. There is just something in-built in him from somewhere, perhaps his mother, to 'best' an friend, opponent or someone else for that matter at something. Usually, if an individual has a particular mastered craft Nehzetca will always keep an eye out for them when he is doing the same 'craft' to have something to compare to. Call him out on it and he might just appear a bit dumb or ignorant, not always aware of it himself, he might even think you are stupid, but it will perhaps prove to be just something he needs to admit to himself and get over eventually.

Although he is the type to be calm and reserved most of the times, Nehzetca will not back down from confronting someone when he sees disorder or something wrong. Being a kind of a gentleman he would not do this in a crowd or before any other people, but usually call a person aside to talk. He will also not back down from throwing a punch or a hit IF he sees the need to very briefly knock someone to sense, which of course usually isn't very often. He also occasionally falls into being of the type that sees others easier more than he can see himself, being rather blunt and/or brutal with his honesty at times when the situation almost seems unnecessary, Nehzetca has provoked people before. It is not something that he doesn't welcome for himself though, usually being the type that is open and willing to try self criticism.

Occasionally, whenever the opportunity or individual arises, Nehzetca likes to slyly but subtly play around with other people's preconceived ideas or stereotypes. Either just being unhelpful or offering up some gesture of an 'ice breaker' he doesn't always stop himself from lightly teasing another person when he can. Not that he ever really means any harm, in fact, being quiet a friendly and usually cautious person. He just happens to be one that draws lines where maybe many others usually don't and is a big believer in being able to more likely be able to do the right thing if one can see clearly. He also can see strengths and weaknesses in people, which pushes him to push or call out others. Though it isn't like Nehzetca is absolutely incapable of support and tenderness; he does tend to go easier on the girls.

No Information (Historical gap) Disappeared shortly after Milaya was dubbed Alpha of Pariahdom Omneity and later ended up in another pack, that was almost perfect and he fell for the beta's daughter, though unfortunately he wasn't the only one that had eyes for her. Still everything was almost going about smoothly, they had much in common and it seemed that she was genuinely falling for him to. Though she was really just leading him on the whole time with what he also theorised, another guy. When he found out and became beyond annoyed at the fact, he was begged to stay, but he only just ripped himself away. She was already mated to another male he had come in terms of being acquaintances there with and he didn't want anymore of her games. It may be one of the reasons that some can find Nehzetca to be a little insensitive and/or unreactive to his own or people's feelings.

Likes/dislikes: In terms of movies, music, leisure and arts Nehzetca has a rather particular taste for the darker twisted and more complex things. Not that he has any inclination to practically indulge in it or degenerate into the sorts, but he rather finds a special in look into certain kinds of people and the world, that offers a depth that usually isn't explored. Something that could also serve as a warning.

-Also has a knack for dissembling things and putting things back together. Kind of a hobby, but he tries to respect other peoples' items.

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