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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Alysia Joined: 28-February 12 Posts: 1042
Birthday: 16 August 1993 PM: Click Here AIM: ask me!
Location: Idaho Local Time: Jun 18 2021, 10:04 PM Skype: ask me!
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Enapay Akecheta
Basic Information Extended Information
Full Name: Kaden Hunter Pierce

Gender: Male

Birthday: August 19th, 2006

Age: 27 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Pureblood

Ethnicity: French | German | Norwegian | Scandinavian
Hometown: Austere Island

Favorite Place: Mountains

Current Location: Middleton, Idaho

Occupation: Military Task Force

Education: Military Combat | Army Sergeant

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Lawful Good | Crusader
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Maternal Grandparents: Kaja Vilmar & Ragnar Keese
Paternal Grandparents: Sitis Aindrias & Xiste Aldridge
Mother: Carissa Keese | Renata Pierce (adopted)
Father: Vinko Aldridge
Siblings: Bailee Aldridge, Freddy Aldridge, & Kiera Aldridge

Significant Other: Larka Pierce
Best Friend: TBA
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Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Josh Duhamel

While he is in his human form, he stands at about six foot two. Not too obnoxiously tall, but not short by any means. Kaden has very short brown hair and just like in his wolf form he holds the same brown shade for his eyes. Again, he has a broader build now that he has actually grown up. His skin is not pale by any means and generally seems full of color, but maybe that has more to do with his personality then his actual appearance.

Eye Color: Brown
Fur Color: Brown
Size: Large

Perhaps one of the larger wolves you will come across in the area, not many can top his class. Kaden is rather large when it comes to both of his forms, being in the army did not seem to help this any for it built more muscle mass onto his already large frame. As a wolf, he is brown in color and matches a lot of the colors that you can find in the fall and early winter before the snow hits the ground. While mostly brown, it also holds some tan color to it or is it simply just a lighter shade of the dark brown? Either way it doesn't really matter too much. His eyes in this form are also a very warm brown that always seem so inviting.
While he generally is in a pleasant mood most of the time, there are parts here and there where he gets a little angry or upset. However, Kaden is the type of person not to let things get him down so much and he is always trying to look for the brighter side of the situation. Rather than let something go on that is sad, he'd try to lighten the mood with a variety of jokes, smart ass comments, or just something that is funny. For the most part he can keep his cool, but when it comes to the safety of his mother and Larka he becomes quite protective. This might be a bad thing, but Kaden likes to thing it's not. Aside from that flaw he is generally easy to get along with. In recent days he has developed a little bit of anger issues due to both his time in the army and holding so much emotion in for such a long time. This may pass in time, but it is a current issue that he has to deal with. Kaden hates to see anyone get hurt, and would do anything to protect the ones that he cares for the most. He is loyal and always devoted to whatever he puts his mind to.

That being said, he is very stubborn. A trait that he probably picked up from his mother, Renata. If it's a situation that he is very serious about then almost nothing will budge him. Not even Larka can get him to change his mind on that issue. His mother on the other hand... is more stubborn then even he is and for the most part she wins whatever thing may be about. Another thing about Kaden is that from time to time he can get a bit prideful. He doesn't like to admit that he needs help and doesn't like taking it too often either. However...he knows when he truly does need it and doesn't complain in those situations.

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