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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Alysia Joined: 31-March 13 Posts: 67
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Full Name: Nishka Cardosa Moreno

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 26th, 1350

Age: 683 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Iberian Wolf

Ethnicity: Brazilian
Hometown: Parati, Brazil

Favorite Place: TBA

Current Location: TBA

Occupation: TBA

Education: TBA

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral | Free Spirit
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Maternal Grandparents: TBA
Paternal Grandparents: TBA
Mother: Catalina Moreno
Father: Belmiro Moreno
Siblings: Cintia Moreno Perez

Significant Other: Anselmo Alveres
Best Friend: Madelina Kaminsky
Children: Calisto Moreno
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Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'7"
Jordana Brewster

Athletic ∙ Slender ∙ Scarred ∙ Old-fashioned ∙ Elegant

This dark haired woman stands at an easy five foot seven, making her a rather average height for her gender these days. She prefers keeping the length of her hair on the longer side, not really caring for those "pixie" whatever they are hair cuts that seem to be the in thing. Set with brown eyes, it gives her an almost fierce appearance. Not that she really needs to look that way, but either way it tends to get her left alone. Faint burn scars are visible on different parts of her body, never truly disappeared despite the years they have been there. Built into a slender frame, don't let her lack of build get to you, she can pack a punch. Athletic and completely sure of herself, she is as fit as can be. Let's just say its rather easy to stay the way you want to after years and years of perfecting a routine. While she can, and does like to on occasion, get dressed up it isn't what you would normally find her in. Nishka needs clothing that is more functional to her life style though she still likes class. It definitely varies upon the day and what she has planned but like all things, plans can change and she needs to be prepared.

Eye Color: Brown
Fur Color: Grey Brown
Size: Medium

Lean ∙ Sturdy ∙ Fierce ∙ Self-assured ∙ Mysterious

While her wolf form is now known as the present day Iberian wolf, there was a time where she did not have such a title. Still with her orgins coming from somewhere in the Spain area it really isn't much of a surprise that she fits the bill. The breed was officially established in the nineteen hundreds though has quickly deteriorated due to hunting. A mixture of browns, tans, and even a bit of black everything seems to mesh together nicely. Nishka comes with the standard white colored fur upon her lips and even has some of the darker markings on her legs which are usually used as markers for her particular breed. Not that the girl would ever allow herself to be stereotyped. Her eyes are an off brown like color, getting closer to being almost orange-ish in design. When the sun reflects off of them it tends to give off that look more so then your lighter browns to hazel coloring. They are set into her head appropriately and work like that of any hunter. Lean yet well toned, Nishka clearly is not a growing wolf. Years of experience back up the amount of muscle she has.
Daredevil ∙ Adventurous ∙ Detached ∙ Bright ∙ Quirky

If there is anything that this woman wants, she will do whatever it takes to get it. Not afraid of basically anything there isn't much that could stop her. A bit of a daredevil, if you say she can't, she'll say she will and then will go and do it. May as well call her adventurous as well for looking to find new and interesting things is definitely something she does. Anything for an adrenaline rush really for in her opinion you have to make life as interesting as possible for you never really know how long you have. Nishka considers herself to be distant of other people, not really stopping to consider making long time relations. In the world she lives in not many can make it to the age that she has and therefore it seems rather...pointless to become attached. That being said, it doesn't make her an unpleasant individual to be around and she can make 'friends'. She just doesn't like being extremely close to anyone anymore. Which after losing all those close to you, doesn't seem like too terrible an idea does it?

Resilient ∙ Ambitious ∙ Cunning ∙ Intelligent ∙ Resourceful

Having had excess time on her hands, she has devoted a good chunk of it to various studies. Nishka can speak, write, and understand a multitude of languages and knows a lot about different cultures and religions. When it comes to one thing being her own however, she won't really pick one. Religion is just another study for her and she isn't too sure if any single one is worth her total belief. Nishka believes in them well enough, knowing that at least to some they are true but which group she belongs in she doesn't really know. When she wants to be she can definitely be someone to go to for information. Having seen a lot she knows enough to give advice if she were so inclined. However there isn't a single individual who knows exactly how old she really is. Nishka feels that that information is rather irrelevant in knowing her and besides, age is just a number. The way that she talks sometimes or what she actually does know or has seen kind of gives away to the fact that she is older than your average shifter.

Quick-witted ∙ Challenging ∙ Optimistic ∙ Vicious ∙ Irritant

Nishka loves to speak in riddles and make you work for the information you want. Hand outs she believes make an individual lazy and unwilling to put forth effort into something that they want. Sometimes she'll speak that way just to confuse someone or to protect something that she doesn't want anyone else to know. If pushed too far she has a vicious bite to her words and if pushed even further she won't hesitate to use physical force to get someone off her back. This woman is in great shape and has years to perfect her skills with a variety of weapons. She holds no favorite, choosing to use whatever is readily available to her. Not only does she excel in fighting in her human form but her teeth and claws aren't there for decoration. If it is avoidable however, she will get uninvolved in the situation rather than sit there and try to fight through it. Of course everyone has a weak spot and Nishka tries to keep that particular thing hidden, not wanting anyone to know about it.

When she can, she loves to get involved in anything that has to deal with cars. Consider it a passion of sorts or you could call it an obsession. Either one would do really and she doesn't mind either title. It is one thing that she finds enjoyable about the human inventions, however there are others that she finds just as useful. That one is just one that she appreciates more than the rest and with good reason. Nishka absolutely loves speed and anything that can move quickly and cars are definitely the more easily accessible of the lot. After all it takes a bit more effort to own a bunch of planes just to use for your own pleasure. At the same time she doesn't hold any attachment to these human objects, knowing they are replaceable if she needs to do so. It is because of that that she doesn't mind if others use them or if she gives something away. It's just an object and no matter how desirable, it is replaceable in the end.

Nishka has a deathly fear of fire and of being burned alive. You can thank the Salem witch trials for that one. Alright, so not really but she does fear being burned alive, whether it be by stake or just being trapped in a burning building. Even forest fires have the potential to freak her out if they are too close or are headed in her direction. Due to her knowledge and background in psychology, she has managed to work on this fear to some extent. Your normal little fires such as campfires or barbeque grills she's alright to be around - but there's a catch. Nishka is fine with it so long as it doesn't touch her and she doesn't touch it. That's not to say that your larger fires still wouldn't bother her for she isn't going anywhere near a flame that is large in size.

The second born daughter of Belmiro and Catalina Moreno on April 26th, 1350. Her sister Cintia was two years older than her and her constant friend and playmate.

Cintia married to Santiago in 1366 when Nishka was sixteen and the girls were separated but still kept in close touch with one another.

By 1367, Nishka met Anselmo for the first time and a mutual attraction sparked. He began to court her until they were married in 1369, by which her family was thrilled.

Life was peaceful for them until 1373 when mysterious attacks started happening around the village. Some individuals simply went missing, while others were found murdered or severely attacked. The ones who survived could be found muttering about some kind of strange monster. Though her family was not without joy as she welcomed her first niece, named Judite, into the world.

On the eve of their wedding anniversary in 1374, Nishka was attacked outside her home. Unable to recall most of the events of the attack, the thing that stood out was when she was bit over her heart. Anselmo arrived just in time to ward off the wolf that had attacked her, but was too late to stop the effects of what was already coursing through her body. The healing process took a lot less time than expected, though there remained a scar where the animal had bit.

In 1375 she shifted for the first time and in the midst of all the confusion Nishka tried to return home as a wolf. She was met by her husband who, not seeing that it was her, tried to kill her. Nishka fled from her home until she was able to shift back. When she finally did and returned home, she tried to explain what had happened to both her sister and her husband. Neither of which wanted to believe a word she said. Anselmo took it a step further and started accusing her of going off with other men. The argument that followed was brutal and the beast inside Nishka eventually snapped and she killed her husband without being aware of it.

Shortly after she fled Brazil, trying to forget about her past life, but that became rather impossible when she found out she was carrying a child. Calisto Isabelle Moreno was born on November 7th, 1375 - the woman at that point had fallen back on her maiden name. The two spent many years together, slowly working out this new form of life and all it had to offer.

In 1422, the two moved to England where they began to learn English. That would become the first of many languages that Nishka taught herself. Their stay was not intended to be long however as an individual began taking a negative interest in the girls.

On March 23rd, 1422 Calisto suddenly went missing right before their planned departure. Nishka nearly went mad trying to find her, but she spent months without even the smallest hint of where her daughter might have gone.

Finally on September 8th, 1422 she got a lead. It eventually lead her to Calisto who was being sentenced to death for being a monster by the time she arrived. Her daughter nearly beaten beyond recognition was to be burned at the stake. Nishka did her best to try and free her, but in the struggles she was accused of being the same and with how distraught she was, she found herself unable to fight them off. As the fire started to envelope her, it was a sudden surge of strength and determination that allowed her to escape. It appeared to her that Calisto was dead and there was nothing she could do but flee as the humans started to close in again.

Hatred came over her heart and between 1422 and 1472 she spent her time tracking down all those who had been involved in the murder of her daughter. Nishka took them and every last bit of their family as her captives and tortured them before she finally ended their lives as well. Once the hatred had burned out, the woman became ashamed of what she had done, and vowed never to kill again unless it was absolutely necessary.













Fluent in:
American Sign Language
Currently studying Chinese

Past Occupations:

Seamstress (1438-1450)
Assassin (1452-1502)
Stable Hand
Factory Worker
Military Medic
Social Worker
Currently Working As A Psychologist

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