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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Alysia Joined: 28-February 12 Posts: 169
Birthday: 16 August 1993 PM: Click Here AIM: ask me!
Location: Idaho Local Time: Jun 18 2021, 09:04 PM Skype: ask me!
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starting over is a beautiful thing
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Full Name: Kayla Amelia Everwood

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 29th 2004

Age: 29 Years Old

Species: Human

Bloodline: N/A

Ethnicity: Brazilian | German | French
Hometown: Austere City

Favorite Place: Shayia's Cabin

Current Location: Baker City, Oregon

Occupation: Infected Assassin

Education: Specialized Bitch Training

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral | Judge
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Maternal Grandparents: Illiana & Briar Owens
Paternal Grandparents: TBA
Mother: Shayia Owens
Father: Mavric Everwood
Siblings: Tobias Everwood

Significant Other: N/A
Best Friend: Larka Pierce | Naomi (newfoundland)
Children: N/A
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Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'10"
Camilla Belle

Kayla has a very fierce appearance to her. Her eyes are always immensely focused, they are a dark emerald in color and resemble her fathers exactly. While her eyes may be like her fathers, the rest of her facial features resemble her mother the most. However there is one big difference between the two. While Shayia holds a look of softness and kindness, Kayla is the exact opposite. Her gaze is nothing but immensely fierce and harsh. Almost as if she could just pierce through your soul with a single glance. The girls even hold almost the same hair color and type, though Kayla’s is a little darker. This she also obtained from her father's side of things. A deep brown in color, in certain lighting it could even be considered almost black. Of course that's not what it happens to be at all. Standing at five foot ten, the woman is not on the smaller side of things. Quite frankly in her opinion she is about what an average woman should be.
At first glance, the woman may appear kind and quite understanding but it is quite the mask. She has to make good enough first impression to make sure that she is not being watched. If there is one thing she is, it's very cunning. Being the brighter of the bunch has given her this advantage, but she does not use it for anyone's benefit other than her own. Why should she have to? She deems everyone gets what they work for, so why just go and toss out things that would end up being a benefit for someone else? Not exactly her idea of a good plan. The woman is almost constantly observing her surroundings. If you are to be on top of things then you have to know what is going on and where to strike next. Very focused and attentive, Kayla strives to know every little detail of what is going on around her. More often then not she tends to stand back and be really quiet while a lot is going on around her. To her, this will be her greatest advantage.

While she may do a lot of observing, she has quite the impulsive, daring streak. If something strikes itself as a golden opportunity, she won't pause and wait to find out more before heading on straight first into it. Determination is another trait of hers that tends to show itself quite often. You can count confident in that bunch as well for the woman has an over abundance of it. At times she may come off as a bit cocky as well, though for the most part she tries to keep her true personality from shining out. After all, what good would it do to have people knowing your business? Not very good at all and thus a lot of her life is kept quite private. Unless of course, you happen to be a client of hers. Even then still, they only get information on a need to know basis. Due to her unofficial 'job' the woman is rather heartless. Having learned to shut her emotions off long ago, thus no longer caring about things that a normal person would.

When Kayla wants something done, she wants it done then and there. Being rather impatient about things, she doesn't stand for things taking forever and she will do something about it if that happens to happen. Blunt to the core, she doesn't care what people think and she doesn't care who she has to trample to get where she is headed. Very critical of everyone aside from herself, she will sit there and pick at every little mistake someone has made before she will even think to admit her own. She uses her more "official" job as a cover. After all, if she acts all nice and calm, combine that with being wildlife control, who would suspect you were going around killing some unknown breed and doing everything you can to torture them? Kayla has definitely thought all of this through, making sure to make her tasks as easy to do as possible without getting found out.


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