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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Enapay Akecheta
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Full Name: Emma Willow Pierce

Gender: Female

Birthday: 18 February 2027

Age: 5 Years Old (17)

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Pureblood

Ethnicity: French/Greek/Russian/Scandinavian
Hometown: Austere Island

Favorite Place: Tanver Meadow, Austere Island

Current Location: Rocky Mountains, Idaho

Occupation: Undetermined

Education: Self-Educated

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good | Benefactor
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Maternal Grandparents: Ace & Rhana
Paternal Grandparents: Carissa & Vinko Aldridge
Mother: Larka Pierce
Father: Kaden Pierce
Siblings: Belle, Donovan, Keith, Niko, Soren

Significant Other: No Information
Best Friend: No Information
Children: No Information
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Eye Color: Blue | Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'0"
Miranda Kerr

Emma has not had the most conventional upbringing in regards to her health - and her body shows it to a degree. While she has come a long way from the 'pipsqueak' (as her sister so "affectionately" calls her) she once was, Em is still very small in size, her scrawny and compact frame and dainty paws an underwhelming sight to behold. The little wolf almost looks like a slightly large coyote from afar, her proud build being the only thing that gives away her true nature. Emma's pelt is nearly white, but lacks the full pureness that her mother's possesses. Instead, she has some different streaks of beige, black, and gray outlining her fur in various places, giving her more of a creamy pearl appearance rather than that of a snow white specter.

The most disarming quirk to Emma would be her eyes. Rather than deciding to be one color, the young fae's eyes are two different ones, her right being a bright, piercing blue while the left is a gentle, warm brown. Despite their surprising contrast, her eyes remain kind and inviting, working well with the softness of her face. Her frame holds next to no muscle, though she is young enough that she still has plenty of time to continue filling out. It is very clear that her body is meant for more agile affairs as opposed to the usual fighting and defending that her pack is known so well for. She can sometimes be sensitive about her size, but generally tries to not let it bother her, preferring instead to look to the advantages.

Growing up in a pack known for its occasional roughness and quickness to defend and protect, Emma is nothing short of tough in spite of her unimpressive physique. While she holds a quiet strength to her, it is not as imposing or forceful as her sister's or a few of her more outspoken brother's. Emma's strength is seen more in her actions, in which case less is more. In times when she would normally get upset or feel defeated, she instead chooses to focus instead on all that she has in her life that is good. While she also does have a bit of that infamous Pierce temper, Emma has the patience and ability to pick and choose her battles instead of just going around, running her mouth practically begging for some sort of verbal sparring.

She dislikes arguing about as much as she dislikes any sort of violent act, though when she's had enough she can be known to snap from time to time. This is a rarity from her as normally Emma is rather mild-mannered and soft spoken unless she's around those she feels comfortable. She can occasionally be rambunctious or wound up into a competitive, overbearing mood. Normally though, she is simply just playful and light-hearted, never being one to hold on to anger or sadness, having about a five second rebound rate before she's off getting into something else.

Emma is very sensitive and empathetic, easily finding someway to relate to others - even going as far as to feel their pain or joy in a way. She has always had compassion and readily puts herself into situations that involve helping others that might be in need of someone. She always like to be doing something and never does well with too much routine or mundane tasks. Of course, she has stubbornness issues when she feels a certain way about something, but generally she tries to back off if she knows what's better (she doesn't always though). Emma is protective of her family, but she is especially protective of her twin brother, Keith. While she does not condone violence in most cases, if she is provoked, she will immediately come to his aid in anyway that she needs to. Living a rather sheltered life thus far in regards to everyone wanting to keep her and her twin safe, she does not really know fear and therefore takes more risks than she probably should, but Emma has never let her health or size get in the way of anything she wants to do.

Even her lack of a sense of smell has not slowed her down. Instead, the optimistic fae has found a way to work around it. She has the ability to really see, perceive, and understand her surroundings in ways that few others can; remembering the placement and details of even the most trivial of objects. This has been what has allowed her to at least be quasi successful in most of her hunts. But, her 'lemonade from lemons' attitude has only kept her moving forward and it seems as if it will continue to do so in the years to come.

Born 18 February 2027 to Kaden and Larka under unusual and unfortunate circumstances. - ENFP personality type
- lacks sense of smell.
- possesses a photographic memory and is near hyper observant of her surroundings.

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