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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Palisade Joined: 31-May 13 Posts: 71
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Hi all, I'm Pali. I currently live in the US of A and I'm an english major focused on creative writing. I normally read, write and RP in my free time. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to talk or have any questions. My inbox is always open.
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Full Name: Маделина Степанівна Ками́нский [Madelina Stepanivna Kaminsky]

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 4th, 1806

Age: 224

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Hudson Bay Wolf

Ethnicity: Ukrainian
Hometown: Kerikov, Ukraine

Favorite Place: Ukraine

Current Location: West

Occupation: Marine | Special Operations

Education: Kerikov Village School | Ukrainian Dance Academy

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral | Free Spirit
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Maternal Grandparents: Krush x Giovannia (neé Tomanov)
Paternal Grandparents: Roman x Asiva (née Romanya)
Mother: Arina Ivanov
Father: Afanasiy Kaminsky
Siblings: Igor, Afanasiy Jr., Ivanna

Significant Other: Ivan Petrov
Best Friend: Nishka Moreno
Children: Natalya, Yuri, Ilya | Aiden
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A Shot in the Dark, A Past Lost in Space

Her hairstyle has varied throughout the decades. For the better part of the 1800s, it was long often put into a bun. After moving to the United States in the 1920s, she cut it short into a bob and joined in the Flapper movement. Once that was over, in the 60s she wore it long and loose; in the 80s it was short and curly; and finally now it's in a short chin length dark brown bob.

Her hair color depends on the era, though she was originally born blonde. Throughout most of the 1900s it was a red, coppery brown color. Today, it's a nice, dark chocolate brown and kept short. Her face is heart shaped and she has deep, soulful blue-green like a gypsy. Her chin is slightly pointed, and her ears, small and pert.

M's attire differs depending on the decade. During most of the 1800s and the early 1900s, she wore dresses. In the beginning they were cut just below the ankle, but dress length gradually shortened until it hit the knees in the 1940s. During the 1940s, she started wearing cropped pants and blouses to fit in with the other working women. However, she does prefer dresses, especially the hooped skirt ones, since it's easier to hide weapons in them.

Now she uses straps to attach guns and knives to her person. She can fight in both heels and sensible shoes, but prefers the latter. M is well muscled and flexible due to her history as a ballet dancer. She is skilled in hand to hand combat as well as mixed Martial Arts. M is rather tall and stands about 5'9 and 3/4. With boots she shoots up to 5'11. She often wears combat boots when in fight mode.

M's former attire consisted mostly of the latest fashions, back in the day. Nowadays she predominately does the same thing, but wears a lot darker colors. Many describe M to have a 19th century face, with her piecing blue-green eyes that are enchanting, like a gypsy's, and they'd be right. Her skin is most commonly a lucid white with some darker shades throughout.

And Where Do I Start? The Past and The Chase

Over the years M’s wolf form hasn’t changed much; she is still a very large, very intimidating she-wolf. She’s approximately six feet and two inches long, and stands at a whopping forty inches in height. For a Hudson Bay Wolf, that is slightly larger than the norm, especially for a female, who are more commonly smaller than the males.

Despite her imposing height, her head is average sized and her fur merely medium length. However the rest of her body is well muscled, which includes her shoulders and haunches. With a long sweeping tail and golden white fur, M is an odd sight to behold, especially when you throw in her bewildering blue-green eyes and the darker patches near her rear.

She is clearly well fed and knows how to throw her weight around in a fight if need be. Her legs are a pretty good size and meaty, but still slightly slender in appearance. Her fur is kept neat and free from dirt and leaves most of the time though she cares little about what she looks like in this form.

If she happens to shift into this light colored beast, then you know that she’s probably doing two things: fight or flight. M is an intelligent person that will flee if she knows her outcomes of survival are slim. She is well toned and ready to fight if it comes to that however and her stubborn nature means she will most likely not back down if provoked.

Despite the hair dying over the years, none of that has affected her fur; instead it remains the same, but still rather fluffy and straight looking. More often than not, M appears in her wolf form to intimidate others, often letting her body do the talking since she hates small talk. Her teeth, like many shifters are sharp and menacing, and often appear serrated.

Her paws are pretty hefty and heavy, and she often uses them to prod others when she is annoyed. The few times she had been in her wolf form last was when she was either protecting her son or when she slaughtered the villagers and men from various time periods in her past. With that being said, she does sometimes shift just to get away from her issues for a little while.

Blood has stained her paws, fur and teeth more than once in her lifetime, despite having washed it away, mentally, she can still see the sins she had committed. She has spent her life sculpting and perfecting the form she takes on when she grows angry or just needs to get away. Physically she is very athletic and strong, and prides herself for the years she has lived.

There are very few that surpass her when it comes to that, but the fact her body, though scarred with healed wounds from previous battles, has gone through hell and back in one piece is pretty much a proud accomplishment of hers. Each battle scar is a memory of a fight she has won or survived from, and she proudly wears every single one of them because they make up what she has become: a fighter.

You Hunted Me Down, Like a Wolf, A Predator

M's mind has evolved dramatically over the years, considering she started out as a poor peasant girl in Russia that was only allowed to do what she was told to do. As she got used to shifting through time periods, she took on each of their ideals. So she became more independent, made her own decisions, owned her own land and found masters to teach her the techniques of as many fighting styles as possible, both with and without weapons.

Nowadays she's a little spitfire; she doesn't take shit from anyone. She has honed her skills as an assassin by trade, easily weaving her way through life. Like a gypsy, she is nomadic and can fade easily into the night. She cares not for love and seeks only adventure. She has the heart of a true wanderer, and does not seek to make a home anywhere. She strongly believes in astronomy and philosophy, and pretty much keeps to herself. She doesn't make friends really, because she doesn't want any. It takes a lot for anyone to be even be considered for her respect and she doesn't give it away freely.

Despite being over 200 years old, M is mentally sound and not at all social. She may have had a couple of centuries to develop that skill; but she chose to do her own thing by keeping to herself. Her habits are extreme; mountain biking; rock climbing; sky diving; illegal car races; roller derby; street-fighting and even gymnastics.

She hardly ever slows down, accept to get a couple hours of sleep and eat. M generally doesn't sleep that much, since her dreams are too vivid and morbid, even for her. Mostly her dreams are about her past sins: the slaughter of her village; the deaths of several men between the 1880s and the late 1910s and all the people she killed during her 8 year duration as a Marine.

M prides herself on her physical prowess. her body has been molded into this warrior temple of sorts, and she lives only to find the purpose of living. If she can be sound in both mind and body, then maybe she can find higher enlightenment. M doesn't have a religion, but she does have faith in a higher being, she's just not sure who that might be yet. Her philosophy is that life is generally shitty in the first place, so it's our job as individuals to make a difference. Whether it is big or small, as long as it's good, somehow it balances out the evilness in the world.

She used to be logical in thinking, before she was turned into a shifter. Now M believes that anything is possible; especially when it comes to learning.M's transformation from a simple, docile peasant girl to a strong, independent gypsy wasn't exactly easy; but she'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I Felt Like a Deer in Your Headlights, You Loved Me and I Froze in Time

Love has never been a problem for M, she simply doesn't involve herself in it. Instead, she remains celibate (unless you count the time she was raped and bore the man's child); and she keeps in her mind set that there is more to life than just sex. Sure, she still cares and sometimes shows affection (very rarely, and it's usually an awkward hug or pat on the back) but she prefers to cut herself off from others.

Even when she was human, she knew most people cannot be trusted. Those that could be are rare and even then, M is unsure of what to expect from them. Dancing used to be her life, because it was all she ever knew. As she experienced the world, and adapted to her environments, she soon gained new interests. Reading, writing and arithmetic have always been a bore to her, but her past endeavors have taught her how to much use those acquired skills had.

Fencing, horseback riding, and carpentry have always been her favorite hobbies. Give her a few pieces of wood and she can easily build you a table. M spent most of her time traveling or learning from people indigenous to the lands she visited. Many of them being master artisans, hunters, blacksmiths, bowmen, and even swordsmen. Any skill relatively relating to fighting or self-defense (or just downright useful), she promptly pursued learning it.

The M of today is fiery, resourceful, well-learned and a wise woman, that has learned greatly from her past travels and endeavors. Though her heart still wanders, sometimes staying in one place makes her feel truly free. Despite being blunt, irritable, and shred, she can be a loyal and compassionate friend. You break that trust however, and you might as well be dead. For she won't stop until she's gotten even. And life's never too short for a little revenge.

Hungry For That Flesh of Mine

Madelina was born September 4th, 1806 as Lena Stepanivna Kaminsky, the third child and first daughter of Afanasiy and Arina Kaminsky, a poor Peasant couple that lived on the outskirts of Moscow. Her early years mainly consisted of playing by herself or when her little sister Ivanna was born, they would play dolls together and when they visited the town to shop, they often oohed and ahhed at all the dancers on the billboards.

Her and Ivanna were particularly close and when her baby sister died the following year, she was devastated over the loss. Afterwards she became a relatively quiet child, and decided to practice dance as a hobby, as a tribute to little Ivanna. At five, M was discovered by world renowned ballet instructor Vidia Rominskya, a fifty-something old woman with a rather shrewd attitude.

Soon she was taken from her home and moved into Madam Rominskya’s estate and began to train under her guidance along with eleven other girls around the same age. Upon arrival she was assigned to share a room with a girl named Elina Doromstki who was a year older than she was. Elina proved to be a horrible roommate, believing she was above little M merely because she had a year more of practice.

Despite being quiet, soon an inner rage built up inside of her, and one day while the group of girls were running up the stairs Elina mysteriously feel and broke both of legs. No one was blamed for this and she simply just went away. Soon Elina was replaced by a girl named Ingrid from Sweden and no more instances happened.

For the next few years, M worked on perfecting her dances and appeared in many shows and won media attention in collaboration with that. The more she danced, the more her popularity grew, and soon she was receiving many offers from several different Ballet companies, but Madam Rominskya quickly shooed them away, preferring to fully train her girls until the age of fifteen, where they were allowed to choose for themselves.

Even at age ten, she had a long way to go to be considered a Prima and to win such a prestigious award was an honor among the Russians. Many of her fellow dancers were competing against her when it came to that, especially since M had worked her way to the point that she almost always won the starring role.

In her early teens she was said to be the Mademoiselle of Dance by French Fans and she and the other girls toured all over Europe and even parts of America. The training became harsher and M even had to refuse lunch to remain at the right weight to still dance.

More often than not, she became lightheaded and often had to rest for long periods of time after practice. When she turned fifteen however, she fell during her first show with her new company, and landed on her foot wrong, tearing a ligament. Several doctors came to her and told she would never dance again.

But I Can't Compete with the She-Wolf, Who Has Brought Me To My Knees

With her dreams of becoming a star ballerina dashed, she returned disgraced and without a single penny to her name. Her parents were distraught and wanted to make good of the situation handed to them, so they decided to marry her off. Several suitors came to their doors, offering anything they could for the former ballerina’s hand.

M shooed them all in distaste until very few were left. Her father finally agreed to allow a man named Pavel Kriegan, a German and Russian Farmer who lived a few miles away in a neighboring village. By then M had just turned sixteen and the wedding was set a month from then.

There was no way in the world that M would marry that filthy pig farmer, she had no interest in marrying anyone. None of them suited her at all, they were all just painful reminder of why she was here: because she failed. With the wedding date looming and her mother finishing up the dress, M decided to run away.

After packing all that she could, she dressed her best traveling clothes and whisked herself away from their tiny little cottage and headed down the low path, the one leading to the mountains where she hoped to meet up with the gypsies and join them.

Pavel Kriegan and a few buddies of his were just leaving a pub, all of them drunk and when the pig farmer caught sight of the woman making a break for it, they followed her, easily overtaking her. She was then brutally beaten and raped for the next forty five minutes. And when it was all over, all she was left to die in the field next to the low path.

A few minutes later, a man traveling through wearing a hood and carrying a large walking stick found her and she thought for sure she was going to die. The man leaned in, tugged down the top of her dress a bit before suddenly shifting into a wolf and biting her over the heart.

She couldn’t move, she just stared in horror at the man as he got up and simply disappeared into the dark. It must’ve been a dream, but she couldn’t seem to convince herself of that before suddenly drifting off to sleep. Even in her slumber, her body was still stiff and sore. When she awoke a few hours later, still under a blanket of darkness, reality washed over like a tidal wave.

The memories flashed in her head, and the thought of being vulnerable scared her. M couldn’t be like this any longer, so the next step for her was simple: get even. She focused on her hatred for them, and anger bubbled up inside, feeling like it was going overflow, when suddenly, she felt shorter and somehow one with the night.

All she saw was red as she ran towards the village, howling at the moon and dead set on finding Pavel’s house. Everything after that was a blur; all she could remember when she woke up the next day in her bed was the screaming and all the blood. The blood, there was so much of it!

Even in her bed as she got up wandered around the house. The door was open and on the ground in front of her house were the bodies of her parents, both of them with their throats ripped out, and blood strewn out all over the yard. It was then she touched her face, and realized it was stained as well. What had happened last night?

After cleaning herself up and having a complete change of clothes (her previous set being shredded), she buried her parents and went to check on her neighbors. All of them were dead, not only Pavel but the whole village. The ground was soaked with blood and paw prints.

As she followed them, she realized they led to her house, and to her own bed, instead of paw prints by her bed, there were footprints. She had killed them all, her family, the villagers, even several of the livestock. She was a monster and this was just the beginning of her rampage.

Not soon after the incident, she was found by the man that had bit her the night before, he introduced himself as Ivan Petrova, formally a scientist who too was bitten and turned. He had saved her life seeing that she was at the end of her rope. He had given her a new life with her as predator, the one who called the shots.

Now that she had nowhere to go, he decided to take her in and teach her the way of the shifter. Not soon after moving in, M learned she was pregnant and Ivan decided it was best for them to marry so they wouldn’t arouse suspicion from the villagers and for the child to have a father, even if Ivan was not his biological one.

Three months later, M gave birth to her only child, Ilya Kazimir Kaminsky-Petrova, a healthy young German and Russian child. For the first two years he remained in his wolf form, until learning how to shift when he turned two.

Not too long after he unlocked his human side, Ilya’s adopted father suddenly disappeared from their life. Seeing as their little arrangement was over, M reverted back to her maiden name and took her son to Moscow to start a new life there.

Once in Moscow, M meets Electra Karkarov, a Russian and Greek shifter led a ‘pack’ of sorts. They were called the Black Widows, a group of women that preyed on rich men and once they had them in their hands, they would be murdered and their valuables taken.

In this hierarchy of theirs M quickly earned her keep, and even earned the name ‘Mad Lena’, before taking on the position of Electra’s second in command. Not all the Black Widows were loyal however and when the police invaded their hideout, Electra was killed.

What Did You See in Those Yellow Eyes?, 'Cause I'm Falling to Pieces

M and her son Illya, who was now nine, fled to Switzerland and remained there until her son turned twenty and left his mother to travel the world. In 1843, when Lena was 37, after being framed for crime she did not commit (ironically) she hunted down by the police again in Romania.

So she changed her name to ‘Madelina’, in honor of her days in the Black Widows, before fleeing to Portugal. She remained there until her early fifties, where she made her way to London England. The Victorian Era was in full swing and all the latest fashions were available there.

Once there, she ran into her son Illya, who has since become a hitman, working for the Russia Mafia, and is taught how to defend herself, and how to use weapons. She then becomes an assassin for hire between 1859 to 1920, taking on jobs in Tokyo, London, Moscow, Zurich, and Africa. After deciding that she had become too corrupted, she hitched a ship ride to America and joined a convent, and assumed the name of Sister Madeline Frost.

In 1943, M renounces her nun hood and moves to Ohio and becomes a Crop Duster Pilot, and pretty much spends those few years moving from town to town to find work. Later on during the Vietnam and Korean wars, she served as army nurse. Then in the sixties and seventies she was honorably discharged and soon found herself as a lounge singer in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The eighties, which she had deemed her favorite time period, was spent with her running around after criminals, and being paid for being a bounty hunter. Then from 1988 to 2018 became a carpenter, making several different types of furniture in El Paso, Texas. From 2018-2026, M served in the U.S. Military as a Marine until being honorably discharged in November 2026.

She has since moved to Austere after her son called her up, telling about the ‘packs’, believing she would be interested since she was a part of a similar set up in Russia several years earlier. Slightly curious, she moved there to see if they were similar to Electra’s. Not soon after the initial move, M tried to keep a low profile, after being convinced somehow was following her, she ran off and hid her head on something, later on she woke up with amnesia with a bizarre drunk kid asking her questions.

M presently owns a flat in Downtown Austere, living with her new roommate Ricky and hardly ever leaves home. She especially hates the neighbor Mr. Ward and his cat Mr. Nibbles. The noise and cars are bizarre to her and she hates the weird hairstyles that everyone wears. At least she has finally found a place to stay, if she decides to like it.

Did she lie in wait? Was I bait to pull you in?, The Thrill of the Kill You Feel is a Sin

|Languages|M is fluent in Russian, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
|Nicknames:| M, Maddie, Lena or Mad Lina
Name is pronounced Mad-eh-len-a Ste-fan-neev-na Kuh-men-skee
M's Playlist
01| She-Wolf (Falling to Pieces) by David Guetta ft.Sia
02| Horse With No Name by America
03| Good Girl by Carrie Underwood
04| Live and Let Die by Guns N' Roses
05| Life in the Fast Lane by The Grateful Dead
06| Gunpowder + Lead by Miranda Lambert
07| Cupid's Got a Shotgun by Carrie Underwood
I Lay with the Wolves, Alone, it seems, I thought I was Apart of You

|Former Professions:| Ballerina, Black Widow, Seamstress, Assassin, Nun, Nurse, Lounge Singer, Bounty Hunter, Carpenter, and U.S. Marine.
|Current Profession:| Private Investigator

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