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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Rose Joined: 20-September 13 Posts: 23
Birthday: 17 June 1995 PM: Click Here AIM: No Information
Location: Pumpkin pie land Local Time: Jan 23 2021, 10:13 AM Skype: No Information
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About Me
Pumpkin pie and peanut butter with a glass of lactose free milk.
I study journalism, dream of staring in local theatres and weird film projects when I have enjoy money for an actor's portfolio; also dream of having a regular shift/income job that can pay for coffee, travel and eventually rent. I basically also have a serious obsession with tea cups, Marvel, darker dramas, psychology and things with lace.
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Bengino Numine
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Full Name: Thomas Vincent Thorne

Gender: Male

Birthday: 29th July

Age: 108

Species: Timber wolf

Bloodline: Pureblood, considered to be sired by Fenrir in spirit

Ethnicity: German, Yugoslavian, Irish

Favorite Place:

Current Location:



Infection Stage:

Moral Alignment: Lawful Evil
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Maternal Grandparents: Alexis Dubois, Markus Caravello
Paternal Grandparents: Conrad Baltazar Thorne
Mother: Anita Caravello Thorne
Father: Farrell Thorne
Siblings: No Information

Significant Other: Lolita Stryder Thorne
Best Friend: No Information
Children: Vera Bailey Thorne and Vincent Theodore Thorne, Gita Stryder (adopted)
Tid-Bits Appearance Personality

Whiskey, particular types of guns


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I used to rule the world

Timber brown ∙ Large ∙ Muscular ∙ Broad ∙ Deadly
A large brute, long in the length of his torso and his legs. Thick shoulders, thick neck; large ears. A boulder, a beast; a true wolf among sheep. Though one surrounded by minions he is the minotaur among them all that make those that know the rumours and whispers on their breathe shiver in their fur. He is ancient in appearance, not in the way of weariness of the old but in the ancient colours and strokes upon his pelt; Black, dark greys and metallic silvers from the top that melt down into brown and copper, and then white and beige over his underbelly, over his paws. The eyes he has as a human are they same he bares in this form, a bright or chilling blue.
Seas would rise when I gave the word

Tall ∙ Brown hair ∙ Steel Blue eyes ∙ Imposing ∙ Intimidating
As a man, Thomas bears all the striking and over-boding features and characteristics of a god. Imposingly tall -as if something more seeing and powerful than some natural thing built of blood, flesh and bone- he stands at 6'5", a giant, with a whole artillery of expertly chiselled hard muscle. Strong thick arms, stronger thicker chest. He is a rich golden bronze, perspiration upon his hot brow gives his face a dewy fresh and rugged sorta look. Longish sandy brown hair about straight on his hair. Striking bright sky blue eyes. Hands that are large and can be both kind and gentle, or hard and cruel.
Now in the morning I sleep alone

Superstitious ∙ Confident ∙ Controlling ∙ Dogmatic ∙ Charismatic
From his upbringing, since he was brought into the world, Thomas has been raised to believe that there were only two things in life had was brought on earth for; one, to be the next Daybreakers heir and two, to master himself spiritually, mentally and physically. -c-
Sweep the streets that I used to own

Generous ∙ Elitist∙ Restless ∙ Inquisitive ∙ Self-assured
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1923-1939 | The Beginning
Thomas was born exactly five years after the war. His father though already well aged and battled only having the son that would rule in his legacy now, business and the war keeping him on call as well as the two later miscarriages that followed the death of his infant daughter. Thomas would grow up in Germany, as the family had found themselves already and were raised. Mostly all life was mediocre and un-interesting, apart from class gossip, the play of power and competitiveness among the boys and that one cute girl in the class that the boy couldn't take his eye off. Then come towards the end of the year as a sixteen year old, a singular story was aired across the world; World War 2.

1940-1945 | The War

1946-1955 | A loss that he would never recover from

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