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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Vera Bailey Dubov

Gender: Female

Birthday: December 14

Age: 8 years old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Mackenzie Valley x Timber


Favorite Place:

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Infection Stage:

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Adoptive Father Viktor Andrei Dubov
Adoptive Mother Bridgette Hanna Dubov

Biological Father Thomas Vincent Thorne
Biological Mother Lolita Maite Thorne
Half-Sister Gita Aracelli Stryder

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Height — 5’9”
Eyes — Gray (Blue with Green)
Hair — Golden Brown
Play By — Liana Liberato

When people think of the two words ‘pale skin’ put together in a sentence they automatically think of a ghost or dead body. In Vera’s case however, her pale skin can only be described as a porcelain doll’s in radiance and just as flawless as one. Her skin isn’t too pale, but just with the right amount of blood flowing through her body that surges to her cheeks when she blushes or laughs too hard making her face turn red. Her naturally rosy lips are full and plump, when she smiles it’s from ear to ear and is one of the most intoxicating things about her with innocence written all over her face. Even when she isn’t smiling, but so much joy is filled in her that anyone can easily tell just by looking into her beautiful emerald eyes just how happy she was. Without even saying a word it always surprised people how easily she could smile only using her soulful and innocent eyes. Just like they show happiness in several different expressive ways they also easily showed when she was angry, sad, confused etc etc. Whoever had came up with the saying: “Your eyes are the windows of your soul,” they must of had Vera in mind.

Quick Witted. Charismatic. Impatient. Forward. Short-tempered. Resentful. Intelligent. Loyal. Resourceful. Ambitious.
Some would describe Vera as an ‘old soul’, because she behaves much older than her actual age and even then what she appears to be. Not a fan of being alone she enjoys the company of other people and is very charismatic and hold herself in a respectful demeanor. She gets along with others quite nicely and cherishes her friendships, until she sees it pointless to carry on the relationship. Vera is just as honest and forward as any young being would be at her age. She will say what exactly is on her mind and whether she feels what you’re doing is right or wrong, to her standards anyways. Whether she actually cares or not really depends. It’s rather hard to tell with the young shifter where her morals lay. She really doesn’t have a say in them really. She is mostly out to look out for herself and what will be best for her and benefit her in the long-run.

Growing up in an abusive home Vera is stubborn and strong-willed. She will stand her ground and play mind games, if it has to come down to a fight, she’s not afraid she has gone through much worse. She had always been very intelligent and wise, many wouldn’t believe she is only four years old. When her adoptive parents weren’t abusing her she’d escape to her books it didn’t matter what they were about, she’d read them until she’d fall asleep. Everyday she’d read a few new books and some were science so she’d have her own science experiments in the alley since she wasn’t allowed to be with others her age.

Patience is a virtue, Vera’s parents would always tell her this when she was younger and wanted things right away. Well, she never took it to heart and doesn’t live by the saying, “Good things come to those who wait”. In her mind, it must have been a saying from a lazy person who no ambitions. She goes after what she wants and will not wait for anyone’s permission to do so. Being as impatient as she is and short-tempered, Vera gets exteremly anxious when she is forced to wait for things and may sometimes throw a little tantrum and this isn’t your typical toddler fit, no, nothing like that at all.

Avril Lavigne - I Always Get What I Want
Stromae - Papaoutai
Lindsay Lohan - Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)
Skylar Grey - Invisible
Mika - We Are Young (Kick Ass)
Mika - We Are Golden
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