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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Rose Joined: 9-January 14 Posts: 9
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I like theatre, films, doing fun things, eating and other similar things.
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Full Name: Gita Aracelli Stryder

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 13

Age: 5 years (appears 15)

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Timber wolf

Ethnicity: Yugoslavian, Spanish, French
Hometown: Austere Island

Favorite Place: The ice cream parlour on the boardwalk

Current Location: Salt Lake City

Occupation: Surviving

Education: Home schooled

Infection Stage: Early stage two

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
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Maternal Grandparents: Frank and Helena Stryder
Paternal Grandparents: Orion and Ceres Whit
Mother: Lolita Stryder Thorne
Father: Reed Jefferson Whit
Siblings: (both half) Vera Bailey Thorne & Vincent Theodore Thorne

Significant Other: None
Best Friend: Doesn't have friends
Children: WAY too young!
Tid-Bits Appearance Personality

Olive green, beaches, peaches, frangipanis, cartoons, candy


Loud sounds, really mean people, being alone, coffee, smelly farts, broccoli


Fishing, making cheap jewellery, pretending she has a bunch of crazy fans or friends, practising her handwriting
Playby: Nicole Gale Anderson

I never see the forest for the trees

Short ∙ Impish ∙ Tanned ∙ Lithe ∙ Curvy

Hair: Thick wavey ashy gold-brown hair with coppery undertones in the strands that make the hair brighter in the summer and warmer, sunnier months. She really loves her hair, in the days that she's been really sick and pale it's a pride and joy that still lets her believe that she's lovely. Gita keeps her hair shorter these days, in a long bob, which she still sometimes ties up behind her into a teeny pigtail.

Eyes: In colour they are a light caramelly brown which can appear to shimmer in certain lights. In size they are big and deer like, adding to her cuteness. There is a lot of softness in her eyes, and sometimes if you can catch her out alone by herself you could maybe spot the terrified sense of innocence in her as well. Of this odd world she's found herself in, almost completely alone.

Skin:A bit more calloused around her hands and feet, and a bit rough as well on her arms from itching it's otherwise mostly soft, smooth and a bit dry. Her Hispanic heritage has given her a lovely warm olive natural tan.

Build: Standing at 5'1" she's rather on the small side of things to be completely honest, physically she doesn't make up for her height either; being rather small, sleek and slim. She does have muscle though, you can give her that, just not anything that makes her appear lumpy or threatening at all. In fact it's all rather slim itself, the muscle, much quite like the bodies of dancers except a bit more malnourished. Although rather lanky she still has a slight and pretty feminine shape to her with a small waist, a set of hips that curve out and slightly broader shoulders.

I could really use your melody

Slender ∙ Long maw ∙ Beige-Gray ∙ Silver eyes ∙ Agile

Fur: A combination of white, beige, creams, copper and gray.

Eyes: Unlike her human form, as a wolf Gita's eyes are a beautiful and intriguing silver. Although young, the level of thought and understanding that dance in those orbs are often enough that one can depict that of an ancient soul.

Build:Not the biggest of wolves she borders a bit more on the smaller side of things still, having about the same amount of muscle and lean, slim appearance though except this is a bit more smoothed out and hidden a bit by her all her fur.

Baby I'm a little blind

Sweet ∙ Spirited ∙ Sympathetic ∙ Sensitive ∙ Martyr
Put simply, Gita is a very sweet, very kind soul. If ever given the chance she pretty much looks after others better than she looks after herself. Humble, sensitive and occasionally a little shy, she's not the strongest of foes and she doesn't always wear the bravest of faces. One very honourable or admirable thing about her however is her inability to give up. No matter how grim things get she will not stop trying to find a better perspective to hold about it, some course of action or a way out. She will continue trying, no matter the likeliness of achievement but out in this wilderness it perhaps isn't even bravery - it might just be the only rational choice seeing as to where she has fallen, she's not always given that many options. Sympathetic, she's can be rather sensitive to the pain of others and so likely enough can not take in the sight of too much pain or dead bodies at any one time. Going through a battle torn area is something she'd avoid as much as possible. Though she would do anything for the ones she loves or cares about, or any good and innocent soul.
I think it's time for you to find me

Witty ∙ Funny ∙ Resourceful ∙ Loyal ∙ Afraid
Though as intense as some of her ideals maybe, especially still in this world, it isn't all seriousness. Gita's a rather witty, humorous girl from around the block. A lot of it, perhaps comes from her optimism, or her stubbornness to let herself feel down. In that regard she tries not to take herself too seriously, and wouldn't mind making a spectacle of herself if it could cheer another person up or make their day. She's resourceful and intelligent, or at least tactful to still be making it this long but not in the sense that would make her at all capable of manipulating other people. In fact, she can really come off more as an oddball at times, as she hasn't really ever made many friends that just liked her for her in the past, besides maybe her human.

She has a bit of a complicated history surrounding her past. Her father was an century old shifter whilst her mother was a human that had been turned by one by another man, a jealous powerful possessive man that forced the change onto her.

Her mother had fled from that man the moment she had a chance in the prison of their home, without looking back, and around then had she meet who was to be Gita's father. The one that she would never meet.

Not too long after Gita was born, her mother began working for an agency that would avenge others like herself. It worked solely against the existence and being of shifters, the dangerous beings that had destroyed her life. Gita, as adorable and young a thing as she was, of course, was still rather unfavored in such an environment and later to increase the productivity of their employee and spare the burden of the child or thing themselves, a person sent her away and her mother was lied to about her whereabouts. To this day she doesn't know if this was actually a direct order from the group to separate her from her mother or a small act of mercy.

Still unable to shift, she was still a pup and as such when she was later found by some humans she was taken in as one. And rather raised as a dog, which she oddly enough didn't seem to mind. Her foster family were very fun and loving, and she loved the little girl that she spent most of her time with very much. Things may have actually continued as they had for much longer, until she stayed a few days at one of the girl's friends houses when they wanted to travel away somewhere for vacation. The girl was Ammy, a shifter, but although she sensed something familiar about her she didn't really know what it meant except that the girl could understand what she said. She ended up leaving that house one day however, when one of Ammy's friends came by. She liked this friend of hers so much that she pretty much just up and decided to follow her all the way home, talking and probably annoying her happily all home. She smelt a lot like her mother and a bit like herself, which made her continuously ask her about her 'pretty lady'. Apparently she didn't know her though, but at least she led her to this other cool place called Delphian Arcane, which was a pack she soon became apart of. Funny thing also, was she later found out this girl to be her sister. -c- No Information

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