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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Jay Joined: 29-February 12 Posts: 45
Birthday: 15 July 2000 PM: Click Here AIM: No Information
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Other Characters: Milika
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I enjoy writing, drawing and other various forms of art. Currently going to school for my early childhood education so I can be forever surrounded with children! (no, I am not a masochist lol)
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Full Name: Krystal Azure

Gender: female

Birthday: July 15, 2016

Age: 16 years

Species: human

Bloodline: n/a

Ethnicity: Scottish, French
Hometown: Austere City

Favorite Place: the Grand Canyon

Current Location: Seattle, WA

Occupation: scavenger

Education: some high school

Infection Stage: uninfected

Moral Alignment: true neutral
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Maternal Grandparents: George Nielson & Opal Strong-Nielson
Paternal Grandparents: Leo Azure & Siobhan McBride-Azure
Mother: Hillary Nielson-Azure
Father: Michel Azure
Siblings: Kyle Azure, Louis Azure

Significant Other: none
Best Friend: none
Children: none
Tid-Bits Appearance Personality

mountains, animals, fashion


speaking, strangers, heat


sketching, daydreaming, exploring
Play-By: Elle Fanning

Build: Krystal has thinned out in her adolescence, and is on the petite side of the spectrum. She stands at a small 5'2" which often leaves people mistaking her for a child.

Hair: Long and blonde, her hair falls just past her shoulders in soft waves. It is thinner than it used to be, though she still has plenty enough. More often than not she keeps it braided so it can stay out of her face.

Eyes: A pale, crystalline blue, her eyes are something special. Though her face has filled out, her eyes have retained a large, doe-like appearance.

Despite all the trials life has thrown at her, Krystal has remained an incredibly caring individual. There is nothing she wouldn't do for those she considers friends. The teen is kind, almost to a fault, though she refuses to let people believe she is walked over by others. Those who voice such concerns are met with an incredulous look and are then quickly informed that just because she is kind does not mean she is taken advantage of. This care does not come easily anymore, however. Krystal has grown very distrustful of those she does not know, and it takes a great amount of time for her to truly warm up to someone.

Anxiety has reared its ugly head in recent years, and affects a lot of how she interacts with the world. While she is still bright and optimistic most of the time, she occasionally succumbs to the voices telling her she's not enough, that no one out there truly cares about her. Not that she would ever voice such thoughts to others, lest she become a burden to them. This often leads to her being extremely quiet and withdrawn from those around her, and sometimes even from those who she is closest to.

Following an older brother by three years, Krystal was second born to Michel and Hillary Azure. They lived a quiet life on the outskirts of Austere City, with a pet wolf that would later reveal himself to be a shifter. The couple had been harboring him for years, shielding him from the Elegiac as best as they could. The organization eventually caught up with them, however, and came after the shifter. In capturing him, they also took Kyle and Krystal captive. The siblings were separated and tested on extensively, Kyle until he was turned into a shifter.

In a place of fear, Krystal latched onto the first person who showed her any degree of kindness. Her bond with Kayla grew over the following months, to the point that the woman helped her and Kyle reunite. Life in the Elegiac wasn't simple, but it was at least livable... until the organization crumbled. Krystal was returned to her parents, but her brother disappeared into the pack lands.

She tried to maintain some level of contact with Kayla, but when the opportunity arose in the year 2028 to try and get her muteness healed, what minimal contact they had was completely severed. She moved to Texas with her mother and new baby brother, their father staying behind to try and locate Kyle. In Texas, it was found that the girl was not mute due to physical disability, but an anxiety that had never been realized. She began therapy with the hope of learning some degree of spoken language.

Unfortunately, before she could really get anywhere, unrest began to stir. The small family quickly uprooted and made their way north, eager to find sanctuary. They found it in the way of a small quarantined city, which welcomed them well enough at first. Unfortunately, once the higher ups realized Krystal was mute, they began to worry she might be a burden. She proved useful enough, but always felt as though she wasn't truly welcome.

It all went well enough until the summer of 2032, when she got a small cold. Already on edge and already wary, the higher ups decided that she should be sent out of the QZ. Krystal went willingly, and refused to let her mother and brother come with her, convincing Hillary that she needed to think about Louis' safety. She spent the next weeks learning how to survive on her own, and how to avoid the roving bands. When her cold cleared up she attempted to return to the city, but was denied entry. Unwilling to put her mother through a second goodbye, she quietly left and made her way into the world. No Information

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