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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Sevi Joined: 9-March 12 Posts: 328
Birthday: 15 July 1993 PM: Click Here AIM: No Information
Location: Servile Amnesty Local Time: Jan 23 2021, 11:21 AM Skype: No Information
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Full Name: Bane William Brower

Gender: Male

Birthday: 15 July 2007

Age: 25 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Half-Blood

Ethnicity: Danish/Native American/Scottish
Hometown: Austere Island

Favorite Place: Vesbel River, Austere Island

Current Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Occupation: Former QZ Patrol Officer

Education: Military Perparatory

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Crusader | Lawful Good
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Maternal Grandparents: No Information
Paternal Grandparents: No Information
Mother: Genen Denuar Brower
Father: Fell Brower
Siblings: Milaya & Nehzetca

Significant Other: Rosaline Capulet - (girlfriend)
Best Friend: Dante Notte
Children: Isla Palmer - (adopted)
Tid-Bits Appearance Personality

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Eye Color: Blue
Fur Color: Gray
Size: Large

Standing at about 43 inches at the shoulder, Bane is a very large wolf, and easily one of the largest wolves in the packlands currently with the exception of a few others. His coat has a base of gray, being darker on top with a lighter underbelly. Various shades of browns, blacks, and creamy whites litter his body in fine marks, making it easy for him to blend with his surroundings when he is hunting. His fur is on the thick side,leading him to have a rather handsome 'scarf' around his neck and broad shoulders. His legs are long and muscular with big, light-colored paws at the base.

Bane's ears are bigger than average but do not appear awkward on his already great head. The wolf's muzzle is long, proud, and bold - taking on a look very similar to his father's. Despite his large appearance, the young brute's face is kind and welcoming, his eyes speaking volumes of intense patience; said eyes are a striking blue-gray that always seem very focused on something. While Bane can appear menacing looking when he wants to, he is generally a happy and calm wolf that doesn't always act his size.

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6'2"
Taylor Lautner

In his human form, Bane retains his large size. Weighing roughly 194 pounds, he stands about 72 inches off the ground and shows signs of maybe growing even taller in the coming years. Unlike in his wolf form, Bane really takes after his mother in appearance. His skin is tanned like hers and he also has the same golden-brown eyes. The only difference is while hers shows a level of intensity, his bears nothing but a focused patience. However, the minute Bane is angered, his eyes will spark frighteningly and he will become a force to be reckoned with. It is not hard at all for him to appear intimidating in this form, though he would rather not.

Bane keeps his father's hair color with it being a very dark brown with it appearing almost black. It lightens slightly in the summer, but it isn't all that different than its normal shade. His frame is slim and very muscular, but he isn't one to showcase this. Bane is aware of his strength and size, he doesn't try to make everyone else be too. His legs are longer than average, hinting more at his future growth, and they can look rather awkward at certain angles but Bane doesn't care. His facial features are sharp, but there is also a welcoming gentleness to them, making it easy for others to approach him. His preference is to be in his wolf form.

I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon

Independent ∙ Strong ∙ Brave ∙ Confident ∙ Serious
    Fiercely independent and recklessly brave, Bane is not someone one would expect to have many insecurities. But, he does. Raised mostly without the guidance of his mother and father has lead him to often have conflicting and contrasting viewpoints, not always knowing the right way to handle a situation and constantly questioning himself afterwards if he had made the right decision. Despite his occasional moments of insecurities, Bane does have strong confidence for the most part and seems to emanate it to others. He is normally a rather open individual is tries not to keep secrets, but he will sometimes keep his own feelings and emotions on the back burner for the sake of remain strong towards those that look to him for guidance. He is well aware that he is a role model to many and takes said titles very seriously.

I feel there is nothing I can do

Optimistic ∙ Persevering ∙ Helpful ∙ Leader ∙ Self-Sacrificing
    Speaking of serious, while he can sometimes be a stoic, that is usually just a front he puts up in times where he needs focus on a task or situation that calls for his clear judgement and leadership. Normally, Bane is usually pretty lighthearted and will search for reasons to make others laugh - preferring to see people happy rather than anything else. He is naturally optimistic and always tries to persevere even in the face of difficulty and darkness. The only time he ever falters is if he ever disappoints or fails anyone that he cares about. If such a thing is the case, then will more often than not go off to be by himself where he can process through his feelings without worrying about others seeing his moment of weakness.

    in progress....

 photo tumblr_mla116X72k1rkdk00o1_500_zpsef26152c.gif
Bane was born on the 15th of July in the year of 2007 into a litter of five pups. His family was nothing but warm and peaceful in his puphood, and Bane can only recall happy times whenever he thinks back on it. He was the smallest out of his entire litter and was therefore sometimes made fun of for it. But, his sister usually stuck up for him and he always appreciated that from her. Bane was very close to his father and would often find himself following him around even when none of his other siblings would. Fell never told him not to, therefore Bane developed many of his father's mannerisms at an early age. However, he had his mother's temper and that would only grow more prominent as he got older.

In his few months of life, Bane did nothing but play, laugh, and learn. But, those times were unfortunately cut rather short when one day in late August, a dangerous forest fire struck the lands. Everyone was so panic stricken and he was by himself at the time. He fought his hardest to get back to his siblings, but he was just too small. Just when he thought that it was all over, his father came bounding forward and picked him up by the scruff. It was clear by the frantic look in his eyes, that he could not find anyone else. Together, father and son made it out of the forest and took shelter deep in the caves Gloaming Cliffs. They stared there together for about a month and a half, and it was there that Fell taught Bane pretty much all that he knew, even how to shift. But, Bane was too young to actually be able to do it at the time. As often as they could, the two would go out and search for their family, but it had appeared that everyone had fled the packlands during the fire, or perished under the flames.

That did not let the two determined brutes give up, however. Even still they never stopped searching and one day, they eventually came across their family returning from the city. Bane was discouraged to find that Akai and Joan were missing, but at least Nehzetca and Milaya were all right. He was pleased to see that he had grown a bit bigger in his time away from them as well, but he was still the smallest. While his parents both seemed concerned for the two other missing ones, they did not let it dampen the mood of their reunion. Unfortunately, one day while Bane was out playing by himself, he came across his father running as fast as possible, his eyes wide and frightened as if he had seen a ghost. Bane couldn't help but follow him. Fell told him to go back, but of course he didn't listen. Eventually his dad told him about Akai and how he had been murdered by a pack memeber of Grandiose Retaliation and that he was going out to search for Joan before a similar fate happened to him as well. Bane being who he was, demanded to go with him, and Fell really didn't have the heart to tell him no.

They were not gone for too long before Fell finally gave up the search and stated that Joan was dead. They had searched for a month and there was no sign... there wasn't a chance. The two brutes returned home with heavy hearts, and their once large family of five pups turned to three. After a little bit of time, everyone grew to accept things as they were. Before too long, Bane and his siblings were all one year old. Unfortunately, he was still the smallest. Having his father's determination strongly within him, encouraged Bane to go out and prove himself to his pack and his family. Perhaps then he wouldn't be looked at as the runt anymore. Therefore, he went out on a hunting expedition all by himself. He was so focused and caught up in the hunt that he did not notice that he had trailed his prey into Servile Amnesty lands until the aggressive and dangerous Alpha Female showed up and demanded that he stay. The pack was already small enough and Bane knew that she would probably attack him if he disagreed with her. And, being the kind-hearted brute that he was, Bane couldn't help but bring forth his help when it was needed. So, reluctantly, but willingly, he agreed and was from then on out a Servile Amnesty wolf.

Not long after that, he got news that his father had been killed by a black wolf named Apollo. Bane was so overwhelmed with grief that he never allowed himself anywhere near his old home. Instead, he put his entire focus on the new pack he was in to distract himself better. And, it worked quite well. Things were very hard in the beginning. Rose was bitter, harsh, violent, and cruel. Not only that, but she often scared away loners before they even had a chance to contemplate joining. Bane was determined to never get on Rose's bad side and would work incredibly hard to build muscle on his frame and get bigger. Slowly, but surely, it was beginning to work. The pack he was in remained small, until one day two wolves showed up that would soon become a big part of his life. Dante and Danika. The three of them clicked pretty fast and Bane soon found himself hanging around them quite often and soon he considered them both good friends of his. Life was fairly easy going in Servile Amnesty, but Bane still worked very hard in more ways than one to prove himself and rid himself of the runt label.

Fifteen years later, he had accomplished his goal. Bane was one of the largest wolves in the packlands. To this day, he doesn't quite know how he made it possible. In the many years that had passed, the pack had shrunk to about three. Rose and Xalmen had both up and left and thus left Bane and his two close friends, Dante and Danika all alone. Things were already not looking good for the three of them being as how Dante had developed a terrible addiction to both drugs and alcohol. He and Danika were both on his ass about it constantly, but that never seemed to change anything. One day, he was out on the beach and came across Dante, high off of god only knew what, about to sleep with a woman that he did not know. Eventually Bane learned that her name was Rhana, and she as quite a bit older than Dante. After some heated words, they were able to get Dante back on his feet, but Bane had just about had it with his friend's addictions. He forced him to stay in the packlands in hopes of that keeping him out of trouble, but of course that never worked out.

Bane learned that right quick when only a little bit after the encounter with Rhana, he came across his friend smoking in the middle of the packlands. Not only was that hazardous to himself, but that was also hazardous to the environment. Of course, that just about did it for him and before too long the two got into a heated argument that eventually developed into full-fledged fighting because Dante finally lost control over his temper and his rage. Bane had no choice but to overpower him and throw in into a tree, causing him to hit his head pretty hard. It was enough to knock some sense into him, but it also unfortunately broke a couple ribs. Thankfully, Danika showed up shortly after that and was able to help them both, but Bane came to realize that they were going to fall a part if they did not have someone to lead them. Their pack was hardly considered one anymore. So, after making amends with Dante, he set out on a quest to find someone that would be willing to be Alpha of Servile Amnesty.

His journey was a long one and eventually, Bane found himself at Nomos Cliffs. It was quite rocky and dangerous there, but the determined young brute still kept going. That was, until a rock slide from over head fell down on him and crushed his front paw. Already weak from lack of hunting, Bane could not get the rock off from his wounded paw and was soon trapped. Thankfully, shortly after he gave up, his mother, Genen came across him and was there to help get the rock. Bane could not believe it was her, and the two shared a joyful reunion. But, it did not last long considering he was still seriously wounded. After a bit of talking, the two soon set out to meet up with his aunt in hopes that she would be able to help his injury. When they finally reached her, Bane could not be happier that he was finally seeing his family again after all this time. It was quite relieving. He spent a great deal of time with his mother after that, but eventually he knew he needed to return home. When his injury was healed enough, Bane set out on his search. However, being with his mother reminded him of the Alpha blood that ran strongly in his veins and thus, he came to the revelation that he had known who the Alpha of Servile Amnesty was going to be all along. Him.

When Bane returned, he claimed the lands as his own, and began to work on restoring order. It wasn't too hard with only two pack mates, but eventually more and more members began to show up. It started with Rosaline. There was something about her that reminded him of Rose, but he did not pry. Shortly after Rosaline came Archor, and Bane soon allowed him to be his Beta Male. He was a strong wolf and quite dependable. Not long after that, Archor's mate, Arianna joined the pack as well and soon Servil Amnesty grew from three to six. Unfortunately, Rosaline did not stick around and they were reduced to five members, but it seemed as if they all got on all right. Things were quite peaceful until Xalmen decided to show up and challenge him. Bane, who was strongly against anything violent, refused his challenge. Xalmen apparently did not like that one bit and soon left as well. It didn't effect them at all, and the pack just continued on, thriving better than before.

Things were peaceful enough, until one night while Bane was settling down, he heard a howl requesting entrance into his territory. Not willing to let just anyone into his land, he howled back stating that he was going to come meet them. What he saw when he reached them... disturbed him greatly. His aunt Eliora, Adarsh and four other faces that he did not recognize at first were all there, but soon enough, he caught sight of his mother... unconscious and bloody; as well as another girl he did not know in a similar state. The one who had howled was someone he did not recognize at first, but knew that he knew her from somewhere. Before he could dwell too much further on that, Eliora briefly explained the situation to him and Bane let them all in without even thinking twice about it. His mother was near death, and others that he cared for were hurt It was the least he could do. Thanks to his aunt, he soon learned that the reason why they all were the way they were was because they had broken into the Elegiac to rescue some girl from Grandiose Retaliation had been captured. Thankfully their mission had been successful, however it appeared that hardly anyone had gotten out of it unscathed.

At first, things seemed relatively all right... until he came across a brute that he immediately recognized as his father's killer. Before he could get too filled with rage, however, Eliora explained to him briefly what had happened, but wouldn't tell him the whole thing. Apparently that was his mother's job. To keep himself from getting all worked up, Bane went into the den where he mother was being kept and stayed by her side and until she awoke. Bane was beyond relieved to find her that way, and the two shared a nice reunion once again. They discussed matters on his sister and also about his own position of Servile Amnesty. She also helped clarify what Eliora had not completely told him about Apollo. At first Bane was confused and reluctant to let go of his anger towards the brute that he had felt for so long, but eventually he managed to do so. Shortly after that, they were momentarily visited by his father. Bane had a feeling that was his way of letting them know that he was still watching after them even after all this time. It was here that Bane learned his father was the Guardian of Love. Not much else was discussed between the two before everyone settled down for the evening.

Tragedy struck the next morning, however when Bane awoke to Apollo telling another guy that the girl they had fought so hard to save the night before had lost half of her brain function through the night. Immediately after that, all of Grandiose left them as well as Eliora and Apollo. Soon it was just him, Dante, his mother, and her friend. Bane soon recognized her as Cosette and the two waited around for a while until Genen awoke. After a little more time of her regaining her strength, she and Cosette left as well and Bane promised that he would see them again soon. From there, he then set back to work on building his pack back up and making sure everyone was strong enough to avoid having done to them what was done to Grandiose Retaliation...

In no time at all, another year flew by and within that year, Bane had gained more experience as Alpha. His pack was still the same as it had been, but at least they were all in one piece. Unfortunately, it appeared that Danika had gone missing. Discouraged by this, Bane felt that it was time to see who all was still around and what all they should do. Things had grown quiet. It was time for a change. Calling a pack meeting, only three came. Archor, Arianna, and Dante. Bane tried his hardest not to let that discourage him, but he still felt quite uncomfortable that once again his pack number was depleting However, that did not stop him from assigning tasks for some of his packmates. It was great news to learn that Arianna was expecting, but that kept him from giving her anything to do except for preserving her strength. Dante and Archor, however, were each assigned an important task. Dante was to go into the city and see how things were going with the Elegiac and Archor was to head off to Grandiose Retaliation and see how all of them were fairing as well. Bane himself was going to head over to Pariahdom Omneity and meet his sister for the first time in sixteen years. He could hardly believe it had been that long. Everyone seemed to have a task and for that he could be thankful.

Well, once the meeting ended, Bane set out to see her, but was a bit put out to find out through Cosette, the Beta Female, that she was not there. Bane decided that he would come back later. The next day, he came across a lone she-wolf howling in his territory for no particular reason. After a brief discussion with her, he soon learned that her name was Lyra and that she wanted to join his pack. Overjoyed by this, Bane immediately set to work learning about her and eventually accepted her in as a Delta Female because of her strength and apparent loyalty. Servile Amnesty was slowly making a comeback... Shortly after that, Bane was finally reunited with his sister as she came into his territory a couple days after he let Lyra in. The two were overjoyed to see each other and it was immediately agreed between them that there would never be any wars between their two packs considering they were brother and sister and loved each other. How could there ever be a war when their love was enough to keep everything together?

It looked to him that Danika had finally shown up again too. His pack was thriving once more. With things seeming to finally be working out, Bane can't help but be relieved. Peace has been restored between the three packs and all seems well. But, the young brute can't help but get the feeling that perhaps something big is just around the corner. Who knows? Only time will tell...

- ESTJ personality type 'The Guardian'
- has a weak left front paw/ hand from when it was crushed by a rock slide when he was younger.
- has a slight, barely noticeable scottish accent to his voice. more noticeable when angry.
- is not nearly as trusting as he once was.
- hates the word 'always'.
- headphones weird him out
- is still a virgin.
- has a desire to one day work in law enforcement, however his current duties prevent him from doing so.
- allergic to beets and shellfish.
- does not always show affection, but secretly loves a good bear hug
- prefers to sleep alone in his own den because he jerks and moves around a lot. terrible bed buddy.
- favorite food (besides deer -cough-) is apples.
- loves to swim.
- has acquired an unexplainable appreciation towards roses.
- doesn't particularly care for chocolate.
- hates laziness and judges those that do nothing very severely.
- follows his instincts more than his heart or mind.
- when it comes to human food, he can be pretty picky.
- has little control over his emotions despite the front he puts up.
- has frequent dreams about his father.
- hates driving anywhere.
- doesn't know too much about technology as he has spent his entire life in the wild.
- girls scare him.
- sometimes wishes he could just be a regular wolf.
- is naturally paternal towards children
- secretly wants a pet cat.

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