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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Apollo Luca Notte

Gender: Male

Birthday: 5 February 1989

Age: 43 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Half-Blood

Ethnicity: Italian/Greek
Hometown: Austere Island

Favorite Place:

Current Location: N/A

Occupation: Diagnostic Neurology

Education: MD

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good | Benefactor
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Maternal Grandparents: No Information
Paternal Grandparents: No Information
Mother: No Information
Father: No Information
Siblings: Adarsh Notte

Significant Other: Eliora Denuar Notte
Best Friend: No Information
Children: Lilly Notte
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Eye Color: Yellow
Fur Color: Black
Size: Large

Tall, dark, and lean are probably words best used to describe Apollo. While he is strong, his body is more lithe than bulky, the majority of his muscles being in his shoulders and legs. Said legs are quite long and that is where he gets most of his height from. Despite his near lanky physique, his chest is deep and his shoulders relatively broad - hinting at his closeted strength and muscles. Fur as thick and black as nighttime covers his body with no hint of any sort of blemish - his brothers and father all share this same trait. He would probably blend in perfectly with darkness if it weren't for his eyes.

While his pelt might be the deepest shade of black, his eyes are a very bright and distinctive yellow, from afar, and with the reflection being just right - it could look like two perfectly aligned stars are staring you down. He has a very intelligent, but kind face; suggesting his true, caring nature. Apollo's muzzle is long and narrow, only adding to his clever features. The only flaw he has are a few lightened lines on his face; his scars. He has two that run parallel to each other across his muzzle in a horizontal direction and one that rune vertically down his forehead, over his left eye, and down his cheekbone. When asked about them, he is usually casually evasive.

Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Copper
Height: 6`3"
Hayden Christensen

Apollo is almost a clear reflection of his wolf self in his human form. The only differences being his pale skin and gray eyes. Again, he is tall with hidden muscles, standing at about 6'3" off the ground and weighing roughly 187 pounds. He is relatively lanky in the legs, but his back and arms are heavily toned and muscular. Apollo's skin is on a bit of the pale side, but not to a point to where he looks like he's ill - just perhaps that he doesn't go out in the sun enough. The same unfortunate, yet almost intriguing scars remain on his face; in fact, they are even more visible as he doesn't exactly have fur to hide the definition of them in this form. However, he has very attractive and distinguishing features on his face with a bold chin and nose and bright, expressive eyes.

Apollo's eyes are a little bigger than average, but they don't really take away from his looks - more so enhancing them. They are a pleasant gray, almost an imitation of the sky over the sea after a storm. His eyes are very intense, suggesting at the deep emotions he feels inside. His hair is a dark golden, almost copper; and ot gets rather wavy when he chooses to grow it out. Though, most of the time Apollo prefers to keep his hair relatively short.

Apollo has changed a great deal over the course of his life. Once he was aloof, temperamental, unsympathetic, and contemptuous. Really the only thing about him that has stayed consistent is his ability to feel things very deeply and be pretty heavily effected by them. There was a time in his life where it felt that nothing he did ever turned out right, leading him to develop depression and have a rather pessimistic view on things. His solace was music as it seemed the only thing he could create with his natural virtuoso talent that he had complete control over. He has a rather vast knowledge on music, its theories and many genres. Even though his cloud of depression has faded and left, whenever he is down about something, he can often be found off to the side somewhere playing his guitar and some of his own compositions on it. He also enjoys singing and playing a few other instruments like the piano and french horn, but the guitar is his most favorite

While his emotions and love of music have stayed with him, one trait he has developed over time is his empathy and desire to help others. In his mind, a way to make up for all the destruction he had caused in his past is by helping anyone who could be in need of healing, whether by something physical or emotional. Even though himself can be emotional, he is able to hold and keep his own in check so as to be able to make room to help others process theirs. Apollo has extensive understanding in medicine and the psyche, leading him to be a good contender for someone who just needs somebody there to aid them or give them a push through life. Apollo's promise to himself is to always help others avoid the path that he once took.

It may come as a surprise with how empathetic and patient he is, but Apollo is actually a very skilled fighter. Many unfortunate affairs in his earlier life kind of forced him to be. He does not like to use his abilities unless he needs to and will more often than not refrain from using his claws to solve issues. He almost never loses his temper, only ever coming close when someone he cares for (especially his daughter and mate) is threatened. He used to be someone that kept all of his troubles off to the side and in a drawer, but as time has gone on, Apollo has learned to talk through everything with those that he loves; he knows now that in the end that is what will truly lead him to feeling happy and safe again. Apollo is not exactly a fan of crowds, even within his own pack, and can sometimes close up into his 'shell' when there gets to be too many people around him. It's a bit of anxiety issue he is still trying to work through, but it has definitely improved over time. Whenever it flares up, he generally tries to keep it to himself.

He once was guarded and very slow to trust others, but now he is willing to give everyone he meets a chance until the prove they aren't deserving of it. He can sometimes be a little slow to forgive, never wanting to put his family or himself in danger, but ultimately his big heart leads him to dismiss whatever it was that had lead someone to wrong him. Apollo is still independent after having lived a majority of his life on his own, but he is slowly learning to let others help him when he needs it. He is still pretty bad at it and usually only his mate, Eliora can get through his occasionally stubborn head. Independence is not the only trait he picked up while he had been alone; living on his own for so long has caused him to learn many things and thus Apollo is highly intelligent and very knowledgeable on many different subjects in both the human world and wolven one. He enjoys intellectual conversations and has an answer for just about everything. He absolutely hates being wrong, and in the rare occasion that he is, he will still usually try to get the last word in.

Apollo's history is too fat. - ISFP personality type.

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