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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Name: Jay Joined: 13-September 16 Posts: 1
Birthday: 9 September 1995 PM: Click Here AIM: jessi_jay913
Location: Canada Local Time: May 26 2020, 12:57 PM Skype: jess_megb
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I enjoy writing, drawing and other various forms of art. Currently going to school for my early childhood education so I can be forever surrounded with children! (no, I am not a masochist lol)
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I wish I was brave enough to love you
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Full Name: Milika Jane Schmidt

Gender: female

Birthday: September 9th, 2011

Age: 21 years

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: turned shifter

Ethnicity: English, German
Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Favorite Place: the ocean

Current Location: Southern USA

Occupation: unemployed

Education: high school

Infection Stage: 1

Moral Alignment: chaotic good
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Maternal Grandparents: William Taylor & Jane Brown-Taylor
Paternal Grandparents: David Schmidt & Lena Fischer-Schmidt
Mother: Ashleigh Taylor-Schmidt
Father: Edward Schmidt
Siblings: Liam David Schmidt & Keeleigh Lena Schmidt

Significant Other: none
Best Friend: Jeremy Anderson
Children: none
Tid-Bits Appearance Personality

daisies, astronomy, strawberries


birds (especially owls), abstract art, beef


reading, stargazing, solving riddles
Playby: Taylor Hill

Hair: long, brown and slightly curly, Milika's hair can be a difficult thing to tame. Most of the time she settles for a quick brush and letting her hair fall over her shoulders, but occasionally it will be thrown up into a ponytail to keep it out of the way.

Eyes: Milika's eyes are sea-green in colour, and are vastly expressive. If eyes are the window of the soul, hers are wide open and very easily read.

Build: standing at 5'4" and of a slim, but curvy build, the young woman is fairly average in appearance. She carries herself in a way that is neither intimidating nor cowering, preferring to let her personality be her more distinctive feature. Milika is slightly underweight due to the difficulties of survival, although usually attempts to dress in a way that hides this little detail.

Strong willed and feisty, Milika is as stubborn as they come. The young woman refuses to let anyone boss her around, and isn't afraid to let someone know when she feels like they're doing so. She is very opinionated, and will loudly proclaim said opinion regardless of the consequences. Of course, if it is something that will get her into trouble, the woman is smart enough to have an escape route planned. The only thing that irks her more than being bossed around is seeing others get pushed around, particularly by those who think themselves above others. She cannot resist standing up for someone, and will do so before truly thinking the situation through.

As stubborn and impulsive as she is, she is actually quite intelligent. Prizing her wits above friendships, she never really learned how to connect with people (thank god for Jeremy). Social interactions are still difficult for the young woman, especially as she struggles to find her place in this ever-changing world. Of course, that feat is made far more difficult by her blatant refusal to fit into the molds handed to her by society.

Second born to Edward and Ashleigh Schmidt, Milika had a promising future ahead of her. She and her brother (her senior by thirteen months) were an inseparable pair, and knew they could conquer the world together. He was the only one who put up with her antics, and was quick to swoop in and help when others her age picked on her (much to her dismay). She was no less protective of her big brother, however, and wanted nothing more than to have him by her side forever. A baby sister came when she was seven, and while they were never nearly so close as she and Liam, she was fiercely protective of the littlest one.

Jeremy stumbled into her life in grade 7. Transferred to Vancouver from the Southern States, he was quickly swarmed by everyone. His interest was drawn not to those who flocked, however, but to the one who seemed disinterested. Of course, when he finally started talking to Millie, he found she was not giving him the cold shoulder so much as just genuinely uninterested in friendships. He pursued her regardless, until the ever stubborn Millie eventually found herself calling him her friend, and eventually her best friend.

Fast-forward a few years, and we find a family torn apart by natural disasters and the whispers of a pandemic. At 18 years old, Milika had no idea where her siblings or parents were. It was only by luck she found Jeremy before fleeing Vancouver, never the see her family again. As they tried to make their way south, hoping to find somewhere safe, they ran into a most dangerous band. This was the first time Millie ever saw her friend shift, and had she not gotten so injured, she might've spent a long time chewing him out. Instead, though, they escaped the altercation with blood pouring from wounds she wasn't sure she would survive.

When she passed out, she thought she was saying goodbye to Jeremy, but she woke up. He explained that she had been turned and what that would mean for her. Too confused to be mad, she simply went along with him and they continued their trek. As they went, he explained that he had grown up not in the Southern States, but on Austere Island, and what all that had entailed. Life wasn't easy, but the pair of them made it work. More recently, however, Jeremy has gotten ill and all signs are pointing to the mysterious spreading illness. He's since tried to convince her to leave him, but she refuses, sticking with him despite the risk it poses.

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