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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Full Name: Cosette Geneviève Pierce

Gender: Female

Birthday: 15 November 1990

Age: 43 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Arctic Mix

Ethnicity: French - Scandinavian
Hometown: Corzon, France

Favorite Place: Enath Hillside

Current Location: Chicago, Illinois

Occupation: N/A

Education: Self-Educated

Infection Stage: N/A

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good - Benefactor
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The she-wolf's body is on the smaller side of things, and quite agile. However, her thick white coat can make her look bigger than she actually is, especially when she is pissed and her fur is on end. Her legs are a bit short, but her body is long and relatively muscular, but not bulky like her sister, Renata's. Cosette's eyes are a piercing light green, with an intense depth to them. But, they always carry a slight melancholy haze in them, giving the impression that she is searching for something that she cannot find.

Her face is small and petite, and her muzzle is actually rather short for a wolf. She isn't the most dangerous looking thing, but she can put up a fight if she has to. Cosette's tail is long and elegantly feathered. It is an enigma as to how she is able to keep her coat so white while living in the forests and hunting in the dirt. That is one thing she will do at times to blend into her environment when hunting. She'll sometimes cover herself in dirt and dust so that she could blend in with the surrounding atmosphere. Hunting is done much easier this way. Because she is so light, it is very hard to hear when she is approaching. That is why Cosette has such an advantage in the aspects of surprise.


The Shifter, in human form, stands at 5'4" feet off of the ground. Even as a human, she is a bit small for her age. Her hair is long and golden and spills over her shoulders, falling almost to her mid back. It grows immensely fast. Cosette's skin is fair and pale, almost as white as her coat when she is a wolf. Her eyes are very large and a greenish-blue. Her eyes are so full of emotion and thought, that they are almost impossible for anyone to read.

The woman's body is full and decently muscular, however it isn't all that intimidating, and far away it can actually appear quite childlike. Cosette weighs about 125 pounds. That is a rather low weight for someone her age, but she only ever eats when she has to. Her hands are small and her fingers are quite nimble.

Though her past wasn't entirely the greatest, Cosette is a kind and outgoing individual. The woman used to be rather shy, but as she has gotten older that has changed. Cosette has manners and will therefore hold her tongue if what she has to say isn't the nicest thing, though she will sometimes be brutally honest if she absolutely has to be. She is a very accepting she-wolf and will never turn anyone away that might be in need of something. She feels things very deeply and is very passionate, therefore it is very hard to get rid of her once you get involved with her. Though she can sometimes be a bit of a push over. Despite that, she has decent leadership skills and is not afraid of speaking out if she has an opinion. This skill has probably developed over time from her being the Beta Female of Pariahdom Omneity for so long. She is highly protective of the ones she cares about. Unfortunately, Cosette is the kind of she-wolf that likes to know what's always going on and can sometimes come off as a bit nosy. She doesn't mean to be, but the woman cannot stand being left in the dark. It only makes sense though considering she is rather high up in the ranks. It is really hard to lose her as a friend, for she is a bit too quick to forgiving. She can be hurt several times, and still forgive the person no matter what.

Cosette is also rather fickle at times and has trouble making up her mind. This has always been a habit of hers since she was young, and she hopes that as she continues to age, it will be easier to decide on things. Her devotion and loyalty is unyielding. While she isn't exactly stubborn, she is heavily devoted to anything that she commits herself to. After the way things went when she was younger, Cosette has developed extremely high morals and is rather virtuous. She is also very genuine and when she says something, she means it. Though if it is something offensive, she will try to sugar coat is slightly so as not to hurt the feelings. She does not like it at all when others are upset. Even if she doesn't know someone well, she will do her best to make them feel better if they are troubled about something.

Cosette is a very motherly figure when it comes to that aspect. The woman is extremely kind-hearted and caring and great company to keep. Though, there is a dark presence about her that she keeps hidden within herself that only few people know about, for good reason. This isn't exactly a good thing, for she can sometimes come off as quite secretive. This irritates her son, Poet to no end.

Cosette was born into a litter of three other pups on the day November 15th, 1990. Unfortunately, her mother, Olette died upon moments of her birth. Her father, Khan was utterly heartbroken by this and found it almost impossible to move on. However, as he gazed down at his new litter, he discovered that he had a daughter... a beautiful baby daughter that was an exact clone of his wife. At that moment, Khan knew that he was going to raise the child to be the best that she could be. Even with his three new sons, he made it obvious that she was the favorite among her litter. But, the boys being as they were, hardly cared at all. In fact, they had been raised to think that Cosette was some kind of miracle child and pretty much everyone in the pack worshiped the ground she walked on. With her being there, it was as if they all had Olette back in a way. The late she-wolf had been so kind and virtuous and was highly respected among them all. With Cosette around, it seemed to ease the grieving process quite a bit. The young she-wolf didn't mind this at all and grew knowing nothing but love, attention, affection, and kindness. Eventually, Khan, being the alpha of the pack at the time, knew that he could not lead it alone for it had grown to be quite large. And thus, he found a new mate in a bitter and conniving she-wolf that went by the name of Taryn. Wanting to continue his legacy, he finally convinced her to make pups with him, though she did this grudgingly. Cosette did not mind this at all, she was exciting to her that she would have new siblings. Though, she had developed a strong bond with her brother, Asher, she longed to have a sister. A part from Taryn, Cosette was the only female in the pack and it tended to grow rather lonesome at times. Taryn was cold to her and at first Cosette was not sure what to make if it, but the persistent young fae still helped her during her pregnancy as much as she could. Before too long, it came to be time for Taryn to birth. Cosette was fully prepared to help her along with this, but the older she-wolf had fled. What she had been up to, the young fae had no idea what to think, but after a few days, she and her father soon returned with just one baby. A female. Cosette finally had her sister.

At first, Cosette was excited by this, however that soon fell away as Taryn treated the baby with anything but kindness. She wanted to name her Claudia which meant 'lame', but Khan chose to name the newborn after his mother. Renata. Taryn was never kind to Renata and neither were Cosette's other siblings for whatever reason. And, because of this, Cosette discovered that it was okay to be mean to her too. As Renata grew older, the teasings and tauntings grew worse. It didn't help that her half sister had developed quite a temper and would go off on her as well. It didn't take long for the two to become quite resentful of each other and thus, Cosette and Renata kept their distance from each other. Renata would just be off on her own, or out with Kahn II occasionally, while Cosette spent a great amount of time with her father. Kahn taught her more about the mannerisms of being a proper she-wolf. In her pack, she-wolves were raised to think of themselves as mere property of other brutes and therefore could be treated however the males chose to do so. Cosette was not happy about this one little bit and would often protest. She grew envious of her free-spirited sister who could get away with being opinionated. She unfortunately had no such luck. Despite his love for her, Khan would not have her rebellious attitude one little bit and to teach her a lesson, he set her up to begin seeing this one brute named Nighteyes. While Cosette was too young to really be courting yet, she still was to spent a great deal of time with this attractive dark brute. In doing this, Khan could only hope that the two would eventually fall for each other. It all depended on time... Well, time went by and Cosette had grown rather close to Nighteyes, though she tried to hide it so as not to end up falling for the trap her father had set out for her. She would often try and distract herself by just seeking out Renata and picking on her. Her sister did nothing but get into fights with other brutes and cause problems, therefore it made it quite easy for Cosette to take her pent up irritation out on her. One day, however Renata took things too far when she herself was frustrated and attacked a brute that was younger than her, almost killing him. This enraged much of the pack and she received quite a beating from both Khan and Taryn from this. But did it stop there? No. After Renata was left alone with her wounds, Cosette decided that something had to be done about her. Cosette was rather cunning back then, and in her mind she came up with quite the brilliant idea of just taking Renata out in the middle of a blizzard and leaving her there to freeze. Of course this would not be easy, her younger sister already did not trust her for anything. That did not stop her though from pretending to try and make amends with her. It was not easy, but eventually little Renata reluctantly believed her and Cosette soon offered that they start a game of hide and seek. However once Renata went off to hide, Cosette just walked off back to her pack, thinking that she had done them all a favor. However not even an hour and a half had gone by before she found herself consumed with guilt and hatred for herself at what she had done. Unable to bare it any longer, the white she-wolf turned around and went off to try and find her sister before it was too late. While Renata was still alive when Cosette found her again, the damage had still been done. The broken pup was going to hate her sister for forever

Cosette apologized over and over again, but even still Renata did not budge and the girl soon found herself falling more into Nighteyes than she ever had before. Despite her young age, the two soon began a relationship. A few years passed and in those years, two of Cosette's brothers had died. Asher being one of them. The fae was broken hearted, but knew that there was nothing she could do. Khan II had just walked out on them all. Their once large pack had begun to slowly shrink. Renata was hardly ever around, though Cosette often saw her around some older brutes. To her it liked like her sister was... up to something, but the she-wolf had learned to leave her alone and would therefore not pry. But, unfortunately, Renata was up to something. Something that involved Cosette and her attempted murder. It happened on a day like any other. She was hardly a part from Nighteyes, but at that moment, she was. Out of nowhere, four strange brutes that she had never even met before came forward from the shadows and just started attacking her. Cosette tried her hardest to fight back, but she still had not completely filled out yet in the muscle factor unlike the brutes that were attacking her. She caught sight of Renata just sitting back and watching the show, joy in her golden eyes. Cosette knew then that she could not call out for her sister's help. When it looked like it was going to be the end for her, Nighteyes swooped in like some eerie superhero and fought them all back, killing one and seriously injuring the others. He didn't stop there though, he went after Renata, pinning her down and going at her without any mercy. Just when it seemed as if he was about to rip her throat out, Cosette finally found the strength to stand and shout out for him to stop. It almost wasn't enough, but Nighteyes eventually backed off. To her amazement Renata still had the nerve to go after Nighteyes one last time before turning her back on all of them and heading out. That was the last time that Cosette ever really saw of her... until years afterward of course. But that comes later. With Renata gone, Cosette found this to be bittersweet. While things were less stressful, she still felt incredibly guilty and worried for her sister. But, being with Nighteyes helped distract her from that. The two were very close as stated before, but around the time when Cosette was about fifteen, he began to grow more and more possessive over her. At first Cosette just tried to shove it off and go about her merry way, thinking it was a phase he was just going through. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Because he had spent so much time with her, Nighteyes had begun to view Cosette more and more as his property. He proved this much to her one night when she refused his advances and he finally got fed up and raped her. The whole experience was awful and traumatic to her and Cosette was filled with a rage and hatred she never thought she was capable of. The moment it was over, she shifted to her wolf form and ran away from him, only to come back the next morning and rip out his throat while he slept. This was the first time...'Audra' had taken control over her. Her father soon found out about this and was disgusted. After brief confrontation between father and daughter, Cosette ran away, far away from her pack and her previous life For about a year, Cosette was on her own. She could not bring herself to face anyone whether she knew them or not. It was not a lifestyle she was all that fond of, but she quickly learned how to be independent; especially considering she had felt chained for so long.

Memories from her past were re awoken one day while she was out in the city and she saw a woman about to be attacked by a bunch of sick men. Without even thinking about it, Cosette came to her aid and quickly was able to get rid of a few of the men before chasing them off. Her time by herself had caused her to grow stronger in more ways than one. Cosette could tell that she had startled the other girl with her fierceness and quickly fled thereafter so as not to freak her out anymore than she already had. She didn't know it at the time, but that woman was Eliora, someone she would meet again later on in life. Cosette had begun to grow tired of the city life and the gross people that resided there. So, she went back to the forest, coming across a new area she had never knew of before. There were three packs, Servile Amnesty, Grandiose Retaliation, and Pariahdom Omneity. Feeling the urge to make a difference, she tried to figure out which pack was most in need of members, and soon enough, she met Fell, the Alpha Male of Pariahdom Omneity. She was the first wolf to join his pack and was quickly ranked as Delta Female because of her willingness to help. Cosette immediately wanted to prove herself and earn her keep, so off she went to go and try and find more members to join the small pack. Little did she know that while she was gone, Fell had found someone already that would eventually have a strong impact on her life. That was the furthest thing on her mind however. While she was out one day, she decided to take a rest by Enath Hillside and sun herself. She had hardly settled down for more than a few moments when a brute named Alistair came across her. That was where her life started on a path that would change her forever. Cosette definitely didn't know it at the time, however. No, instead all she knew was that she liked this handsome new brute and he seemed to be rather amusing. They got along very well and a grand time being in each other's company, teasing each other, chasing each other, and talking about a lot of things. But, eventually Cosette began to be tormented by her previous memories of Nighteyes and what he had done... and thus her mood quickly plummeted, forcing her to act quite bi-polar and suddenly run away from him. Alistair went after her of course, confused and hurt at what she had done, but before they could really talk and sort things out, an earthquake shook the lands and both had to scatter to safety. Cosette was heavily discouraged by this, but eventually it felt as if things had settled down a bit with the movements of the earth. And, when Cosette was sure she was safe, she found herself right back at Enath Hillside in hopes that maybe, just maybe she would run into Alistair and she could apologize to him for her preposterous behavior. She was there for a long time, but it appeared as if he wasn't going. Falling more and more into despair, Cosette began to feel her loneliness really begin to catch up with her. She didn't know how much time had passed before she finally caught his scent and before long, he was by her side. They did not say too much at first, but then quite out of no where, Alistair confessed to her that he thought he loved her. At first Cosette was very frightened by this. She didn't want to go through another 'Nighteyes'. And, so she was very hesitant at first when it came to admitting how she felt about him. Not only that, but she also felt as if it was far too soon for him to actually feel that way about her. However, before too long she finally gave in to what her heart was telling her and found herself admitting to him her feelings as well. It did not take long for the two to soon become mates and while still a bit nervous where this would go, Cosette found that she could not think of a time in her life where she was happier. Things were pretty simple for a while. And, Cosette was very thankful for that. In the past, life had not been all that easy for her, at least not after she had grown up some. One day while she was out by herself hunting, she came across a dangerous looking brute named Cain. He carried unnecessary aggression towards her and Cosette was immediately irritated by this. Before he could too much damage to her, his brother Abel sprang to her aid. There was a lot of arguing back and forth and the relationship between those two reminded her a lot of her and Renata. Alistair came to her rescue as well, but that was in a lot of fighting soon broke out. When Alistair was heavily wounded, Cosette finally snapped and Audra took over for the second time. That did nothing but get her more wounded though, for as she took on Cain, he was much bigger than her and easily took her down. Cosette pretty much lost consciousness at that point, hardly knowing that Renata had also showed up to help too. Though her sister had only done this because of Abel.

When she regained consciousness, she and Alistair were back and safe at Enath Hillside. It was decided between them both that it was best for her to take it easy for a few days and just lie low. Alistair stayed by her side, only leaving to hunt for the two of them. About a week after the painful events, Cosette was walking just fine again. Alistair had left to go on another hunting expedition and she was alone for the time being. Unfortunately that did not go over very well at all for soon a lone brute named Jakota that she had never met before showed up. Cosette did not know what to make of him, but he seemed very interested in her. Feeling that this wasn't going to go over very well at all, Cosette tried to get away from him, refusing any advance he made on her until... just like last time the brute got fed up and raped her. She tried her hardest to fight him, she really did, but at the same time she was still weak from her injuries and ended up blacking out in an attempt to shut out what was happening to her... When she awoke, Jakota was gone and Alistair was there, having fought him off. But she wasn't Cosette anymore... Audra had taken over her again and this time she was there to stay. Cosette was lost in darkness at this time and was rather unaware of all that Audra was doing. From leaving Alistair to killing many innocent people, she had begun quite an evil streak; one that she did not ever want to have under her belt, ever. Even if Cosette managed to break through for even a moment, she was always forced back by Audra and carelessly thrust into darkness. It felt that no matter how hard she fought, she could never win. One day however, that soon changed. While she was walking away from a recent murder, Cosette was able to momentarily break through Audra. In doing this, she forced herself towards Enath Hillside where she knew Alistair would be. Unfortunately just when she got there, Audra took over again. She quickly forced Cosette back, but that wasn't before Alistair saw her and soon took after her. Trying to get rid of him once and for all, Audra made another kill right in front of him, knowing it would drive him mad. It almost did. The brute tried to kill himself, and even asked Audra to bite his throat. This immediately caused Cosette to spring forth again in desperation to save her mate. The mental and physical battle within herself was overwhelming and Cosette almost lost it... but in the end she finally gained the upper hand over Audra and pushed her back, far away in the burrows of her mind. It did not take long for her to come around and soon enough she was helping Alistair heal as well. Things were very confusing and hard to understand at first, but it did not take them long to mend their relationship. Cosette knew now that as long as she had Alistair with her, she would be strong enough to fight off Audra. But, she also knew that her other half was still there, deep inside of her. A little time went by before they found a den for themselves and made it home. Soon after, they took their relationship to a new level and ended up making love. It wasn't long after this that Alistair suddenly became more and more scarce. When he wasn't seen in weeks, Cosette began to think that perhaps after he had gotten what he wanted from her, he had left her. Distraught by this, she tried her best to try and distract herself from such awful thoughts. In doing this she would try and busy herself by wandering the territory. On one of her days of doing this, she ran into Genen, the Alpha Female of her pack. It was the first time she had been formally introduced to her, but Cosette had to say she was glad to have finally met her. The two got on very well and seemed to have a lot in common. A friendship was quick to blossom between the two. Genen was the first fae that Cosette found herself actually getting along with. The promise of friendship was enough to keep her happy for a while, but when a month went by of her not seeing Alistair, she began to grow anxious. In her wanderings around the territory, she ran into Jakota again. At first she wanted nothing to do with him and was all for getting away from him. But, eventually he apologized for what he did and claimed that all he wanted to do was talk to her about something. Cosette, being who she was, found herself hesitantly forgiving him and allowing him to tell her what he wished. But, he claimed that it could not be stated here, so she reluctantly agreed to come with him wherever it was that he wanted to take her. It wasn't like she had anything to lose at that point... at least she didn't think she did at the time. How wrong she was though. The place that Jakota had taken her was like nothing she had ever seen. It was there that he told her of the demon that was inside of him and how it was that demon that had attacked her and provoked Audra to come forward. He even showed her. Cosette found herself doing what she could for him to help drive the demons back. This quickly turned into more than what she bargained for as Jakota began to take her affection differently than how she intended it and started to take it deeper. Cosette tried to resist, but Audra came forth and began to manipulate her feelings. It wasn't until Cosette discovered what she was about to do that she finally moved away from him and quickly fled. Again she was alone. And, in that time by herself she began to feel even less self worth than she ever had. When it felt as if no one else was beside her in the world... the fae began to grow suicidal. Several times she would find herself in situations where she would try to envision her death. But, each time she would find something that would momentarily distract her.

However that all quickly changed the day she discovered she was pregnant.That was when Cosette knew she absolutely had to end it all. For, she knew Audra would do whatever she could to take over any offspring of hers... and her children would be forced to live a terrible, cursed life of misery and hatred and pain. So, one day she found herself in her home, a pistol pointed at her head. Just before she could pull the trigger, Alistair finally showed up, demanding that she kill him as well. It was clear that he had found out what she had done, but it looked to her that he had wanted to die too. She didn't even ask where he had been, instead, she just shot the pistol at her reflection in the mirror, setting free the only bullet that there was. Shortly after that, she told Alistair that she was expecting... and he ran away to clear his head. That was the last time she saw him for what she thought would be forever. After a little while of grieving, Cosette did not let that get her down too much, and forced herself to live for the children in her belly. If she couldn't have Alistair, then she would live for what was left of him. A couple months went by and she was pretty much back on her feet again. She was once again torn to pieces when one day she was out roaming around, she came across Jakota again. It didn't go so bad until he quite out of nowhere asked to be her mate. Immediately that brought back terrible and unresolved feelings she had for Alistair and Cosette quickly fled from him. To no surprise of hers, Jakota followed her and told her that he would be to her what ever she was in need of; and that was a friend. And, so for a while the two of them spent a great deal of time together and ended up growing closer and coming to a better understanding of each other than they had had before. It was nice, but to her... it just wasn't enough. At night, Cosette would often grow restless and just walk around for a while until she finally grew tired enough to go back to sleep. One night in particular she felt especially restless, she left her and Jakota's den, not really knowing what was guiding her. Not meaning to, Cosette found herself where hers and Alistair's old home used to be. Disgusted, she turned away to go back and try to sleep again... until she heard a voice call out to her. She recognized that voice right away, but she refused to believe it. Only when he was right next to her and touching her did she finally realize that Alistair had returned. At first, she was almost bitter by the fact that he had left her, but soon she learned that he had been captured by the zoo and could not shift unless he wanted to give away the Shifters' secret. Eventually she forgave him and the two of them started their life together, stronger than before. Everything was almost perfect after that. Jakota slipped completely from her mind for a while. One day she went out to look for him, but she some how ended up in the Plethoric Grounds where she ran into the Servile Amnesty alpha Rose. The she-wolf charged her, attacked, and then just ran off. Cosette did not know what to make of it and quickly set out on her way again to keep her unborn children safe and out of dangerous places. The last thing she wanted was to lose them as well when she had the chance to protect them. She didn't quite know how much time had passed before Alistair suddenly stopped being around. Right away Cosette grew anxious. Her children were very close to being born, and he was no where to be found. Cosette finally went out looking for him herself, not about to lose him a second time.

Eventually, she gave up hope and decided to just head back to the packlands after countless hours of searching lead her to Dragnet Woods. She wasn't going to endanger her children. Just as she was heading out to leave, she was met with his scent and quickly followed it. What she saw, horrified her. Alistair had been caught in a trap. Immediately she was at his side and helped him out of the trap before taking him to safety. It was very hard work for her being pregnant and all, but she was able to pull it off. He awoke and apologized, but soon enough all was figured out and she spent time helping him heal until he was strong enough to return with her to Pariahdom Omneity where they spent a nice happy week together before something else went wrong. While she was out one day, she came across Jakota finally, dying of an unknown cause. Cosette wanted nothing more than to get him to a doctor, but he refused and ended up dying in her arms, his last words still professing his love for her and that she had to take care of her children. Cosette almost fell to pieces, but before she could even do that, a strange Shifter that she had never met before was suddenly there and taking her away from Jakota's body. Once they were a fair distance away, Cosette demanded to be let down and be told some answers. She quickly found out that the man was Jakota's brother and that he hated him. After a bit of discussion, he finally took her home safely. It was only days after that that she finally went into labor. She was by herself when that happened, but Alistair was quick to be by her side. Together, they brought in two pups to the world. Unfortunately, one did not make it and ended up being stillborn. The other, however was very strong and quite alive. He was black just like Alistair, but he had one white hind leg. They named him Poet after Alistair's great great grandfather. Once again, life was perfect. Cosette spent wonderful times in that den with her new son, playing with him and teaching him. He learned quickly and was able to speak only a few short weeks after his birth. In no time at all, Poet was finally old enough to leave the den, and once that day came along, Cosette would often bring him over the Genen's den, the far also had children around the same time as her and they played together. It was a nice, peaceful time... and Cosette knew she could be grateful for that. Before she knew it, Poet was three months old. Cosette and her son had developed quite the close bond and were a lot alike in many ways. Cosette tried very hard not to dwell too much on their similarities, for a fear of coming to a conclusion that she didn't want to even consider. However, Poet was not demonstrating any strange behavior, so Cosette was trying her hardest not to be too nervous by this. The worst thing he ever did was go off on his own sometimes, and honestly... that was a common trait in curious pups, so Cosette did not let that bother too much. Until one day she couldn't find him... It was a hot late August afternoon and the lands were dry and in danger of perhaps a fire. Especially considering there were a lot of heat storms with lightening. Cosette was frantic to find Poet, and once she picked up on his trail, she followed it all the way to Nomos Cliffs. When she reached there, she picked up the scent of hunters too. The moment she found Poet, she told him that they had to leave immediately, that they were in danger... Unfortunately, they weren't fast enough, and in a desperate act to save him, she pushed him into a dark hole in the rock wall, just as she was shot with a dart gun and carried away. When she awoke, she was in a cage and wearing a muzzle.

Cosette tried her hardest to get out of it, but she was too weak to do so. She was under heavy guard, otherwise she would have shifted, but no... she was stuck. After three days, she eventually gave up hope. That all changed that night when Alistair came to her rescue. The moment he had her out of the cage, the two of them bolted; almost getting shot in the process. Finally they were safe in the cover of the trees, but Cosette demanded that he go get Poet and leave her because she would just pull him down. At first, he didn't want to, but he knew that they had to get to their son, so he left her. Cosette waited as long as she could, but eventually had to leave when the forest around suddenly erupted in flame. In her fleeing, she randomly came across Poet, calling out for Alistair. Cosette was worried that her mate had perished in the flames, but she did not have time to get to him, she needed to get Poet out of there. The two of them fled to the city where they were able to live in her small house. Poet had to pretend to be her dog at times, which was occasionally awkward, but it was the life they had to live until things in the packlands were restored. In her time in the city, she met Airit, a human that knew about Shifters. At first, she was very cautious around him, but eventually they warmed up to each other and became decent friends. Five months went by before they finally could return to the packlands, and by that time, Poet was eight months old. They were reunited with Alistair at Pariahdom Omneity and the small family lived in happiness for a time. That was, until Poet began to sneak off more. On day in particular, he came home rather moody and the two go into a heated argument. Cosette was reminded uncomfortably of her younger self by some of the behaviors he was displaying and that frightened her. Their arguments only seemed to grow worse as time went on and he started accusing her of keeping things from him. Cosette knew that she was wrong to not tell him of Audra of how she had been in the past, but she really did not want to resurrect the past... unfortunately, Poet's demand for answers were actually a cry for help; help to understand what was happening to him. Cosette was blind to this, and often turned away his questions. Something she heavily regrets to this day. One day a terrible argument broke out between the two of them, and Cosette had to go and distract herself to clear her head. While she was downtown, checking up on the Elegiac and what they were up to, she was suddenly attacked by Audra again. She warned her that Poet was headed down the same road and soon left. Cosette was quick to return to the packlands after that, but Poet was not anywhere to be found. And, really neither was Alistair. Cosette felt utterly alone. In her time looking for them, she came across Milaya, Genen's daughter, who she knew Poet had a fancy for. The two of them talked for a little while and got along quite well, but unfortunately Milaya could not fill the void that only her own son could complete in her heart. It was after this that Fell, her her dear friend and Alpha, was cruelly murdered for no reason at all by a wolf named Apollo that had been in their pack previous as well as two of his and Genen's children by a Grandiose Retaliation member supposedly, another of them being taken captive by Servile Amnesty. Pariahdom Omneity soon fell into darkness after that for a very long time. Eventually she came across Poet and Alistair again, but the family lived a strain relationship, something that killed her inside, but Cosette honestly did not know what she could do with her situation when she hardly understood it as it was. For fifteen years they lived this way, though Poet was not around much. Eventually, after yet another argument when he was sixteen, he just left and did not come back at all.

Cosette grew concerned over this, but with Alistair also disappearing as frequently as he did, she knew that she needed to stay strong for the crumbling pack and not look for him as much as she desperately wanted to. She was really beginning to understand what this was about and feared the worst. One morning, she was woken by an urgent bark outside her den. She was quick to recognize Genen's voice and right away Cosette was at her dearest friend's side. The two of them had grown very close through the years and she was Cosette's only best friend. Sadly, Genen told her that she was too dangerous and unstable to stay in charge of the pack and was going to leave and let her daughter take over the position. Cosette was very saddened by this, but understood completely. Before Genen left, she made Cosette promise to look after her children, which of course Cosette agreed. The fae soon left and that was the last Cosette saw of her for a very long time. Actually, that was the last she really saw of anyone after some time when Milaya one day called together a pack meeting. Things were rough with Grandiose Retaliation, but Milaya seemed to have started patching things up with them. Genen suddenly appeared after this, after months of being gone. Cosette was so happy to have her best friend back. After a bit more discussion, the meeting ended, and Cosette found herself searching for Poet once more, finding the search to once more be quite pointless. She couldn't find Poet or Alistair anywhere, and that was really beginning to hurt. It seemed to her that her family just loved to leave her all alone. While she was out, she came across Airit, who had by this time been turned to one of their kind and joined their pack. The two caught up for a while and Cosette was glad for the distraction. Eventually they parted way and Cosette was left alone once more.

To keep her mind on other things, she found herself often roaming the territory boarders and checking up on the other packs and their statuses, then quickly reporting back to Milaya what she knew. One day while she was out doing this, she picked up Airit's scent as well as a bunch of Grandiose Retaliation member... one scent she knew quite well. The sight she came across was not pleasant. Airit and some other wolf she did not know were being advanced on by two Grandiose members, her sister of course ready to attack. Cosette could hardly believe the sight of Renata, but she was quick to defend her friend and leaped in between the her sister and the brute, and Airit and Rhana. When Renata saw her, she was just about to lose it, but before Cosette could say or do anything, the brute next to Renata was quick to defend her as well, calling her 'mother'. Cosette was very much thrown off by this, but the sight of one so young being ready to fight disturbed her and she quickly backed off. Adarsh, who she had not seen in a long time, suddenly showed up as well, but he did not say much. Instead, Cosette focused her attention on the young male, interested to know why exactly he called her sister mother. It seemed the brute was just as surprised to learn that he had an aunt as she was to learn that she had a nephew. She soon learned that his name was Kaden and that he was actually adopted by Renata when he was just a pup. Renata behaved bitterly towards them both and her conversation with her nephew was short lived as her sister's cold shoulder finally got to the boy and he ran off. This behavior upset her greatly as she was reminded of her and Poet's messed up relationship. She tried to warn Renata to not keep things from Kaden and to be honest with him, but the other female had none of it and before Cosette knew what was happening, Renata attacked her. The fae seemed determined to kill her, but Cosette tried her best to keep away from her sister's powerful jaws, having no intention on fighting. Thankfully, Adarsh broke them up and told them both off. Renata was quick to leave after that, and Cosette was left alone with Adarsh. The two got along a lot better than the last time they had seen each other so long ago. They caught up with each other and Cosette very quickly considered him a friend of hers. When it appeared that all had been taken care of, the two went on their merry way back to their own packs. On a night like any other, she randomly heard her sister's call to them. Intrigued, but cautious, she followed Genen close behind as her friend went to investigate. She lingered about fifty yards away and only came forth when her Genen called on her. It didn't take her any time to learn that one of Grandiose Retaliation's member had been taken captive by the Elegiac and they were asking for their help.

It was the same three members from the last confrontation, and while Cosette was not keen on being near her sister, she knew she could not refuse her friend and her nephew. After a bit of planning, the group of five set off towards the city. Once they were there it was decided that they would seek refuge at Genen's sister Eliora's home after they returned from their mission... though Cosette had no idea if they were going to make it out or not. The whole situation seemed almost futile. When day break came, the group of five broke off into two separate groups. One group consisting of her sister, Genen, and Adarsh, and other one of her and Kaden. She and Kaden were supposed to sneak in and disarm as much of the place as they could, while Genen's group was to take out anyone that could harm them. In her time with Kaden, she got to learn a little bit more about him as well as tell him why her and Renata's relationship seemed so strained. She also learned a little bit about Larka, the one they were all risking their necks to save. The mission was extremely dangerous, and they almost failed, but eventually they all managed to get out of it all alive, though some were greatly wounded. Cosette herself had suffered a gunshot wound to her stomach. They all made it safely to Eliora's home, where many other chaotic things occurred. The Elegiac set fire to the house after finding out about them, and they were forced to evacuate. They managed to do this safely thanks to Eliora and a brute named Apollo... who Cosette soon learned did not kill Fell after all. The eight of them trekked to Genen's son, Bane's territory in Servile Amnesty where they all stayed the night to recuperate from all the stress and trauma before. The next morning, it was discovered that Larka had lost half the function of her brain and would basically be like a living corpse. Their mission was for nothing. Before Cosette could do anything about it though, all of Grandiose soon left, and once Genen healed better, she and her left for Pariahdom Omneity once more to continue on with their lives. A year flew by and what a lonely one it was. Not only had it been that long since she had seen Poet, but she also had not seen Alistair around too much within that time either.

Consumed with loneliness, Cosette once again was out searching for either her mate or Poet, though she knew that it was pointless by that time. While she was out in Dragnet Woods of all places, she picked up a scent she had not smelled in a while. It was Kaden. Ever since he had learned of Larka's fate, he had fled and not come back. Eager to see how he was doing, Cosette soon followed his scent. It was a good thing she chose to do so, for she came across her nephew near death as well as a frightened looking Larka. It appeared to her that the girl had miraculously recovered. But, she wasn't worried about that. Her nephew had apparently fallen through ice and she was going to do all she could for him to keep him alive and safe. She came up with the idea of using a vehicle from the hunter's came to drive Kaden home, since neither she or Larka were strong enough to carry him that far. Larka went off to take care of that while Cosette kept Kaden warm. After a while, Larka returned with a car and the three of them went on a crazy drive back. Once they reached the edge of the forest preserve, though, Cosette knew that they had to walk. Her attention was so heavily focused on Kaden, that she did not notice that Larka was trying to cover up a serious gunshot wound she had received. If she had noticed at the time, then she certainly would have done something about it, but that wasn't this case unfortunately. Eventually they made it back to where Kaden lived, but Cosette was not welcomed warmly as her sister quite out of nowhere appeared. Cosette was very surprised to see her, but not at all surprised to see how eager she was in trying to get her out. While they got into an argument, Kaden went off to change into warm clothes, but while he was doing that, he came across Larka unconscious, who had gone into her room and fainted from the blood loss. At his cry of help, both Cosette and Renata were quick to aid him in healing her. But Renata's temper had escalated by that point. While Kaden and Larka slept, Renata confronted her Cosette and demanded that she get out. The dark fae quickly lost control and shifted involuntarily to her wolf form, springing at her. Cosette barely had time to react, but before she even knew what had hit her, Kaden came out of nowhere and shoved her out of the way, right into Larka. Renata began attacking her own son, thinking him to be Cosette. As fast as she could, Cosette tried to get her nephew out of the way while Larka chased Renata off with a frying pan of all things. For a while, things did not look good for her nephew, but eventually he seemed to recover. After spending the night with the two of them, Cosette left the next morning, promising to check up on them often. And, she did. Kaden was family o her... and considering how broken up her family was, the relationship he had with her was very important to her. When she was sure that everything was going to be okay with them, she went off to Pariahdom Omneity to check up on things there as well. While Milaya was out, she came across the Servile Amnesty alpha, Bane, who had wanted to talk to her. Cosette told him that Milaya was away and the brute soon left after asking her to tell her that he wished to see her as soon as possible. Once Milaya returned, Cosette was fully prepared to pass the message on, but the fae seemed to be avoiding everything. Cosette found this to be very unusual and thought the behavior very disturbing. It reminded her of how she had been when she was younger. After a little while longer of observing this, Cosette finally confronted the girl about it. After a little bit of patient coaxing, Cosette learned that Milaya had been attacked like she had been twice long ago. The woman was very relieved to learn this and was immediately supporting Milaya in the best ways that she knew how, and shared with her that the same thing had happened to her. Eventually things seemed to settle her a bit, especially when Cosette mentioned to her that Bane wanted to see her. Milaya seemed in a little higher spirits after that. Cosette proceeded to watch her carefully after that, viewing her as the daughter she never had. While she was out patrolling the borders one day, she came across a young female from Servile Amnesty. She had a lot of questions about birthing and Cosette answered all that she could, eager to help someone as usual. She remains a part of her pack to this day, never really straying far from it. She still holds on to that desperate hope that perhaps one day her son will return to her and Alistair will quite going away so much and that one day she could once more have the family she always dreamed of.

Strengths: Outgoing. Independent. Genuine. Virtuous. Motherly. Dynamic Resourceful. Trustworthy. Adaptable. Passionate. Loyal. Witty. Protective. Leadership. Strong. Patient.

Weaknesses: Claustrophobic. Push-over. Audra. Pups. Jealous. Manipulative. Irritable. Guarded. Secretive. Controlling. Moody. Being confused. Her past. Fickle. Nosy. Impulsive. Alistair. Poet.

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