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A cat has a total of thirty two muscles in each ear.

In 1386 a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child.

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Enapay Akecheta
Basic Information Extended Information
Full Name: Larka Christine "Notte"- Pierce

Gender: Female

Birthday: 16 December 2006 | Sagittarius

Age: 26 Years Old

Species: Shifter

Bloodline: Pureblood

Ethnicity: French | Greek | Russian
Hometown: Austere Island

Favorite Place: Najak Clearing, Austere Island

Current Location: Rocky Mountains, Idaho

Occupation: Undetermined

Education: Self-Educated

Infection Stage: 0

Moral Alignment: Lawful Good | Crusader
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Maternal Grandparents: Fluer DuBois & William Belair
Paternal Grandparents: James Morozov & Christine Alexiou
Mother: Rhana Belair
Father: Ace Morozov | Adarsh Notte (adopted)
Siblings: Connor, Willow, Darren | Dante & Janet

Significant Other: Kaden Pierce
Best Friend: Kayla Everwood | Reyna Armstrong
Children: Belle, Donovan, Emma, Keith, Niko, Soren
Tid-Bits Appearance Personality

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Eye Color: Blue
Fur Color: White
Size: Small

Larka's body is slender and very lanky with muscular shoulders, indicating the form of a runner. Her legs are very long and lean despite her smaller physique. What she lacks in size and strength she makes up for in agility and speed, being extremely fast and flexible. Her pelt used to be a mixture of gray and white with the top of her head and back a light gray while the rest of her was white. But, that was only when she had been a pup. Now that she has reached adulthood, the fae is a snow white beauty with fur as white as any fresh snowfall. Her neck is long and slightly arched, giving her almost a slight bold look despite her normally demure demeanor.

Her facial structure is narrow but full with a long, proud muzzle. Larka has a kind and gentle face with almond-shaped eyes that seem to always be in a far off place that no one else can see. Said eyes are a lovely piercing blue that is a strong contrast to her white fur. Her eyes start out a darker blue around the pupil but grow steadily lighter. She has the very same eyes as her father once did and Larka is thankful for that every day. When she is alone, her brow is usually furrowed slightly as if she is in deep thought. And, chances are, she is

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Auburn
Size: 5'1"
Alexis Bledel

When it comes to her human form, there isn't much difference to her body type. Everything about her is petite and lanky. Weighing roughly over one hundred pounds and standing only an inch or two over five feet, she is not an intimidating sight to behold at all - though this normally does not bother her all that much. Her skin is a fair shade with very faint traces of freckles in random places, mostly her arms and shoulders. There is an almost youthful beauty to her facial features that only seems to be heightened by her large blue eyes. Her eyes are definitely bigger than average, but really this only makes them appear more striking, but also occasionally a little funny looking if she opens them wide enough. Larka's dark eyebrows are thin and finely arched, usually knitted together in steady concentration. You can usually tell just by looking at her and how she carries herself that she is a rather shy individual.

Her hair is a pleasant shade of brown with hints of auburn intertwined in it, but that color can really only be seen in instances where it catches the light. It is normally pretty wavy, but she has grown it out within the past few years; and now with it falling to about the small of her back, it has straightened considerably. Her face, just like the rest of her, is petite with high cheekbones and an almost pixie-like mouth and nose. There is occasionally a quiet sadness in her face that isn't easy to place or explain, but for the most part her expressions are very sweet and welcoming. Her body, mostly her back and ribs are covered in faint, but nasty scars from her time in the Elegiac. They never healed properly like they should have. She does not like to talk about it and keeps them covered at all times in this form as she doesn't have fur to hide them.

look with your heart and not with your eyes

Gentle ∙ Intuitive ∙ Shy ∙ Cautious ∙ Persuasive
    Larka is the kind of person where you really have to know her to understand her. She is not a very open individual and does not normally go out of her way to talk to people she doesn't trust. It isn't too hard to tell by looking at her that she has a past of some sort. Larka is someone who does not like to dwell on things though and so it is not likely she will willingly start talking about certain events that took place in her life previously. She has a pretty bad habit of keeping things pent up inside instead of sharing and sometimes this has quite the negative effect on her. It is not easy for her to trust, but once she does, she trusts that person fully and completely. Just because she is shy at times does not mean she is afraid to speak up when she has to. Her time as alpha female has helped her to have more authority when it comes to how she handles herself around others, and even though it wouldn't seem like it, she is very charismatic when she chooses to be. Larka can always seem to find the right words when she is trying to use persuasion. It was because of this ability that she was made the peacemaker of her pack for many years before stepping up to the alpha position.

a heart understands, a heart never lies

Curious ∙ Wise ∙ Perceptive ∙ Emotional ∙ Impulsive

    She has a strong drive for knowledge and a high curiosity level. Throughout most of her life she has asked multiple questions to be able to understand anything that catches her interest. Larka might appear naive in some aspects, but when it comes to knowing both the world and people around her, she is very intuitive. It is exceedingly easy for her to read people though she does not flaunt her ability and much rather prefers for people to say things for themselves instead of her just assuming. While Larka might be intelligent, when it comes to controlling her emotions and impulses, she can be pretty dumb. She is the kind of girl to trust her heart over her mind, which in some places this can be good - but more often than not it has lead her to trouble. Larka is generally good at thinking things through, but if it involves anything with the people she loves she becomes instantly impulsive. Violence is her absolute last resort, her being quite the pacifist after a childhood filled with hate and abandonment.

believe what it feels, trust what it shows

Fearless ∙ Stubborn ∙ Protective ∙ Sensible ∙ Clumsy
    She might be hesitant in social aspects, but Larka is very brave when it comes to the protection of others. It does not matter what the situation is, she will throw herself in front of almost anything if it means the safety of those she cares. It doesn't help that she has quite the problem of being stubborn. This isn't always a fault, but it definitely has its ups and downs. Hard situations in her life has caused her to become very strong-willed and hard to sway. It is very hard to change her mind once it is made up, but she will make exceptions if she trusts what the other person has to say. Despite her quickness to defend, in most cases she is very even-tempered, gentle, and careful. One thing is, she can be very clumsy. Larka trips and stumbles frequently and can't cook worth anything, but she just brushes it off finding it not worth getting embarrassed over. However, there is a deep dark secret of hers that she cannot swim, but no one, not even her mate knows this. She just never learned how.

    look with your heart, the heart always knows

    Restless ∙ Witty ∙ Affectionate ∙ Selfless ∙ Unforgiving

    Larka loves to run and she has a feeling that this might be because of her near unquenchable restlessness. She is very fast-paced by nature and is not always easy to keep up with. This has often gotten her in trouble more than it should. Trust and love are very valuable to her and if she is betrayed in anyway, she does not forgive easily. Larka has been known to hold grudges, though she does not like this about herself at all. Eventually she can forgive, but depending on who you are and what you have done, it can take a very long time. Generally she has a good sense of humor and loves to laugh as well as make others do the same. She is the kind of person that looks for the good in all people no matter who they are or their past and can sometimes be pretty slow to judge; judgment of others is just not something she enjoys in the least bit. Sweet, kind, and gentle, Larka is a soft soul with a heart full of love. But, if taken advantage of or has any of her family and friends threatened in any way, nothing will stop her from protecting them with everything she has.

love is not always beautiful, not at the start

- INFJ personality type 'The Protector'
- completely deaf in her right ear.
- is a terrible cook.
- is a really good singer, but too shy to sing in front of others for the most part.
- has nightmares just about any time she goes to sleep.
- cannot swim to save her life.
- is very accident prone.
- is no longer able to have children after the physical trauma of her previous childbirth.
- still loves any type of child game like tag or hide and seek
- has a secret fascination with the afterlife.
- is one of the fastest runners in the packlands
- hates the phrase 'shut up'
- favorite song is 'fly me to the moon'.
- enjoys jazz music, especially from the 1960s
- frank sinatra is her favorite singer
- usually wears her hair either down or in a side braid.
- rarely ever swears.
- favorite color is red.
- will often pace when anxious
- has trouble saying goodbye.
- if a repressed memory starts to bother her, she will start humming until it goes away.
- absolutely loves classic literature - charles dickens, victor hugo, and jane austen especially
- emma by jane austen is one of her favorite books
- loves rain and views it as a good omen, but she despises thunderstorms
- can be girly, but doesn't mind getting dirty or roughhousing
- is totally fine with having a large family after having such a failure childhood.
- born larka christine morozov
- took the name 'notte' in favor of her real parents' last name after being abandoned.
- knows a decent bit of russian and french. took some language classes between 2014 and 2016

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